Lydia Bright Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lydia Bright undergo Plastic Surgery?

During the presentation of The Jungle Book in London, Lydia Bright surprised everyone by appearing with a puffy face. The puffiness on her cheeks cannot be denied. Somehow, her looks is quite artificial and unnatural. Lydia’s appearance has raised speculations about the possibility of plastic surgery procedures done.

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Not only that, The TOWIE star’s lips looked puffed up, possibly with fillers, though she has never admitted to using them. Pout trout lips are all the in thing when it comes to sexiness nowadays. Though not all guys think pouty lips are hot, seems like most women do.

Photo credit: Wenn

Photo credit: Wenn

Earlier on OK!, Lydia Bright has said that she will not rule out the possibility of using plastic surgery to enhance or maintain her looks. She feels that there is nothing wrong if you use plastic surgery to enhance the way you feel about yourself.

This is how Lydia Bright looked like back in 2013:

And the video below shows her in 2016, still looking quite natural:

“I’m not completely against the idea because I think if you’re really upset about something, it can enhance your confidence.” she said

“I would never risk doing something like that unless it was really going to make me a lot happier, but who am I to stay it’s wrong to go under the knife?”

Well looks like it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Her recent puffy face is one obvious sign of work being done on her face. Maybe it is too early to tell. Hope she does not go for anymore procedures lest she gets addicted to plastic surgery. What do you think? Did Lydia Bright really undergo some plastic surgery enhancements?