Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Rumors

Did Megan Fox undergo cosmetic surgery? Speculation about breast augmentation, cheek fillers and Botox continue to circle around. Not all celebrities tell it all like Heidi Montag, Tara Reid or Iggy Azalea. Maybe because they are afraid of going back to the surgery room and getting lots of scrutiny.But the question remains whether Megan Fox, one of the most popular celebrity, underwent plastic surgery.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery To Face

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Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors surface because she look very different in her younger days in 2003. She looks sharper, more sophisticated and her nose appears thinner. Watch this video back in 2009 where Megan Fox was interviewed (Warning: She looks GORGEOUS and alluring in the video) :

Compare that to a recent interview on The Ellen Show:
But Megan Fox has always denied the plastic surgery rumor claims. She insists that she has never used lip fillers, Botox injections, cheek enhancements or any kind of cosmetic surgery on her face. You can make your conclusion from the before and after photos.

Some call Megan Fox the ultimate before and after subject due to the extensive plastic surgery. And by starring in blockbuster movies like Transformer just intensifies the plastic surgery speculations. In her younger days, you could see acne scars on her face but recent pictures shows a smooth look. Possibly the work of good makeup you might say, but nonetheless still a very good job done.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Focus : Her Breasts

Her breasts became really round in 2010 and there was rift speculation of a boob job or breast augmentation done. Though she never confirmed the rumors, photos time and again showed that her boobs are of a different size and shape than previous years.

Megan’s nose has reshaped over the years too. The bridge looks narrower and the tip is sharper, giving it greater definition, a tell tale sign of rhinoplasty.

Her lips have also turned fuller as the years go by. By 2010, her face started to look unnatural and plasticky, with visible lumps on her face. Such lumps are usually caused by overdose of fillers. Too much Botox injections have created a bloated look and make her look weird. It looks awful. And like any other celebrity, such as Robin Mcgraw and Meg Ryan, any attempt to lift the cheeks usually ends up disastrous. Perhaps Megan should have sought better advice before going ahead with the plastic surgeries.

Because fillers last about six months, sometimes the effects of the overdose subside. But then the next thing we know is that Megan Fox might have had filler overdose on her forehead. But the evidence of the filler overdoes subsided again in 2013 as she looked much better than in previous years. Megan Fox ditched the fillers for good? You decide.

Megan Fox Tried to Snub Out Plastic Surgery Rumors

Once, Megan Fox went on Facebook to show that if she had Botox, she would not be able to do some of her facial expressions. And indeed, it showed her frowning and scrunching her face. There were lines on her face which clearly showed that Botox could not have been used.

Megan Fox Frowns to show no use of Botox

Photo Source: Facebook

Megan Fox shows wrinkles on forehead

Photo Source: Facebook

In Touch Weekly, it was suggested that Megan Fox has invested over $60,000 on plastic surgery to her face alone.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Megan Fox said ‘My lips are my lips.

I would encourage anyone to first speak with a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from, because a lot of times it’s not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin – the surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you.” ( Adapted from

Plastic Surgeon Comment on Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Rumours

Famous New York plastic surgeon, Dr Matthew Schulman, told Radar that, “Megan appears to have had some cosmetic procedures to her face. While she has probably not had anything major, I suspect that she has had a nose refinement and some facial fillers. In older photos, her nose appears wider and her nasal tip has a noticeable cleft. More recent photos show a more refined and narrow nose, as well as a smoother nasal tip.” (Adapted from

The plastic surgeon added further:

“Her lips are more full and her cheekbones are higher,” he said.

“Likely the result of Restylane or Juvaderm.” (source:

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Attempts a Failure?

Many celebrity plastic surgery observers regard Megan Fox plastic surgery attempts as failures. But we have seen from the pictures that though things went from bad to worse from 2005 to 2010, Megan Fox seems to have recovered and fixed her artificial looks by 2014. The before and after photo series have shown that perhaps Megan Fox sought for better plastic surgery advice from another plastic surgeon. And that probably rescued her from a plastic surgery disaster.

Are Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Rumors true?

So, in the end, are the Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors true? Well, nobody can ever confirm that Megan Fox underwent the Botox injections, cheek lifts, fillers on her forehead or breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons who work with celebrities would have been made to sign a confidential gag agreement. There is not a lot of evidence for Megan Fox plastic surgery. No scars to show but just some unnatural looks.

All the differences in the pictures might be down to clever make up or photography. So, the judgment is still out there. What do you think of Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors? Let us know in the comments below.