Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Wayne Newton Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Wayne Newton is one of the best known singers in Las Vegas. He is also well known to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance his looks. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a facelift, Botox injections, brow lift and a nose job. You can tell he looks different when you check out Wayne Newton’s before and after photos.

Wayne Newton plastic surgery before and after photos

One of the most celebrated entertainers in Las Vegas, Wayne Newton had greatest hits like “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast, Years and Red Roses for a Blue Lady. With his elevated status as a superstar, pressure got to him to maintain his youthful looks. Whether he got what he wanted from the  plastic surgery procedures is up to anyone’s guess.

Wayne Newton and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are quick solutions for fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines are wrinkles are the usual enemies of women. However, somehow, Wayne Newton might have found them distracting as well. From his before and after pictures, Wayne seems to have performed a few facelifts as he has unnatural tight and smooth skin. Bearing in mind he is already age 74, the lack of wrinkles spark facelift rumors on the internet.

Wayne Newton nose job

Though his face is smooth, it looks like his face is frozen most of the time. The movement on his face seems restricted. The restriction adds to the difficulty in movement of his facial features.

Wayne Newton and Botox Injections Rumors

Botox is another commonly used plastic surgery procedure to remove wrinkles. As Botox injections are generally non-invasive, they prove to be a popular option for celebrities who want to take years off their face.

Unfortunately, many celebrities go overboard with Botox injections. They end up with lumpy and unnatural look on their faces. For Wayne Newton, Botox use might have caused his smile to look unnatural and restrictive. However, it must be noted that Wayne Newton has never admitted to Botox use.

Watch Wayne Newton in an interview done years ago:

Compare that to a recent Wayne Newton Interview about his 12,000 sq ft house!:

Wayne Newton and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs rank as one of the top 5 plastic surgeries in America today. Most patients want a sharper and smaller nose. Sharper noses are generally known to make one look more handsome and prettier. However, nose jobs are risky. A botched nose job is almost impossible to correct. The cost of revision rhinoplasty surgeries can amount to a small fortune.

Wayne Newton botox injections

For Wayne Newton, his nose looks slightly different from his younger days. His nose bridge seems more pronounced compared to his younger days. However, his nose tip remains largely the same. It is rare for anyone to have rhinoplasty without changing the shape of the nose tip. Thus, it is hard to tell if Wayne Newton has gone under the knife.

Wayne Newton and Eyelid Surgery

Another popular Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumor is eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is generally used to adjust the eyes of the patient. Some want to have double eyelids while others may want to reduce the fine lines around the eyes. As a person age, one of the first signs of aging are the lines around the eyes, especially the crows’ feet.

For Wayne Newton, his latest photos show no signs of wrinkles around his eyes. It is an incredible feat to have no wrinkles around the eyes at age 74! Either Wayne Newton has a super effective eye cream or he has used surgical intervention. Only he knows the answer.

The question remains : Should Wayne Newton have plastic surgery? There are some fans who feel that Wayne should have stayed natural and age gracefully. There are also other fans who appreciate Wayne Newton’s talent more than his plastic surgery ventures. Whatever it is, we wish good health and life to Wayne Newton. What do you think of Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumors?

15 replies on “Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Donna Pekar says:

    I think he shouldn’t have had plastic surgery. It didn’t do him justice. His face doesn’t look natural

  2. Karen Logan says:

    With all the money he has you would think he could have found a surgeon who could have done a better job! He looks really bad.

  3. Steve says:

    I saw him on a talk show recently and I honestly thought it was someone wearing a very bad Wayne Newton mask. He looked like a monster.

  4. Peggy Eschetich says:

    Who cares what he looks like? Stop judging.

  5. Isabel Smith says:

    I have always loved his smile, his sweet eyes, his pure voice; and, his warm and giving personality. He makes it look easy but he worked hard, stayed dedicated, kept his eye on the prize, and did not waver into ”dark land” – -he has and has always has my respect as a performer and entertainer; and I’m really glad our local Elvis Impersonator and entertainer, Ron Adams, is good friends with him. When they are both together, there has got to be a lot of fun going on.

