Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Joyce Meyer Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Joyce Meyer, one of the most influential speakers, has been the subject of some ruthless plastic surgery rumors. Looks like her charismatic Christian messages did not stop the rumors from spreading online. As he face transforms, netizens gather to discuss the changes on her face. Some of the plastic surgery speculations include a chin augmentation, use of facial fillers and facelift.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Joyce Meyer is a popular Christian author and speaker. Joyce Meyer is a devoted Christian. Her talks are filled humor and full of jibes about herself. She earned her Doctoral degree from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida. Joyce Meyer is very successful. Her success has allowed her to live a “blessed” lifestyle that includes a $10 million corporate jet and several houses. Her income was reported to be as high as $900,000 per year from the Joyce Meyer Ministries.

However, no matter how much the amount of money one person has, there is no assurance that youth can be purchased. The usual way of retaining youth is using plastic surgery to turn back the clock. But things can go wrong with plastic surgery. Choose the wrong plastic surgeon and there will be a lot of follow up work to do.

She has always given uplifting and strong messages in her sermons. Below is another example of a powerful message by Joyce. Notice how her mouth looking very artificial:

Joyce Meyer and Chin Augmentation Rumors

One of the distinct differences about the then and now of Joyce Meyer is her chin. Her chin used to look natural. The lines of her cheek used to flow naturally downwards to her chin. However, of recent times, her chin looks too defined to be real. There is the lumpy look evident from the edges of her mouth. Her smile looks rigid and reminds us of the Joker from Batman. Look closer and it might freak you out.

Joyce Meyer Facelift

Her face looks creepy and weird now. Things just did not go right for her chin. But she has never admitted to any plastic surgery so the jury is still out. So, there is no confirmation is anything was done.

Joyce Meyer and Lip Injection Rumors

Having fuller lips looks sexy and appealing. That is according to some Hollywood celebrities who have attempted to pump their lips up. This trend has given the lip enhancement industry a huge boost. Lip augmentation procedures can go awfully wrong, resulting in swollen lips and weird looking facial expressions.


Contributing to her Joker look are Joyce Meyer’s lips. Her lips look less flexible and natural. They look restrained when she smile for the camera. Lip fillers, when injected in large doses, can paralyze the facial muscles and create a stiff look. Her teeth do not show that prominently when she smiles. That is why there is speculation that her lips is the result of a botched lip job. However, her lip enhancement procedures are never confirmed by Joyce Meyer herself.

Joyce Meyer and Facelift Rumors

Another popular Joyce Meyer plastic surgery rumor is her facelift. Well, for once, Joyce Meyer did confess to having a facelift. She claimed that her decision to undergo a facelift is approved by God. She had this to say about her facelift:

“God doesn’t love me anymore or less because I had some work done on my face,” she said. “You know, I prayed about it a long, long, long, long, long time, because there again, I wouldn’t want to do anything that I felt was going to be offensive to God. … But I just felt like he finally just came to my heart, you know, it’s your face, do what you want to. … It was a really good thing that I did for me. It made me feel good. … And you know, when you’re in front of millions of people every day, you want to look your best.”


Meyer said she didn’t think it was a religious matter.

“I want to look my best for God,” she said. “So many people have the attitude that if you’re a Christian you’ve got to dress bad, wear an old color, not do anything to your hair, have nothing. It’s no wonder that Christianity is not very attractive. I mean, how many people do you know in a Western culture that’s going to go, ‘Yeah, give me some of that’?”

Ok, so everyone should look their best for God and get a facelift.

Even with much condemnation and uproar from followers and fans, Joyce Meyer still continue her messages with fervor and enthusiasm. Despite the fact that the Bible teaches that all people are created whole and complete in the image of the creator, Joyce Meyer underwent the knife to look better. However, we are in no position to judge. All we can do is to look forward to more humorous and uplifting messages from Joyce in years to come.

43 replies on “Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. KIMBERLY says:

    Your so right God would want to to be happy with gourself.. If your not happy with gourself then how can u be happy with God… Its your face do what I want too if you got the cash then do it.. Joyce Meyer your the best you have tought me a lot about coming to being happy with myself and being myself.. I was once a drug attick which I’ve over come that now I watch u from time to time and when I do your always talking about something going on in my life like you knew what I was feeling… Without u I wouldn’t be involved with God as much as I am… Just wish I had the money to get some your videos.. Or a book excepting myself after what all ice over came in my life.. Despite my lesbian life I think God loves me no matter what.. He would want me to be happy inlove than pretending to be in love with a man that I was keeping him from really being lived… Just like your face it’s yours do what u want;; it’s my heart love let it love who it wants to love… Once again thank u Joyce your the best.. GOD BLESS

  2. Lillie says:


    • mickie mclaughlin says:

      Oh my……your venom is mean. I think she looks great. And by the way, if I recall she has made a fortune from her NYT Best Seller books. I am sure she used money from that to finance her new look. YOU GO GIRL!!!

