Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Mariah Carey Undergo Any Cosmetic Surgery?

Speculations about Botox, Liposuction and Nose Jobs

Mariah Carey has been the subject of breast augmentations, botox injections and liposuction. Her smooth skin without any wrinkles and raised cheeks have given rise to speculations about fillers.There were also rumours that her nose might have undergone surgical enhancements though none of it is proven true.Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery News were Non Existent At The Start

Mariah Carey’s private life has been subjected to much scrutiny. Her first marriage to Tommy Mottola in 1993 ended when their creative differences became unbearable. During her first marriage, Mariah Carey looked young and vibrant, being a new face in the music industry. Her bubbly personality did not show any inclination towards plastic surgery procedures.

Relive the younger Mariah Carey In this Interview back in 1990:

Mariah Carey Gained Weight From Childbirth

After her divorce from Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey met her sweetheart in Nick Cannon. They got married on April 30 2008. And during this marriage, she gave birth to a set of twins. It was during this time when Mariah Carey gained weight and ballooned. Though some say the growth in Mariah Carey’s breasts were due to a boob job, it is possible that she upped her breasts sizes due to the pregnancy.

Mariah Carey plastic surgery before and after comparison pictures

Photo Credit: Left, and Right Eric Jamison/Invision/AP

You can see from the before and after pictures of Mariah that her bust size have increased significantly after the birth of her twins, Monroe and Moroccan. If her increase in bust size is due to the pregnancy, it will be a cruel assumption that she got breast augmentation.

Watch Mariah Carey in her latest appearance in 2015:


Till today, there are unconfirmed reports saying that Mariah Carey wants her boobs fixed because they are too spread out and fake looking. But all these rumours cannot be taken seriously as they are used to sell more tabloid news.

Mariah Carey Has Adapted Well to Her Physical Changes

Through the years, Mariah Carey has be very adaptable to her body shape. Despite growing bigger in size, her image has transformed into a “booty” Diva instead of a fresh faced slim star. She has used her weight gain well and Mariah gives new meaning to voluptuous attraction.

For her facial skin, there have been two opposing thoughts. Some believe that Mariah Carey is not immune to the effects of aging and by now, at age 45, should have some wrinkles. While others believe that Mariah simply has a healthy skin care regime. From the before and after pictures, it is indeed true that her face is free from blemishes. But it could be a case of good make up rather than plastic surgery.

Mariah Carey Nose Job Speculation

As for the alleged nose job, we do see some differences between the before and after photos. Mariah Carey does not have a sharp nose to begin with, and in the latest pictures, it is quite obvious that her nose looks more pointed and sharper. The good thing about her nose job is she did not overdo it and cause the nose bridge to look unnatural.

Latest Appearance Sparks Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Rumors again

The photo below shows Mariah Carey in her latest appearance in Feb 2016 24th Elton John Aids Foundation Oscars Event, something is just wrong about her face, what is preventing her eyes from opening up? Her cheeks just looks so stiff and unnatural:

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery 2016

There are also rumours about Mariah Carey undergoing liposuction. Well for this, we cannot see much differences in Mariah’s voluptuous body. If she indeed went for liposuction, we expect the differences in her figure to be more obvious. Why would anyone go for liposuction when the results are not visible? Some argue that the liposuction was just to reduce her belly fat to create that hour glass figure. Well, we feel that its anybody’s guess.

Whether Mariah Carey went for plastic surgery, we must appreciate her contribution to the music scene. From a fresh faced newbie to a mature diva, Mariah Carey has stood the test of time and remain as one of the main attractions in Billboard charts. Her millions of fans around the world does not seem to care about her plastic surgery rumours and continue to snap up her album singles. Her latest album #1 to Infinity tells us the legacy she has built over the years. What do you think of Mariah Carey plastic surgery rumours?

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