Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Aniston Defies all effects of Aging and is still a beauty to behold. Is Plastic Surgery the Secret to Jennifer Aniston’s Age-Defying Beauty?

The usual suspicions apply to Jennifer Aniston. The boob job rumours, the nose job, and even Botox is linked to Jennifer. Why would any one say such things to hurt a babe like Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston has looked beautiful since young

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Jennifer Aniston sharp chin surgery before and after

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Whether Jennifer Aniston underwent cosmetic surgery to maintain her flawless looks has been a huge debate among fans. For a 46 year old to look as hot as a newly promoted superstar is no small feat. The former star of the Friends comedy sitcom is proving that time does not erode her star appeal.

Jennifer Aniston Has Achieved Many Milestones In Acting

She is most recognized for her role as Rachel Greene on the 1990s to early 2000s sitcom Friends, In the Friends series, she won an Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award.

Jennifer Aniston is also acclaimed for her great acting in independent films, but some of her biggest successes outside of Friends would be her more commercial movies, such as Bruce Almighty (2003), The Break-Up (2006), Marley and Me (2008), Just Go with It (2011), and the more recent hit, Horrible Bosses (2011).

Jennifer Aniston Admitted to Using Laser Peels

Jennifer Aniston admitted to going for laser peels to repair her skin on the Conan O Brien Show. However, she did not express any liking to it as she describes the process as “face falling off”. Watch the video below. Even Conan O Brien says that she has perfect skin:

Evidently, she did not like the intensity of the laser treatment. So, we wonder if all the allegations about her boob jobs and face cosmetics surgeries are true.

The only way to find out if the plastic surgery rumours are true is to look at the before and after photos of Jennifer Aniston. Or, you can tell from the video below when Jennifer Aniston was only 21 years old:

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery – Use of Botox and Fillers

Jennifer Aniston is famous for her puffy look that make her such an icon in the Friends comedy series. However as she age, her puffy cheeks do not seem to sag at all. In fact, there is a nice contour of her face as she age. Call that graceful aging maybe? Or is it “assisted aging”?

Check out some of her before and after photos below. Do they look any different?

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery now and then photos

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Jennifer Aniston Botox before and after photos

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Her face looks very unnatural in the “now” photos below:

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumors before and after

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Jennifer Aniston botox fillers before and after

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Jennifer Aniston botox and facial fillers

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In the photos below, her “now” photo looks scary. What kind of stare is that?

Jennifer Aniston botox fillers bad

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According to Jennifer, she has had Botox, but doesn’t believe in it based on her quote to InStyle Magazine, “I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it…but I see how it’s a slippery slope.”

Jennifer has never admitted to the use of Botox specifically but based on her latest looks, she definitely has done a great job maintaining her youth.

Jennifer Aniston Rhinoplasty or Nose Job rumours

Jennifer Aniston Before and After

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It is the dream of many Hollywood stars to have the perfect sharp nose. Looks like Jennifer Aniston wants that too. In her older photos, her nose is more bulbous and round. In her later photos, you can see that her nose bridge is narrower and she has a slightly sharper nose than before.

Possibly a nose job done well? Hmm, there is no confirmation but we can say that she definitely looks better as she age. Her sharper nose has helped to keep her face looking fresh and young.

Check out some of Jennifer Aniston’s before and after photos below. Is there any difference in her nose shape? In the first set of photos, her nose seems sharper now. But in the some sets of photos, her nose shape is unchanged.

Jennifer Aniston nose job before and after photos

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Jennifer Aniston rhinoplasty before and after photos

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Jennifer Aniston nose job now and then pictures

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Jennifer Aniston nose job speculations and rumors

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Jennifer Aniston Boob Job

Breasts augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures amongst Hollywood celebrities. It is the reason why the most reputed plastic surgeons are in Beverly Hills.

Jennifer Aniston’s bust size grew over the years. Though she has never admitted to undergoing a boob job, pictures show a stark difference in her breast size over the years. But we also understand that bra technology has developed over the years that can make an A cup look like a C cup. So, judging by the pictures of her side boobs, seems like Jennifer has sizeable breasts to begin with.

Her breasts look bigger maybe because of her clever use of fashion and bra. Her use of the right sized bra brings out a deeper and pronounced cleavage.

Check out some of her before and after photos below. Any evidence of a boob job? 

Jennifer Aniston boob job before and after photos

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Ok, we know her boobs will be slightly saggy (due to aging). But did she fix it? Here is another two photos of her:

Jennifer Aniston breast implants before and after

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Jennifer Aniston breast surgery before and after

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With or without Jennifer Aniston’s confirmation about her plastic surgeries, most people can judge based on her sudden increase in bust size and puffy lips. Whether plastic surgery is performed can be easily spotted by sudden physical changes. For Jennifer Aniston’s case, the changes are positive and made her a more attractive woman.

So what do you think of Jennifer Aniston Plastic surgery rumours? For those of us who grew up watching Friends comedy series, we never wish our childhood stars to age.

Because somehow, when we watch them age, we feel older as well. Let’s hope Jennifer Aniston continues to beat the effects of aging and keep us remembering the old days just like it was yesterday.