Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Hilary Duff Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Most of Hilary Duff’s plastic surgery rumours is about nose job and breast augmentation. There were also speculation of Hilary opting for lip filler injections and dental work. As to whether she actually went for cosmetic surgery, we need to look at her comments and the before and after pictures to find out.

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Rumors

Photo credit: Left photo, Keny-liciouz flickr and right photo Jon Kopaloff Getty Images.

Hilary Duff did not Speak ill about Plastic Surgery

Hilary Duff has expressed that she does not think there is anything wrong with plastic surgery. She mentioned that if it is a required procedure that makes someone look and feel better, there is nothing wrong with that. She stopped short of admitting that she has undergone plastic surgeries herself.

To help you with determining whether Hilary Duff underwent plastic surgery, watch these two videos, the first one when Hilary Duff was young in 2003 and the second video is when she had a recent interview. You can see she gets HOTTER WITH AGE.

Hilary Duff Nose Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the main suspicion in Hilary Duff plastic surgery adventures. She used to have a rounder nose but nowadays she has a sharper nose with a more obvious nose bridge. Some attribute it to her growing older but we all know that the nose is something that does not change with age. Check out the before and after pictures and make a judgement for yourself.

Hilary Duff Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

There is no doubt that Hilary Duff has a more pronounced bust size than her younger days. Some say its because of puberty (because Hilary has been in the limelight since a child) but the increase in her breast size is very obvious. The shape of her new breasts seem to be too round to be natural.

Is it the result of a good bra? Unlikely, because the shape of her breasts suggest strongly that there is some implants underneath.

Hilary Duff Possible use of Lip Fillers

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery smiles better now

In her later photos, we can see that Hilary Duff have fuller lips. Her lips are so full that sometimes it looks as if they are pouting lips. But her pouty lips do not appear all the time. Perhaps the pouty appearance was right after the injection of fillers.

But we feel that Hilary Duff looks better with normal lips rather than those fishy looking ones.

Hilary Duff and Dentistry

Hilary Duff today has a nicer set of teeth than before. That is the reason why she is smiling more often in front of cameras because she has a whiter set of teeth. We know that teeth whitening is not exactly plastic surgery. But her new set of teeth seem to set better in place and look more aligned.

Hilary Duff is looking better with age. Whether this is due to successful plastic surgeries or a natural progression, that is anyone’s guess. What do you think of Hilary Duff plastic surgery rumours? Let us know in the comment box below.