Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before And After



Tori Amos is well known celebrity whose ability in singing, composition tune and playing piano has been recognized. But the American celebrity is prominent of late not because of her music ventures but rather her plastic surgery issues. Tori Amos Plastic Surgery is being talked about in gatherings and forums. It is not about prying into her private activities but the differences in her before and after pictures compels us to take another look.

When you take a close look at these photos, the suspicion of plastic surgery performed on her is valid. Indeed, a few specialists believe that she has undergone certain procedures to enhance her facial features. The most suspicious change is seen on her eyebrows. She may have lifted up her eyebrows thus they look “elevated” at this point.

For a lady of 50 years old, wrinkles are surprisingly out of the way. Perhaps she has made steps to artificially hold back the effects of aging. Use of botox seem to be evident on her cheeks to prevent sagging. And maybe, due to the overuse of substances, her face looks bloated.




Toris Amos used to have mesmerising eyes and a slimmer face. Looking at her pictures now shows a deeper set of eyes and a plumper face. There are tell tale signs of eyelid surgery done and numerous facelifts performed to tighten the skin. But overall, she has aged gracefully and still remains a strong attraction to many of her fans. Well done Tori Amos!