Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Lopez has refuted all claims of plastic surgeries. Be it rhinoplasty, facelifts or Botox, Jennifer Lopez has denied them all. But really Jennifer, you mean it in your answers?

Jennifer Lopez cosmetic surgery rumors put to the test

Photo Credit: (right) Jason Merritt Getty Images

The before and after photos of Jennifer kinda tell a different story. Jennifer Lopez started off as a fresh faced girl. She has always had an amazing body which is the envy of many women. Almost all her outfits after she became famous were body hugging to show off her curves.

Jennifer Lopez Plays Many Roles

Born in 1969, Jennifer Lopez is a talent actress, singer, record and television producer and also fashion designer. Being a fashion designer, Jennifer knows how to bring her assets to the fore in her dresses. Amazingly, almost all her photos are impeccable showing no signs of aging or saggy skin.

Jennifer Lopez talks about Fake Asses in the video below:

Compare that to an interview wtih Jennifer Lopez around 2010:

Part of the reason why Jennifer Lopez is looking young is due to her strict exercise regime. One of Jennifer Lopez’s trainer, Tracy, mentioned that Jennifer needs to have at least one hour of exercise each day, comprising of 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular structure.

And Jennifer Lopez does not go two days without a workout.

Talk about maintaining your body with utmost discipline.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez looks better through the years. Either its because of a controlled does of botox or her healthy bout of daily exercise is at work.

And if you observe the before and after pictures, her nose actually looks the same. The nose bridge looks exactly the same as before.

Though many gossip site are attributing most of the credit to cosmetic surgery procedures, we prefer to believe that most of the positive effects come from Jennifer Lopez’s healthy living.

But that is not to say we have eliminated all possibilities of plastic surgery for Jennifer Lopez.

There is still a chance that Jennifer Lopez might change her mind later. In fact, she shared during an interview with Cosmopolitan about the trend of plastic surgery among celebrities and how it will affect her daughter:

“Yeah, what is she gonna want to do, or how good is she gonna feel about herself? I hope to show her from example that you have to love yourself for who you are. And that doesn’t mean that you can’t do things to enhance yourself, like work out, or if somebody wants to get a nose job.

I don’t know. You can take a hard stance on things and then eat your words later. All I’m saying is, at the end of the day, you got to feel happy about who you are inside, and then you can make good choices for yourself.”

With her new NBC cop series, Shades of Blue, the final season of American Idol,and a brand new residency at The Axis in Las Vegas under her belt, the mother-of-two looks to be on a roll in year 2016.

And latest news in RadarOnline is that her breasts could have been fixed. An expert on Radar claims that Jennifer Lopez looks curvier than before, especially with her new found assets on her bust.

The article goes to claim that Jennifer Lopez is truly diligent in keeping her appearance tip top. “Pictures from the last couple of years showed that her breasts and butt were really deflated and saggy,” said Dr. Back. “That’s normal for a mother of her age with two kids.”

“It looks like somebody gave her a lift with silicon implants,” Dr. Back said. “She looks to be a D or DD now.”

And the conclusion from Radaronline was

“Nothing about her is overdone,” he complimented her apparent procedures. “She looks as good now as she did 15 years ago. A lot of celebs should ask her for her doctor’s card.”

Really, a set of Double Ds? Hmm…..I think you check them out below.

Check out her video on Jimmy Kimmel Live below and judge for yourself:

Jennifer Lopez is definitely keeping herself busy with her Las Vegas show, as well as her new NBC drama Shades Of Blue, and even appearing on the final season of American Idol. It is amazing that she still has time out to keep her  body in perfect shape.

Jennifer Lopez Fitness Regime Deserves Respect

One thing we admire and applaud Jennifer Lopez is her strict discipline to healthy living. It is not easy to maintain that fit and taut body of hers over so many years. There was not a year she looked out of shape on the red carpet. That is simply amazing.

Well, we all know athletes tend to develop that sharper and chiseled look. Perhaps that is why Jennifer Lopez looks different from her younger days when she was more chubby.

What do you think of Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumours? Did they play a part in keeping Jennifer Lopez looking young?