Kim Kardashian 2006 – Before All The Fame and Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian 2006 – Before Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Back in 2006, just about 9 years ago, Kim Kardashian was leading a very different life from now. Away from the rumours of plastic surgeries, and the millions of fans on Instagram and Twitter, Kim was known as the party friend of Paris Hilton.

The biggest news back then in 2006 were Google buying over Youtube for US$1.65 billion. The movie industry was filled with Superman Returns reviews. And who can forget the first cancellation of the popular show Fear Factor back in October 2006.

There was no mention of Kim Kardashian in the headlines.

Thanks to Us Weekly, back in 2006, Kim Kardashian was hanging out in MySpace (remember that?), with a total of 856 friends and 73 “wall comments”. Kim Kardashian understood the power of social media before Instagram was hot. MySpace was the most popular social network before Facebook came sweeping in.

Kim Kardashian 2006 when she was just a princess

Credit: MySpace/Wayback Machine

That was a far cry from her  following of 70 million fans today.

On her MySpace account, she was known as Princess Kimberly who wanted to meet God and have children in the future. Not quite sure about her first wish, but her second wish has been granted so far.

Kim Kardashian 2006 best friends

Photo Credit:Myspace/ Wayback Machine

Kim Kardashian put her late father, Robert Kardashian, as her Hero on MySpace back then.

Back then in 2006, Kim was dating Ray J, who starred in the leaked sex tape. She was not famous before the start of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian in 2006

Photo Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

Before all the stardom, Kim Kardashian was just a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

Watch a Young Kim Kardashian Party below:

Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie were the two hottest ladies in Hollywood at that time. Nobody expected Kim Kardashian to overtake them eventually.

Paris Hilton mentioned that it was fun hanging around Kim Kardashian and she said that Kim was beautiful.

However, Paris did not claim credit for bringing Kim to fame, saying that Kim is simply “killing it”.

Kim Kardashian 2006 was already a party animal

Photo Credit: Wenn

In the years following 2006, Kim made huge strides in her popularity. After the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians was aired, Kim Kardashian became an instant celebrity. And in December 2007, Kim Kardashian posed nude for Playboy.

After the messy divorce from Kris Humprhies, Kim Kardashian married Kanye West in 2012 and till today, is having a happy marriage life. Though the media still surrounds her a lot, she seems to enjoy basking in the limelight.

After almost 9 years, it is estimated as of May 2014, that Kim Kardashian’s net worth is US$45 million. In 2015, its reported in Forbes that she has “monetised fame better than any other” celebrity.

It’s just amazing what a journey it has been for Kim Kardashian since 2006.