  6. Parker West says:

    Sadly Newton’s face looks like a monkey’s ass, you know the bright pink tortured looking ass on a certain monkey. He as well as so many other male celebs has his face pulled so tightly his eyes look like peas, tiny round slits ala Kenny Rogers.
    The guy isn’t known for his decision making prowess, he was making $300,000 a week, yet filed for bankruptcy owing $22 million he couldn’t pay back. Blame it on the last 4 penguins he just had to have or another pair of endangered whistling swans.

  7. Christine Harnish says:

    As plastic surgery implies, he looks plastic. So unnatural. No one can prevent aging. But you can LOOK like you are trying to hide it. That’s about it. Sorry Wayne. You look like a 1940’s cartoon character.

    • Diane Koopmann says:

      I thinks he looks terrible. He looked so handsome before. Now puffy cheeks and his tiny eyes, You cant prevent aging.

  8. Dalilah M Morelli says:

    It’s best to love ourselves just the way we are.
    Invest on our health is priceless.
    Healthy food
    Happy life
    Enjoy your youth
    Cherish your memories
    If others chose to change their appearance respect their decision.
    Don’t judge them.
    The best we can do is worry about our own selves.

  9. Judy says:

    Honestly except for a few tucks here and there – why do these stars mess up their faces. Why not age gracefully and naturally – it would be so much better than the freaks they end up being after all this plastic surgery.

  10. Hoss says:

    i thought it was common knowledge that he’s had facelifts. i saw him on a recent interview and he was barely recognizable. he reminded me of the way kenny roger looked for a while. now kenny looks good because the skin kind of “stretched” into place. so maybe wayne will get better with time. right now though, he is ”FUGLEY” ! !!

  11. Billie says:

    I think he looks terrible. His eyes are so tight he looks like he can’t close his eyes. I didn’t even know it was him I had to Google pictures before I believed it. With all the money he has and all celebrities have you would think they could afford better surgeons. Most rich people that have plastic surgery go from attractive to horrible plastic fake people. Its really sad.

    • Florence Carroll says:

      I’ve always liked him, even from the very beginning. Most celebs want to keep their youthful look, like most
      of us. However, Wayne, to me, was very handsome most of his career. But I feel that he should
      not have had the plastic surgery. The surgeons did a very bad, bad job. You Wayne, should have sued their butts.

  12. Art Fern says:

    The son of my college roommate drives Newton around, sometimes playing the bodyguard too. Let’s call him “Doug” not his real name. At one time or another Newton has had lots of divers on retainer in SoCal as well as Las Vegas. He owns more Rolls Royce’s than any other person but rarely drives any car, he has an incredible stable for his Arabians but only rides when he’s shooting promos.
    His tan is not a real tan, look at the after pic above the left eye. His full wig has shifted a little exposing an un sprayed area. Take a look at the tiny space between his upper eye lid and his eye brows in the after picture compared with the previous there was at least an 1” space. His has no crows feet the winkles are up and down making it easy to tell Newton has asked for a maximum face lift. Since his eyes seem tiny now you might wonder why he couldn’t open up the skin closing in on the eyes. He can’t, if he did he would be unable to close his lids over his eyes, and he would develop Dry Eye Syndrome which is no comfortable.
    He stays at a Malibu home not face from the beach, puts on a Dodges baseball hat and big ass sunglasses to bodysurf. It’s a little gross, he wears a heavy elastic bodystocking that pushes his gut to his upper body making himself look solid and well muscled, but it’s fake. Look at the before and his hairline he had some male pattern baldness which is gone in the after. Swimming in saltwater devolves the thin membrane the hairs are set in, so he takes it off. He is never recognized wearing his “costume”.
    Some guy knew the person who owes the property in Malibu. The homeowner was in Thailand at the time that the rear sprinkles started leaking, so the son and his friend went up to make the repairs. They were supposed to tell Newton when they were done but just before the friend took a bunch of shots with his cell phone Wayne parted with a pile of cash to get them back. One was published in the National Enquirer first. I Think it’s terrible sad that he has screwed up his face so badly trying to look 49 not 77.

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