Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Stephanie Pratt Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Stephanie Pratt is a popular American TV personality. Well known for her role in The Hills, which is a highly rated reality television series, Stephanie is also a popular subject for plastic surgery gossip. After her appearance in the show, her amazing changes in her looks have sparked alarm across netizens. Many of them believe that Stephanie has undergone large scale plastic surgeries to achieve her current look. Before she became famous, she looked natural, exuding a sense of innocence. However, later pictures will show a lady with an artificial look, especially those pouty lips.

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Stephanie Pratt came into prominence when she was cast as a supporting role, in support of the personal character development of Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port. She is the younger sister of Spencer Pratt, and the sister in law of Heidi Montag, who has also undergone multiple plastic surgeries and regretted thereafter.

Watch Stephanie Pratt in a video for PETA back in 2010:

Compare that to her most recent interview about Made In Chelsea:

For Stephanie Pratt, the most obvious change on her face has got to be her lips. When she just started in The Hills, Stephanie had thin lips. Though she looked pretty then, perhaps she wanted a perfect look. With the trend of pouty lips being deemed as sexy, Stephanie seemed to be a woman on a mission – to have a pout trout. As a result, her subsequent appearances show that she has significantly fuller lips. That is the reason for the numerous comments on her use of lip fillers. Lip fillers, when used too excessively, can result in an “overdone” look. And if too swollen, it can take months before the effect wears off. Though Stephanie has never admitted to the use of lip fillers, it is a widely accepted conclusion.

World renowned plastic surgeons also gave their take on Stephanie Pratt. Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “Stephanie Pratt is still very young, but it is apparent she has had a bit of work. Her lips are the most apparent, as they appear plumper than they once were. Her nose it a bit narrower and more perky as well. With someone as young as Stephanie, it is true that less can be more and the work she has done may not have been of benefit to her look.”

Stephanie Pratt and Nose Job

Photo Credit: (right) Fameflynet

Photo Credit: (right) Fameflynet

Another popular outcome of plastic surgery is having a smaller and sharper nose. The obsession with a well shaped nose has driven nose jobs or rhinoplasty to the top five plastic surgeries in the United States. For Stephanie Pratt, her nose used to be more bulbous and she had a thicker nose bridge. However, in her later photos, she has a much slimmer nose bridge and her nose tip is sharper. Her nostrils seem to be taped down compared to her earlier photos. The overall effect is a much slimmer nose. Such visible changes could not be due to good makeup as the fundamental change is too dramatic.

Stephanie Pratt And Botox Use

Though never admitted by Stephanie Pratt, her appearance on Made In Chelsea gave much reason to suspect her use of Botox. Her face looked slightly lumpy and her nose seem to be out of place. Some commented that she looked like an old woman while others suggested the overuse of plastic surgery.

Stephanie Pratt then and Made in Chelsea

As Botox injections are one of the most easily administered plastic surgery procedures, it is no surprise that Stephanie might have resorted to it. However, Botox has to be used in minute amounts to be most effective, because any overdose will cause a significant imbalance on the face.

Stephanie Pratt and Breast Augmentation

Stephanie Pratt Boob job

Another popular plastic surgery procedure is breast augmentation. Even with the recent reports on the dangers of silicon implants, many celebrities still opt to have implants inserted. The lure of a curvy figure and a corresponding boost in sexiness dwarfs the dangers of implants. For Stephanie Pratt, her breasts size have grown within a short period of time. The growth spurt could hardly be the effect of breast creams or natural means. Though Stephanie has full breasts early in her career, her boobs seem to have gone up a few notches in size. Thus, there is the constant speculation about Stephanie Pratt undergoing a boob job.

Whatever it may be, Stephanie Pratt is still a beauty to behold. Her transformation from a common person to a superstar has been swift and amazing. Together with Heidi Montag, they have made themselves a long lasting career from The Hills. May she never be addicted to plastic surgery procedures and continue to look beautiful always. In fact, there are many fans who think that Stephanie need not resort to plastic surgery at all. They believe that Stephanie still looks stunning even without plastic surgery. Her plastic surgeries just give her an unnatural look.What do you think of Stephanie Pratt Plastic surgery?