Jojo Fletcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jojo Fletcher Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jojo Fletcher is one of the most beautiful and desired girls on the planet right now. Made famous with the latest Bachelorette 2016 photos, there is no doubt she ranks high on the most wanted list of any man in the world. With such focus on her looks, it is inevitable that talks about plastic surgery procedures arise. But what exactly did she do to her face?

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Jojo Fletcher was eliminated in week 10 of the Bachelor Season 20. And as with any reality series, there is always a chance of the loser coming back trying to win big. Being a Real estate developer during the season, she proved to be a tough contender as she lasted through till the end, losing out to Lauren Bushnell, a flight attendant.

Here is Jojo on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2016:


Rumors started when plastic surgeons who have not operated on her before, started speculating whether she used cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. They claim that there were obvious facial changes since her last appearance on the Bachelor. On RadarOnline,com, Dr Susan Evans says “ The tip of her nose dropped some, which may simply be age or rhinoplasty.”

In the video she sounds off being the New Bachelorette:

There were also speculations that Jojo used calcium hydrocyapatiete in her laugh lines and chin area. Facial fillers was also a possibility to soften her facial lines. Other renowned plastic surgeons also suggested that Jojo might have undergone breast augmentation surgery even before she took these pictures. Boob job? Yes very likely when you see the shape of her breasts.

However, there were some that say such major plastic surgery enhancements were not possible given the short time frame that Jojo was appointed as the Bachelorette. Some argued that there was just too little time for too much work to achieve such astounding results. But it is also a known fact that rhinoplasty or nose job, if given proper care, can have a full recovery in as soon as 2 weeks. So, it is still open to debate.

And according to celebrity Jesse Csincsak, he says it exactly what reality television is about “They make people change their appearance for TV ratings,” he claimed. “They don’t care what it is: teeth, face, boobs, butt, you name it. If it’s going to create ratings and puts dollars in their pocket, they will do it.”

True enough, Jojo Fletcher is not the first person of the series suspected to have undergone the knife. Some of the contestants on the show has worked their way into great shape prior to the show launch. With cameras having close up interviews throughout the reality series, it is important for them to look their best. Who knows? They might drop out of the series and get offered a lucrative contract by a third party.

Nonetheless, the main focus for Jojo Fletcher now should be getting the new season of the Bachelorette going. It is about time she gets the man she deserves. Forget about Ben Higgins, its time for her to take centre stage. No wonder she is trying her best to look fabulous. What do you think of Jojo Fletcher plastic surgery?