Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cher Cosmetic Surgery Enhancements Rumors

Cher transformation over the yearsCher has been suspected to have undergone face lifts, brow lifts, skin tightening and breast augmentation. She is one of the most successful female entertainers in the world, with her career spanning more than 5 decades. And if you look at her present photos, you will not figure that she is closing on to 70 years old.

Cher has also mentioned that she had tattoos on her rear. She talked about the tattoos in the short interview below. She also mentioned a little on Cher plastic surgery rumours.

Cher has succumbed to the pressure of preserving her looks using plastic surgery. It is important to stay relevant to get leading roles in movies and to keep her public image sultry. Cher is known to dress sexily and is regarded by many as a sex symbol too.

If we look at her frown lines and eyes, you can see that it is amazing that she does not have any crows feet round her eyes. There are hardly any frown lines too.

Telling signs of cosmetic surgery can be seen when you compare her younger photos to current photos. Her older photos seem to show a rounder face and rounded nose. Even her chin looks rounder during her younger days. Her face might have undergone some plastic surgery to achieve the sharper effect.

Looking at her before and after photos, her eyebrows look very much higher and the double eyelids are much more obvious. It is likely that she has done some surgical procedures to her eyes as well.

Chances are she might have undergone procedures to remove her eyeballs and alter her eye lids.

Looks like she has deliberately cleared the obvious signs of aging – wrinkles.

There is also the possibility of rhinoplasty as her current nose looks more shapely and sharp. The bridge of her nose seem to have more support, possibly to hold the narrower shape up.

What about the Botox Injections?

Her smiles are void of wrinkles. Her forehead looks perpetually smooth. At her age, there should be wrinkles showing on her forehead and cheeks. But they are surprising missing. There is a chance she might have undergone Botox injections to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Despite all the plastic surgeries Cher has gone through, we conclude that they were successful. This is because Cher looks beautiful for her age and looks decades younger than her true age. If she indeed went for plastic surgery, she has chosen the right plastic surgeons for herself and made the right moves in deciding which plastic surgery procedures to go through.

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