      • Kellie says:

        If you think she looks great, you must get your vision checked, ASAP please

        • I don’t think the Jesus I know and believe in would say that to his child. We all do things for our appearance, and bible scripture talks about doing things to look good and smell good. But it does also say not to judge. Joyce is Gods child , I would not judge or slander her🌷she is gorgeous inside and out

    • David says:

      You can’t wait? I hope you don’t get dealt that same level of forgiveness -sheesh.

  3. Karleen says:

    Hideous. It’s hard to concentrate on her message with a face of a goon. Botched job neither God nor all the money in the world can fix.

  4. Scott Chapman says:

    God made her perfect in his image. But she was not satisfied with what God had created. So now she has to be the JOKER!!!!HAHAHA

  5. Scott Chapman says:

    When a person thinks they are better than God. And can improove in his creation. You become a JOKER!!!

  6. Eddie J. Adams says:

    Eddie J. Adams says:
    Many preachers have started good in their walk with the Lord, but the love of money and what money can buy, has turned them away from God to materialism. It is a shame, as a Bible teacher for 50 years I see none of this taught in Scripture.

    • Craig Hutchinson says:

      The new testament is packed with warning towards those the pursue wealth. Not one possitive note for the wealthy. though its not sin to be or becoming wealthy – very strong biblical warnings and admonishments aimed at commanding the wealthy to give generousity. But preachers today equate wealth with godly faithfulness. ‘If your faithful God will increase your wealth’ what a demonic twisting of grace and faithfulness as a believer

      • E. J. Addington says:

        Amen, Craig. You said Exactly what this new Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel garbage is: “a demonic twisting of grace and faithfulness as a believer”. I hope more people watch Justin Peters videos to see just how demonic and blasphemous the “word of faith” preachers are, which include Joyce and almost ALL preachers on television. If they are on TV, they are probably part of the “word of faith” group, and are probably blasphemous false teachers. People please look up some Justin Peters videos on YouTube or wherever you can find them. He is a True man of God, speaking the Truth.

      • Paula says:

        I believe that what a mistake that the doctor made, not Mrs Joyce made, she’s blessed she’s fed millions and she’s continuing to feed Millions, shes building homes all over for the needed, because what we don’t have the money to do it and whatever she does with her personal time and her money that’s her business, that’s not going to stop her for getting into the kingdom, you know Everybody’s Talkin need to look at themselves, if somebody wants to.look nice or just like the same you like to look nice, you wear makeup to look nice, you were earrings look nice the men wear sharp suits to look nice they were sharp hats to look nice you know, people like certain lotions and perfumes to smell nice. What is wrong if the lady had a problem with her face she was mistreated, she was raped, she went through so much in her life she did not want to look like that person that she was from her father. I do not blame her and God bless you all and hopefully you will see the teue picture. Begin to be not so negative, look at it in a positive way, Pray about your coments.

        • Patti Skarpinsky says:

          I don’t think the Jesus I know and believe in would say that to his child. We all do things for our appearance, and bible scripture talks about doing things to look good and smell good. But it does also say not to judge. Joyce is Gods child , I would not judge or slander her🌷she is gorgeous inside and out

    • Ozavize says:

      So have you also found out from the the potency of this article, beware of quick condemnation, opinion might just be wrong thus, leaving you in a more precarious situation than her….

  7. Jimmie says:

    Kinda weird looking……Mardi Gras mask nominee…..

  8. Jenny J says:

    Kimberly…i agree.. God thru Joyce..and hearing her message’s has made me a happier better loving person…closer to God..and being a witness. You know people with so much hate.. judge lest you be judged..shes beautiful inside and out.. shes can see its the same person in the before and after photos!!..people act like its such a huge change.. thats just because people love the drama.. she has a true heart..shes where she is..because of her love for God and his love for her! theres not a thing wrong with making a awsome living out of loving and living for God.. sure there are some fakes out there that just want money..i get that..but joyce isnt one of them..she contributes a GREAT deal..and shes genuine.. if people make a wealthy living out of drug dealing.. stealing..or other sinfull ways to become rich..why not someone living for God..ill live here in my modest size home.. wonder how i may get the money to get my car fixed with two kids to raise.. live check to check..but ill be happy cause im healthy kids and husband are healthy..ill go to church pay my tithes.. and know Gods got us..and i believe it wont always be this way..whatever God wants will be for my family..but guess what….ill be happy for JOYCE MYER.. She deserves everything happy in her familys life!!!

    • Paula says:

      I agree with you, her pictures are not that much difference, people are so evil, that’s why we need to continue to pray, the world is changing and the people are so terrible now with their thoughts.
      Joyce has been a blessing to my household, I still watch her, she is so dynamic

      Bless you haters

  9. Dawn says:

    I thought maybe she had a cleft palate…somethin I hadn’t seen before cause I just don’t watch her dog and pony show…so I went to Google to see what was going on sure enough…now if I were inclined to listen to her b.s. I’d have to listen from another room cause just like Micheal Jackson’s hideous confirmation I couldn’t look at him anymore either…

  10. Musicgirl 767 says:

    wow. she should have left herself alone! and whats with the “oh i prayed and prayed and prayed about this”…thats hogwash. you dont “pray” about getting a friggin facelift…you THINK about it…do you have the money for it? smh…another pastor overtaken with love of money

  11. Rhonda Butler says:

    I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. She has done these transformations because she wants to look good in front of people. Proverbs 31:30…Charm is deceitful, and BEAUTY IS VAIN butt a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 1 Samuel 16:7… looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart. I could go on. My point is that the Bible teaches us that we should live to please God and not man. Let he without sin cast the first stone. Search within yourself before you answer the question, WHAT GOD DO YOU SERVE?

