Park Hyung Sik Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Park Hyung Sik Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Park Hyung Sik, also known as Hyungsik, is a popular South Korean actor and singer. Like many South Korean superstars, Park Hyung Sik is subjected to much plastic surgery speculations.

While many of his loyal fans insist he is “all-natural”, others believe he has undergone the knife. Some of Park Hyung Sik plastic surgery allegations include eyelid surgery, a nose job, teeth surgery and jaw (or chin) surgery. It is important to take a look at Park Hyung Sik before and after photos to find out more.

Park Hyung Sik plastic surgery before and after pictures

Who is Park Hyung Sik?

Park Hyung Sik was born on November 16, 1991 in Yongin, South Korea. Park Hyung Sik took an early interest in music. He participated in a musical band in high school and entered in various competitions. Despite his success today, he is still pursuing his Business Administration degree at the Digital Seoul Culture Arts University.

Here are some vital stats about Park Hyung Sik:

  • Born: November 16,1991
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Current Music Group: ZE:A

Park Hyung Sik Was a Success at ZE:A

Park Hyung Sik joined the boyband ZE:A on January 7,2010. ZE:A is the brainchild of Star Empire Entertainment. The name of the band also meant Children of Empire. The band was so successful that their debut album, Nativity, snatched the Number One spot on the Daum Album Chart and Artist Chart within the day of release.

Park Hyung Sik before and after

The success of ZE:A propelled Park Hyung Sik to the limelight. It also opened doors for Park Hyung Sik. He ventured into his acting career in 2012, playing roles in “I Remember You” and “Dummy Mommy”.

Park Hyung Sik’s performances were so well-liked that he landed a role in KBS2’s drama Sirius in 2013. In the same year, Park Hyung Sik also starred in “Nine:Nine Time Travels”.

However, Park Hyung Sik’s stunning performances were not recognised till 2014, where he swept the Best New Actor Award and Best Couple Award for his role in “What’s With This Family”. That may have provided him the encouragement to move on to a solo career.

Park Hyung Sik Talks about his ideal woman in the video below:

Compare that to an interview he had almost 3 years ago below. Can you see any difference?

Park Hyung Sik Excelled as A Solo Artist

Since going solo, Park Hyung Sik garnered industry-wide recognition. In June 2015, he starred in the drama “High Society” and won the Excellence Award and the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards. His latest effort includes the role of a CEO in the drama series “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”.

Park Hyung Sik and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Many celebrities go for eyelid surgery to have bigger eyes. Bigger eyes are more attractive to audiences. Some celebrities also undergo double eyelid surgery to have double eyelids. For Park Hyung Sik, some say that his eyes have grown bigger due to plastic surgery.

However, when you look at his before and after photos, there is no evidence of eyelid surgery. His eyelids remain as single eyelids. Other than his big eye bags, which is “fashionable” now, his eyes have largely remained the same. Check out Park Hyung Sik before and after photos below:

Park Hyung Sik eyelid surgery before and after photos

Park Hyung Sik and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are one of the most popular plastic surgeries in South Korea. For South Korean celebrities, some feel that their noses are too round at the tip. They desire to have sharper noses and thinner nose bridges. With the advancement in plastic surgery techniques, the risk of getting a botched nose job has reduced.

However, a nose job gone wrong can be irreversible. A collapse of the nose is possible if too many revisionary rhinoplasties are performed. Just look at Michael Jackson. But despite all the negative experiences shared on the internet, many still opt to undergo a nose job.

For Park Hyung Sik, it is obvious that his nose is round at the tip. His younger photos show a young man with a round nose tip. Not surprisingly, his current nose is still as round! It is very UNLIKELY that Park Hyung Sik has undergone a nose job. If he did, the differences in his before and after photos will be greater. Check out another set of Park Hyung Sik before and after photos. Do you think he had a nose job?

Park Hyung Sik nose job before and after photos

Park Hyung Sik and Removal of Mole

Some observers go on “mole picking”. They insist that Park Hyung Sik is not free from plastic surgery because he removed his mole that was near his chin. We think that is a bit too much because mole removal is not considered plastic surgery. But it looks like Park Hyung Sik really removed his mole. Check it out:

Park Hyung Sik Plastic surgery before and after photos

Park Hyung Sik and Teeth Surgery Rumors

Having a set of crooked teeth can make you look ugly when you smile. As celebrities need to smile all the time, having a set of perfect teeth is very important. Some celebrities who might have undergone teeth surgery include Hilary Duff and Tom Cruise. But, did Park Hyung Sik undergo teeth surgery?

When you look at his before and after photos, Park Hyung Sik used to have jagged edges along his teeth line. But of recent years, his smile looked slightly different. Why? Because he has a set of perfectly aligned teeth! Whether he underwent teeth surgery is anyone’s guess. But his smile definitely looks better today. Check out Park Hyung Sik before and after photos. Judge for yourself:

Park Hyung Sik teeth surgery before and after photos

Park Hyung Sik teeth alignment surgery

Park Hyung Sik and Chin (Jawline) Surgery Rumors

In 2015, when Park Hyung Sik was acting for High Society, there were rumors that he underwent jawline surgery to have a sharper jawline. But such accusations were strongly denied by HyungSik.

