Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Park Shin Hye Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Park Shin Hye plastic surgery rumours include eyelid surgery, nose job (rhinoplasty) and face lifts. Park Shin Hye has never admitted to having plastic surgery though it is common for South Koreans to opt for cosmetic surgery to hide their age. To determine whether Park Shin Hye went for plastic surgery, we need to look at the before and after photos of Park Shin Hye.

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Park Shin Hye Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Watch the video below to see her transformation over the years:

In her older photo, you can see that she has a rounder nose. Her nose shape is bulbous and stumpy. And in the later photo you can see that her nose bridge has been altered and looks narrower. Her nose is also sharper. Though Park Shin Hye’s nose is not VERY sharp now, it still tells us that she might have done some surgical procedures to her nose.

It’s hard to avoid plastic surgery rumours with a pinched nose. Ouch!

Park Shin Hye Eyelid Plastic Surgery

In here older photo, it is evident that she had slit like eyes that are small and slanted. But in her current photos, we see that she has got big eyes. The eye liner makeup might have helped to magnify her eyes but the difference is too astounding to attribute it to clever makeup. Her eyes seem wider now and with increased ability to open bigger.

Watch Park Shin Hye in 2003:

And compare her appearance now in 2016:

Park Shin Hye Face lift Plastic Surgery

With Park Shin Hye’s flawless complexion, it’s inevitable that rumours of face lift have surfaced. Looking at the before and after photos, we can hardly tell if she went for a face lift. Because of her age, her good complexion and lack of wrinkles might be due to her strict skin care regime, thus maintaining a smooth complexion.

Park Shin Hye once said that she does not think badly of plastic surgery. In fact, she feels that if plastic surgery can help lift one person’s self esteem, what’s wrong with that?

Being a talented actress and musician, it is no wonder that Park Shin Hye wants to keep her fans happy by maintaining her youthfulness. Whether she did it by plastic surgery is anybody’s guess. What do you think of Park Shin Hye plastic surgery?

10 replies on “Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. emily says:

    That`s funny!
    she was in the puberty age! All the people has a different appearance in that period!we all know every body will have a puffy face or a bigger nose in this period!she also has`nt got a puffy face,then do you want to say she had a surgery about her puffy face?! the nose are the same!

  2. Alejandra Rivera says:

    but why almost all korean celebs looks very brown in their predebut photos and now theyre milk color skin??????? yes the eyes and nose looks different too

  3. Josephine Lima says:

    What ever you say about PSH I’m still looking happy to see her it’s not important what she have done to herself the point is she is Good Actress/Singer and Dancer..

  4. Lizzy says:

    It’s confusing….some said she did it while others said she didn’t…personally, i think she didn’t have plastic surgery..yea

    • Ellie shim says:

      Lmao she did, and scientific research states that your nose shape should stay the same throughout childhood and adulthood so…..

  5. Ademercy says:

    No mind them unnie, they just jealousy u she na u say make dem fine ni some people self no get eyes na plastic surgery dem dey call that one abi na puberty

  6. aloo says:

    aigoo,,, stop it…compered these pic make no sense… most of time pics are edited n so much camera works… Go n watched video or drama she still have pig nose as it is in straight way to heaven… N about fair skin makeup just shows it’s magic…

  7. jvg says:

    whatever, she’s still beautiful inside & out…. i watched the stairway to heaven back then she’s pretty…..many loves her , it’s a matter of embracing our imperfections. Fighting Park Shin Hye …stay gorgeous & awesome actress.😍

  8. plastic surgery or not it doesn’t matter
    she’s gud nd dats all dat matters.

  9. sumo says:

    mwahahaha AGE??? SHe’s so young still. Face lift? Seriously ??

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