Holly Hagan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

What Plastic Surgeries Did Holly Hagan Undergo?

When Holly Hagan posted a selfie on her Instagram on Thursday morning, she had her fans worried. Like many celebrities before her, Holly looks like going on a plastic surgery overdose that can distort her looks forever.

Not surprisingly, with her fresh new overly pouty lips, there was a huge surge of questions about her lips. Many even hurled hurtful comments about her new appearance. Artificial or not? Judge for yourself with the following photos.

Photo Credit: Instagram @hollygshore

Photo Credit: Instagram @hollygshore

Photo Credit: Instagram @hollygshore

Photo Credit: Instagram @hollygshore

Holly Hagan is a Geordie Shore star who has a huge following of more than 2.6 million followers on her Instagram account. She updates her Instagram account religiously and her latest way of “spoiling herself” has got many people talking.

One confused follower said: ‘What’s wrong with your lips?’ while another added, ‘what has she done?!!’ when the filtered picture appeared.

Watch Holly Hagan before she lost her weight:

And this is when Holly Hagan reduced her weight, you will be impressed:


While Holly Hagan’s intention was to focus on her black winged eyeliner, most of her fans focused on her new pouty lips. In the picture, Holly Hogan looked nothing like her old self. Her ridiculously puffed up lips make her look like Joycelyn Wildenstein. Her lips just look too puffy to even look good. In fact, most people who have seen it will regard it as lip fillers done in absolute bad taste. While there is nothing wrong in having lip fillers, it is very wrong if the fillers leave you with lips looking like being punched by Mike Tyson.

Other fans who saw the pictures screamed “additional cosmetic surgery!” One of the posts even read “ Look how far holly has gone with her lips now”.

However, Holly Hagan has always slammed those who insists that she have had her lips done. She said “I haven’t had my lips done for a year and a half and people are still saying to me ‘stop getting your f*****g lips done’ and I’m saying ‘I haven’t had them done for a year and a half, these are my lips, stop it.’

“I’ve always had big lips and I just got them filled in a little bit that’s all, I haven’t had them done in so long, but everyone is different, everyone has their own limits but as long as you’re healthy, you exercise, what’s a bit of Botox? Theres nothing wrong with that.”

Yes we agree there is nothing wrong with using lip fillers. But if you are using up all the lip filler in existence, something’s going to look wrong on your face.

But Holly Hagan plastic surgery rumors are not new. Since bursting onto the scene in 2011. the 23 year old have had her boob jobs, Botox and fillers. Her double Fs are one of the proudest features on her body. And due to her recent weight loss regime, which made her go from a size 16 to size 8, she had her boobs lifted to keep them in line with her new body frame.

Perhaps Holly Hagan’s latest pout is to catch the attention of the media. She is following in the footsteps of Charlotte Crosby, who recently made headlines about her nose job procedures. Definitely not one to be outdone huh, Holly? Let us know what you think of Holly Hagan plastic surgery.