Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Victoria Beckham Undergo Any Plastic Surgery?

Victoria Beckham is one of the most recognisable faces in entertainment today. Though she is no longer hogging the limelight singing songs or acting in movies, her appearances with her husband, David Beckham, still draw big crowds and major media reports. Despite splitting from the Spice Girls years ago, the mystique that surrounds Posh Spice is still very much alive. Needless to say, one of the major talking points has got to be Victoria Beckham plastic surgery rumors.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest sharmadeanreid

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest sharmadeanreid

First of all, it is helpful to have a career walkthrough about Victoria Beckham and observe the changes in her makeup and image over the years. Victoria Beckham is well known nowadays as a savvy English businesswoman. She is also recognised as a fashion designer, model and a singer. She shot to fame in 1996 with the title of “Posh Spice” and was with the multi-platinum selling girl group, Spice Girls.

Photo Credit: (right) Pascal Le Segretain Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Pascal Le Segretain Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest Vintage Everyday

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest Vintage Everyday

Check Out Victoria Beckham in an interview during the good old days:

Compare that to the video below where Victoria Beckham shares her passion in fashion:

Her career as a businesswoman led to the formation of her own fashion label, The Victoria Beckham label. It was named the designer brand of the year in the United Kingdom in 2011. That is an amazing feat, considering that Victoria Beckham’s background was in the musical arena, not in the fashion designing industry.

Victoria Beckham Plastic surgery Sept 1997

This is a photo of Victoria Beckham in September 1997, with her long flowing black hair and bright red lipstick that she wore regularly back then. You can see that her breasts are still not as “developed” at that time. Her face shape was still a bit rounder though she was very thin at that time.  In another photo below, she is pictured with David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham with david beckham 1997

Here, she wears a bra with a flashy purple jacket on top. Her sophisticated look is starting to take shape. Notice her nose is still looking rounder and more bulbous than today.

Then in November 2000, here we see Victoria Beckham with her group Spice Girls in full force. Donning a bikini and back to her long tresses, Victoria’s face shape starts to turn sharper at the chin area. Can’t take your eyes off Geri’s bust? Check out the breast size of Victoria Beckham at that time and compare that to her current boobs:

Victoria Beckham with rest of Spice Girls

Now, a close up shot in February 2002. Victoria Beckham is looking better with age. Her short hair suits her well and her natural beauty shines through. With well trimmed eyelashes and a wonderful smile, she is killing many men’s hearts with loads of charisma.

Victoria Beckham looking young cosmetic surgery 2002

This picture from 2003 below shows slight evidence of her ever growing boobs. Dressed in an elegant white dress with spaghetti straps, Victoria Beckham is looking the part of a fashion magnate.

Victoria Beckham boob job

At the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards in October 2005 below, Victoria Beckham strikes a pose of elegance. Her jawline looks more defined now compared to her younger days in 1997. It could be a case of weight loss or a correction of her jawline. Did a fantastic job on the eyeliners and looks fabulous here:

Victoria Beckham in 2005. Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole Getty Images

Victoria Beckham in 2005. Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole Getty Images

Now in June 2007, Victoria Beckham poses before a Spice Girls news conference. Looks like she lost more weight. Notice something else? The outline of her breasts are getting rounder and pushing towards her shoulders. A sign of breast augmentation? Only Victoria knows.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Taken on 30 September 2009 in Los Angeles during an Adidas Originals event, Victoria Beckham defies the effects of aging. She has ditched her preference for bright red lipstick of old and opted for a more gothic look. But one thing is, she has maintained her facial skin very well. No signs of face lifts, just superb maintenance.

Photo Credit: Adidas Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Photo Credit: Adidas Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Fast forward to December 2015, you can see that Victoria Beckham’s face still looks natural without any signs of obvious plastic surgery. Her face shape has remained consistent since she lost weight and it is impressive that she managed to keep her weight off after giving birth to three children. Truly amazingly beautiful lady who has dominated the headlines for so long.

Victoria Beckham 2015

Overall, Victoria Beckham has weathered the effects of growing old fantastically well. Her skinny frame has enabled her to fit into many elegant dresses with no problems. She has demonstrated what it means to be a true superstar. With a net worth estimated at $300 million, she has transformed herself from a band member to a leading business woman. There is hardly any evidence of plastic surgery on her facial features. Other than the obvious alleged boob job, Victoria Beckham has managed to avoid any of the common nose jobs or facial fillers. What do you think of Victoria Beckham plastic surgery rumors?

4 replies on “Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. victoria campbell says:

    To me, she looks like she has had a nose job, eye surgery, a face lift and peels

  2. RAJAVU 2017 says:

    Don’t agree….. with VC……She has only had her boobs done then undone…..Born with the rest of her lovely face and body…she has looked after herself….. Example to us all….

  3. Amenah says:

    I don’t think Victoria has had any surgery except except some lip collagen and of course we all know about the boob jobs. She has always been pretty and look just as pretty now.

  4. she was and still is the ugliest woman to ever walk the earth, even after all those facial surgeries. Pig snout nose. Backward teeth. Square smile (when she used to smile) Dead behind the eyes. DEMONIC. Offensively ugly. Zero talent. Zero IQ. A walking Halloween freak.

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