Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Dove Cameron Undergo Plastic Surgery?

One of the upcoming stars in Hollywood, Dove Cameron, is the subject of much plastic surgery gossip. Like many of the teenage hosts before her, Dove Cameron has a natural career path towards stardom. Some observers say that it is inevitable that she will choose to undergo surgical enhancements like what Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears has allegedly done.

Dove Cameron nose job

Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer. Known for her famous character play in the teen sitcom Liv and Maddie, she also starred in Disney’s movies such as Cloud 9 and Descendants. Her career is relatively young, having her first breakthrough in 2012 through Bits and Pieces. In 2014, she had her big break as a singer when her song “Count Me In” reached the number one spot on the Billboard Kids Digital Songs Chart.

Dove Cameron and Nose Job

Nose jobs are one of the most popular surgical enhancements among celebrities. However, it is also the most risky. A badly done nose job will end up looking like an artificial peg in the centre of the face. Just think of Michael Jackson. Most importantly, nose jobs need to get it right the first time. Any revision rhinoplasty on a botched nose job is almost certain not to be successful.

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery before and after

Americans are obsessed with their noses. Most nose job patients want to have a sharper and smaller nose. Some want to remove their nose bumps along their nose bridge. There are also some who opt to have smaller nostrils. It is with such desire that celebrities pluck up the courage to go under the knife. The recovery from a nose job can take some time. But to many celebrities, it is well worth the wait.

For Dove Cameron, looking at the before and after pictures, you see a significant different in her nose shape. Some say that the change is due to puberty as she is still quite young. While we do not rule out the possibility of puberty changing her nose shape, it is hard to fathom that her nose has changed that much over the years.

Her nose shape has gone from a thicker nose bridge and a bulbous tip, to a more defined nose with a protruding nose tip. Just looking at her recent photos, her nose tip looks really unnatural. There is a droop in her nose that is not evident in her younger photos. There is a high chance that she has undergone rhinoplasty to sharpen her nose.

In case any youngster is reading this, nose jobs are best done after age 18 years old. This is when the nose shape is settled and modifications can be made. Any nose job done before 18 years old tend to need further adjustments down the road. This is because the nose shape does change as you grow up.

Watch the video below for a bubbly Dove Cameron. Notice her lips and nose:

Dove Cameron and Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are also very popular with celebrities. Thick and full lips are a sign of sexiness. Thus there is an upsurge of Americans going for lip augmentation procedures to make their lips fuller and more luscious. For Dove Cameron,  her lips have gone from thin to pouty, suggesting the possible use of lip fillers. However, lip fillers need to be replenished every six to nine months, else the lips can fall back into their normal shape. Dove Cameron has never publicly admitted to the usage of lip fillers but you can gather from the photos if she has done so.

In today’s Hollywood, it is sad to see many young stars opting to undergo plastic surgery unnecessarily. It is the urgency to look better than others that drive such young stars to plastic surgery. It is not a healthy trend and obviously not setting a good example to their fans. Twenty years ago, plastic surgery was used to stop the effects of aging. But today, it is simply a tool to adjust facial features. Nonetheless, we hope that Dove Cameron will not get addicted to plastic surgery one day and continue to provide us with entertainment on the television or radio. What do you think of Dove Cameron plastic surgery?

12 replies on “Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Lani says:

    Dove has had nose job, cheek implants, lip injections, brow lift or botox. Her mother took her for surgery at age 14 before she landed the role on Disney on Liv and Maddie. Pretty disgusting to do to a child! She looks like a stepford Barbie

    • Laci Griffin says:

      Would you let me know where you found out this information please? It’d be very appreciated.

      • Bella says:

        While Bonnie did allow Chloe (aka Dove) to get her nose done at a very young age, she did not get implants. She also had lip injections, eyelash extensions, and dimple surgery.

      • Lia P says:

        You can see how her face changed from her role in the TV show Shameless and then her role in the Mentalist. You can also look at her instagram. In January 2017, she posted a video of herself at 3. Her face looked more like the one she hadoesn’t while she was on Shameless.

    • E Hughses says:

      I think she looks beautiful just the way she was and is. I think it was her descision.

  2. Parker says:

    I’m sad that my 10year old loves Dove due to the hypothetical message she’s sending about young ladies appearance in one of her episodes on liv… she said girls you be you and girls are more than there appearance but yet she has undergone plastic surgery and I love Disney but if they condone children cutting at their body’s to fit in I rather block those programs…. PS Dove looked way better before now she looks like a character

  3. tia says:

    ugh why??? her nose was cute and smoother! now the tip looks pinched like it was in a pencil sharpener and the bridge is flat and indented like she went a few rounds in the boxing ring!

  4. isabella says:

    Why plastic surgery

  5. Allison says:

    why did she have to do plastic surgery, she looked so much better without it.

    • V says:

      She was trying to make herself look more like her childhood best friend Carla Moore. Carla grew up with Chloe (Dove) on Bainbridge Island and is from a Hollywood family. She moved to LA where she lived with Chloe and Bonnie (Chloe’s mom) and attended Burbank High School but got turned off by the industry and moved to Maui. They still text and talk on social media from time to time. Chloe has made so many alterations to her face she no longer looks anything like Carla’s natural beauty.

  6. susan andrus says:

    Just caught Descendants 2 by accident, and immediately noticed that the lead girl has surgical dimples, lip fillers, an unnatural facial structure and an obvious rhinoplasty done far too young, resulting in her nasal cartilage dropping down making her nose look like a beak. Then I looked up what she looked like before surgery – and wow what a knock out girl! Its so sad that these children feel pressure to alter what was naturally perfect before surgery! Even more sad, when they have children their kids wont look anything like them. A huge part of our identity is to look at our family similarities. As a child who was adopted as a baby and met my very large natural family at age 31, it was wonderful to see my family’s similarities. Sadly, this young girl will never have that. Same as the kartrashian babies look nothing like their mothers. All the nonsense of being empowered, and doing surgery ‘for me’ is just rot. Its because you feel you are not good enough. Leads to addition, misery, failed relationships, lack of meaningful intimacy. Please, any kids reading, dont do this! At least wait until you’re fully cooked! And if you really want to mutilate yourself to be more attractive to men, please see a therapist first and try to find the reason you want to mutilate yourself so badly! Its something you cannot reverse, its permanent.

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