Park Hyung Sik said this in response to the allegations

“I have not really taken good care of myself until now. I would eat no matter how late it was and just sleep. My face was always bloated and looking fatter. Before I started filming for the drama, I started to focus on taking care of myself. I worked out and ate chicken breast, and avoided sodium intake. That made it look like I had a sharper jaw line and bigger eyes. I felt like a new me.”

What Hyung Sik said is true. When you look at his before and after photos, you can tell that his sharper chin and jawline is due to slight weight loss. In his earlier photos, his chin looked rounder because he still had some babyfat in him then.

Park Hyung Sik jawline chin surgery

Overall, Park Hyung Sik has remained true to himself and his fans. Despite all the plastic surgery rumors circulating on the internet, Park Hyung Sik did not undergo any plastic surgery. He might have made minor adjustments to his teeth (we cannot confirm that) but that is not considered plastic surgery. Blessed with natural good looks, there is absolutely no need for him to go under the knife at all, don’t you agree? What do you think of Park Hyung Sik plastic surgery rumors? True or false?

15 replies on “Park Hyung Sik Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Siti Kholifah Tasdig says:

    the parameters are not similiar..
    the last photos are not same angle and expretion with the past..
    Hyung Sik stil handsome past and now..
    he won’t want any surgeries action..
    he handsome from the birth until now..
    and i love Park Hyung Sik even with past or future faces..

  2. TooUgly eww says:

    Yeah he looks really ugly then and now.
    Even the plastic surgery couldn’t help him.
    Too sad some one blind saying this guy is handsome.
    Where?!?!? I always skip his drama because his face with arrogant rich guy character. BORING.

    • Anne says:

      Wow! You are so perfect. Tsk. Sense the sarcasm!

    • Shiela says:

      Really!? Is that what you think about him that he is ugly? Lemme tell you this fuck FAGGOT! You are an ASSHOLE BITCH FAGGOT SON OF A BITCH.

    • Chocopie says:

      lol you can call him ugly or handsome. You’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t claim that someone has had plastic surgery when you don’t know for sure. Especially because his face still looks the same as even when he was a toddler.

    • Bayan13 says:

      With all due respect, if he’s not your type, there’s no reason to go as far as calling him ugly. And just like you, others have the right to their own judgement and beauty preferences without having someone calling them blind. Personally I cannot fathom how you could associate ugliness with this man, I never knew or believed such a point of view even existed. But I would not insult you for having a different opinion. Freedom of speech and opinion can only be maintained through mutual respect.
      On another note, if I may offer a piece of advice, don’t decide against something, particularly dramas, without giving them a shot first. You’d be surprised by what you might discover. As a very picky person myself, I had to learn that lesson from experience. Anyways, enjoy whatever you prefer watching. 🙂
      I apologize for the length of my comment, it meant no offense, I am just a rather talkative person.
      Thank you and have a good day.

    • glammywitch says:

      You can’t even show your face hater!

  3. CHRISTINE says:

    He’s very handsome. I wish there’s a chance to meet him in person.

  4. Sandra says:

    I don’t think he removed his mole, in the photo you can see something round on his chin. Like if you look closely, I think it got covered with makeup.

  5. Annalyn says:

    baby pictures of Hyungsik doesnt show any mole on his face..i think it is a scar that he got when he was young when he played with straw and placed it in the fire.

  6. Tara Jenner says:

    I doubt he got plastic surgery because, if he did, he would have done something about those goofy ears of his! Ears notwithstanding, he’s a very handsone man who is a superb actor.

  7. Tara Jenner says:

    He is a handsome man and I don’t think he went under the knife. Maturity, camera angles, and makeup contouring can do a lot. Beside he still has some of the funkiest ears out there and you’d think he would have done aomething about them too if he were going to have plastic surgery. Just saying. Love his acting.

  8. Rani says:

    He did not removed his mole, just covered it with make up. Can see it every now and then offscreen when it’s not covered with mask. No nose job also, you can compare side pics of him in high school and now. Hyungsik is the type of man that getting handsome as he gets older, although he blooms late (haha) coz at age 22 he still have baby face and soft voice. Since then every year his voice getting deeper and his face getting manlier. Many has noted it that he is getting hotter by the year

  9. Rafizah Raof says:

    I think PARK HYUNG SIK ia a very handsome and ravishing young man…who has a great talent and he’s sharing his credibility and abilities with many people..
    If he took good care of his personality ,that’s his right to do so..
    Your explanation make it clear that he does not go under knife…And I’m proud of him….
    He’s good that for sure…

  10. (null0 says:

    He looks like he just… I don’t know… grew up?? Glo up?? I can see how maybe he had surgery to even out his teeth, and that’s understandable, but I don’t think he had anything else done. Even if he did, what’s the big deal about it? It’s his face… let him do what he wants with it.

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