Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Park Min Young Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Park Min Young goes against the trend of denying having plastic surgeries. Most celebrities, when asked about plastic surgery procedures, will vehemently deny that they underwent any procedures. But for Park Min Young, she admitted that she went for some plastic surgery procedures while still studying in junior high school.

Such admission is rare. Other celebrities who have admitted going for plastic surgery include Heidi Montag, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. It is no surprise that Park Min Young underwent plastic surgery because South Korea is known to be the trend setter of plastic surgery techniques.

Park Min Young has established herself as one of the leading actresses in Korea. She is famous for her role in Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010 and City Hunter in 2011. Park Min Young started her acting career back in 2006. Since then, she has put in some marvellous performances and been nominated for several high profile awards in Korea.

Many Korean celebrities undergo cosmetic surgery. Another example is the pop group EXO where Kai is suspected to have undergone some plastic surgery before appearing in movies.

Does Park Min Young look very different from younger days?

For Park Min Young, she admitted that she had double eyelid surgery and a nose job. However, when you look at the before and after pictures, it is natural to suspect that she has gone for more procedures than these two. With the fierce competition in the Korean drama industry and the globalisation of their drama serials, it is expected for Park Min Young to enhance her looks at all costs to stay ahead of the competition. Many observers and fans believe that Park Min Young also underwent facelift and jawline reconstruction.

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery – Double Eyelid and Rhinoplasty

Park Min Young’s admission of the double eyelid surgery quashes all the unnecessary speculation about the procedure. On Sports Chosun a few years back, she related that she underwent double eyelid surgery purely for cosmetic reasons.

“I got double eyelid surgery in junior high school. My mom let me get it so I could become prettier. I also got my nose done, but that’s only because my nose was crooked during junior high,” Park Min Young openly admitted.

This is a Park Min Young feature video back in 2011:

And compare it to this recent video of Park Min Young at Incheon Airport 2016:

Park Min Young had small eyes when young

Photo Credit: Twitter

In her before and after photos, you can see that Park Min Young had very small eyes and only had single eyelid. That resulted in her eyes looking very far apart from each other. Her upper eyelid looked heavy and seems to cover her whole eyes. It is inevitable that Park Min Young had to undergo plastic surgery to enhance her eyes.

With the double eyelid surgery, her eyes look much bigger and more in balance with her face. Her previous eyes before plastic surgery looked too small for her face.

In her older photo, her nose also looks flatter and the nose bridge is very spread out. The base of her nose was flat and the nostrils were of slightly uneven size. Her upper nose bridge looked very spaced out between her eyes too.

After the rhinoplasty or nose job, her upper nose bridge has been made slightly more elevated. Her nose looks more pointed and the base of her nose has been reshaped. Her nostrils look more even and presentable. With a smaller nose, together with a more elevated nose bridge, Park Min Young looks much better. The enhanced bigger eyes also balance out her newly shaped nose.

Overall, Park Min Young’s selection of plastic surgeon proved to be the right one. The plastic surgeon has skilfully combined the rhinoplasty with her bigger and more open eyes. The effect is astounding as it has changed Park Min Young’s whole look. She looks much more attractive and alluring compared to her younger days.

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery – Facelift and Jawline Resizing

Park Min Young has never admitted going for facelift or jawline reduction plastic surgery. However, when you look at the before and after pictures, you see the significant change of her jawline.

Park Min Young may have undergone Chin Reduction surgery

Photo Credit: Twitter

In her younger photos, her jawline looks squarish and flat. Her chin was flat and huge. Overall, her face looks more squarish and blunt. However, as Park Min Young became famous, her jawline changes to be narrower at the chin. The contours of her face turns from squarish to become triangular or V-shaped. This makes her look more attractive and slimmer.

Could the jawline change be the result of weight loss? Well, we cannot rule out that possibility. But, the jawline has changed so drastically that weight loss seemingly cannot account for that. Looks like even losing her baby fat could not result in such huge changes. Something must have changed in Park Min Young’s underlying chin structure.

Her V-shaped slimmer chin has also brought out her enhanced eyes and pointed nose. It gives emphasis to her beautiful new eyes and well shaped nose. Park Min Young’s eyes no longer look “sunk in” and her nose is less flat. This visual effect is brought about by her suspected jawline reduction plastic surgery.

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery – Rumors About Facelift

Park Min Young is going to be 30 years old this year. And if you look at her recent photos without any touch up, you realise that she maintains a perfect complexion with no wrinkles or any fault. For some celebrities, due to their tight schedule and busy filming assignments, the stress they suffer can age them prematurely.

But for Park Min Young, all such pressure has not given her the slightest sign of aging. That is why there are rumors in forum discussions about her having a facelift to keep her skin tight and smooth. However, due to her heavy makeup in most of the pictures, its hard to pinpoint a facelift procedure being done. As such, we will deem the facelift allegations as pure rumors and definitely not substantiated.

Anyway, Park Min Young is still considered a young celebrity as she is still under 30 years old. As the Korean drama industry focuses mainly on young and fresh faced talents, it is important for Park Min Young to maintain her beauty to prolong her staying power at the top.

It is fortunate that Park Min Young selected the correct plastic surgeon who did not overdo on any of the procedures. Indeed, Park Min Young has made the right decision to enhance her face through the procedures of double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Whether she underwent the jawline reduction or facelift, Park Min Young looks wonderful on screen and in pictures.

Korean plastic surgery techniques have yielded many enhanced superstar looks including Kai from EXO, Han Ye Seul, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. There are in face very few plastic surgery disasters. What do you think of Park Min Young plastic surgery procedures?