Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Rumors. Did She Undergo any Cosmetic Procedures for a New Look?

Carrie Fisher is well known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars Series. And rumours of plastic surgery has dogged her ever since. With the return of the latest Star Wars The Force Awakens, she is again the subject of facelifts and botox injections.

Carrie Fisher cosmetic surgery rumors

Photo credit: (left) CBS Photo Archive/Hulton Archive, (right) Alberto E.Rodriguez Getty Images

Is it science fiction that Carrie Fisher underwent plastic surgery? From the looks of it, Carrie does not really care about it. In fact, in recent weeks, she is more bothered than the cruel talk of her sudden weight loss than anything else.

She said as a matter of factly that she “looked melted” and looks her age in a Mirror Online interview.

Watch one of her interviews in 2016 below:

Carrie Fisher Found It Hard to Accept her Appearance

Carrie Fisher struggled to come to terms with her appearance. She said “My physical self and I are not friends”. However, she has vehemently denied undergoing any plastic surgery to maintain her youth.

Now at age 59, Carrie is happy to reunite with her co stars in Star Wars, especially Harrison Ford who she remembers fondly. She definitely appears older than when she first appeared on Star Wars at age 19. But we feel that Carrie still has the charisma and the fan drawing prowess she once had.

Here is a young Carrie Fisher in an interview with Larry King (1990):

Carrie Fisher Drug Addiction

Apart from the plastic surgery rumours, Carrie has been in and out of drug addiction in the past. She admitted using cocaine on the set of “The Empire Strikes Back” years ago. The feeling of getting high was too difficult for her to reject and she undertook everything to get that feeling. But now, Carrie Fisher is clean and enjoying her role on the set of The Force Awakens again.

Carrie Fisher’s rumoured facelift are not really obvious. If you look at her then and now pictures, the lines on her face reflect the process of natural aging. You can see visible wrinkles on her forehead, which shows that Botox is not used. Her cheeks also look natural and the clever use of makeup actually helped her to look years younger. No part of her face looks unnatural or artificial.

Carrie Fisher Weight Loss Debate

Carrie lost almost 50lbs to be in line with her endorsement of diet company Jenny Craig. And she looked really great in 2011. There was wide speculation then about her weight and also her change in facial appearance.

But whose face wouldn’t look different when they lose 50lbs in a few months?

So, there is a possibility that her facial changes over the years are due to her weight loss.

Carrie Fisher has always accepted that show biz “is an appearance-driven thing”. In her words, she said “I’m in a business where the only thing that matters is weight and appearance”. That is so true in Hollywood. Every little thing about those two aspects will cause ripples of gossip.

So, as Star Wars latest instalment, The Force Awakens, continues to break box office records, we wish Carrie Fisher the best for her future and may she continue to age gracefully and never feel bad about Carrie Fisher plastic surgery rumours again.