  12. MARTHA says:

    I love listening to her everyday.. she has not only made me feel so good.. she has helped many people …her ministries has helped many people around the world. God has blessed her and to me she and her family has worked very hard . It doesn’t matter how much money she has or what she does to her face…she has been working for the Lord for a long time..we all should feel blessed there are people like them… Thank you Joyce for all you do..

  13. John Rose says:

    Dearest Joyce,
    Self self self. Need I say anything more?
    Wonder how many Sudanese children could have been fed?
    Joyce, You looked so much better before the surgery.
    God made you beautiful from the beginning.
    Blessings All

  14. George says:

    That butch looking lady is a false prophet.

  15. mickie mclaughlin says:


  16. Dave Dee says:

    LOOKS LIKE THE JOKER!!! A MONSTER! Tell the truth, ugly before, hideous now!

  17. Letta says:

    Shame on all of those who have commented negatively on Joyce Meyers. Especially those who stated they were leaders of some sort for Christ. This woman is not being a stumbling block for anyone. People who don’t have the money will always criticize those who have it. Get your hands out of other pockets. If you release what’s in your own pocket, them God will bless you with what in HIS Hands. Why so upset because she has taken what talent/gifts God has given her and multiplied it. YOU can do the same. Jesus loves you all.

  18. jovi says:

    i think she is doing wrong by her facelift but thats her i love her preaching

  19. AC says:

    I enjoy listening to her teachings. Everyone will stand before the lord & give an account
    For their actions. It seems that people love to judge people no matter what they do or say. Sure she’s not perfect but at least she is doing something positive. Look how many
    People do changes to their body’ done get tatto’s & people accept them & don’t judge
    Them. I really don’t care if she got some work fine or not.

  20. Kevin custer says:

    She looked better before

    • Kellie says:

      Friendly reminder, it’s time to get yourself a optometry check

    • Felicia Smith says:

      PTL Mrs.Joyce Meyers is a beautiful woman of God inside and out before and after the surgery
      To be judgemental and evil is so wrong .Its
      Nothing wrong with Mrs. Myers surgery ,,,,,
      The Word of God says we going to have perfect bodies and live forever the dead in Christ shall
      rise first …… This is not for everyonly those who believe The Word of God ….because without
      Faith it is impossible to please God. Mrs. Myers
      You were beautiful inside and out and you still
      Are I thank The Lord Jesus for The Word of God that you teach it’s still changing my life. Because it’
      Is Written Powerful and sharper than any two edged sword………, No matter what we do only what we do for Christ shall last keep doing for Christ you are beautiful and I love you the weight, the look,
      And just you!!!!!!llovely, beautiful woman of God
      F. Williams
      Washington DC

  21. Maureen says:

    She looks like The Joker on Batman

  22. Patricia Smith says:

    She was an attractive lady at one time. I hadn’t seen her telecast in a while. When I tuned in to see her, I was floored. She looked hideous. Just like the JOKER on BATMAN. I don’t understand why she needed to alter her appearance at all. Aging gracefully is something to model, not to be afraid of. She was lovely. Now….a joke! Nothing she has to say means anything to me. The wealth she possesses should be used for humanitarian purposes…not jets and mega houses. Yes, she should live a good lifestyle but taking money from those less fortunate (and a lot of them are) to live like a queen, is just not cool. Organized religion has become a joke.

  23. PAtricia todd says:

    I have to say, this is wrong ! I use to love listening to her. But after I went to a conference I was so turned off by her always asking for money!! There was so many offerings I could not believe it. Then all the books and junk she sold on the side just blew me away. I relied she was a money grubbing pastor. I never liked her from that time on. I find her mouth job fits her life style now. Her mouth has been cursed by God because she has made he ministries a money maker for her self !!!

  24. Joyce is such an inspiration to so many, does it matter how she looks. To me, Joyce has a beautiful heart, her Faith is ageless, her Love of God is unlimited, and the way she delivers her messages is so so in tune with our world today. I for one listen to her everyday, and i truely feel God has sent her to be my friend when sometimes you feel your on your own. Keep going Joyce, your a very special lady. God Bless You, Now and Always. Amen x

  25. Debra says:

    She is pretty before and after but I think she looks better after. I don’t see anything wrong with having surgery to make herself look an feel better. If she is happy with the results, and God is ok with it, then that’s all that matters really. I think she is pretty, and has a nice figure.

  26. Diane Labit says:

    What Happened to this woman of God??? I just happened to see her on TV recently and was disgusted by her face. I used to look up to her and went to women’s Bible studies. Sorry no more for me!

  27. Ozavize says:

    So have you also found out from the the potency of this article, beware of quick condemnation, opinion might just be wrong thus, leaving you in a more precarious situation than her….

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