Sean Murray Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Sean Murray Weight Loss – Watch Him Slim Down!

Sean Murray, known for his role as Timothy Mc Gee on NCIS, has been showing off his weight loss on several episodes of the CBS drama series.

His weight loss was so significant that some of his fans suggested he might be sick!

Those suggestions probably drove him to declare on Twitter that his weight loss was for healthy reasons and not due to illness.

Back in 2010, he wrote:

“To those who have asked what I did to lose the 25 lbs: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar. Ate strictly organic.”

Sean Murray Weight Loss and Weight Gain Over The Years

Sean Murray worked hard to get his role as Timothy McGee. He got his role in NCIS almost 14 years ago in 2003. Here is a glimpse of him in 2006. You can see that his face looked fuller then:

Sean Murray weight loss before and after 2006

Credit: Mathew Imaging Getty Images

And here is another close up shot of him in 2006. He had a double chin! He looked older than his real age. Check out those lines under his eyes. His facial fats were starting to create deep facial lines. Looking back, he looked horrible then:

Sean Murray weight reduction before and after

Credit: Mathew Imaging Getty Images

This was Sean Murray in 2009:

Compare that to Sean Murray in 2010:

Here (below) is a photo of him back in 2011. He still had some baby fat in his cheeks. Somehow, those baby fats made him look younger and “adorable”:

Sean Murray weight fluctuations 2011

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

Then in 2013, Sean Murray put on some weight! His cheeks grown chubbier and his double chin was starting to make a comeback!

Sean Murray 2013 weight gain

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

By 2014, his previous weight loss efforts in 2010 were in vain. Perhaps he forgot what it took to eat healthy. His facial lines were coming back and those fats around his ears were showing. See some of Sean Murray 2014 photos below:

Sean Murray weight gain

CBS Photo Archive

Sean Murray weight gain in 2014

CBS Photo Archive

By 2015, Sean Murray turned on the weight loss engine. His facial fat was reduced visibly. His chin looked sharper though the signs of a double chin were still there. Here he is giving a slight smile in 2015:

Sean Murray weight loss 2015

Tibrina Hobson Getty Images

Suddenly, in 2016, Sean Murray got his fans worrying again. His weight loss was more drastic than in 2010. His smile lines were more distinct. Those crows feet showed prominently when he smiled. And NO MORE DOUBLE CHIN! Sean Murray looked arguably more handsome. What do you think? Check out his photos in 2016 below:

Sean Murray Weight loss 2016

Michael Tullberg Getty Images

Sean Murray weight loss decline 2016

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

Here is Sean Murray in a 2016 feature video:

Sean Murray Weight Gain in 2017

However, Sean Murray’s yo-yo affair with his weight took another turn. In a short span of a few months, he progressed from being thin to his old chubby self again.

It is hard to understand why he would allow himself to gain so much weight after much deliberate effort to shed the pounds. This time, there seems to be no way back. Not only he gained visible weight on his face, he also has a bulging belly!

Check out an interview Sean Murray gave in 2017. Compare that to 2016:

Take a closer look at the photos below. He is now in possession of man boobs too. My oh my, what were you thinking Sean Murray? His chin is now progressing towards a triple chin. Why Sean Murray, why? See his man boobs and chubby cheeks below:

Sean Murray belly weight loss 2017

David Crotty Getty Images

Sean Murray weight gain 2017

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Overall, we hope that Sean Murray will control his weight gain. It will be a pity to neglect all his previous effort to lose weight. Most fans will want to see a handsome hero. A fat hero with a belly will not appeal to most audiences. Hope Sean Murray is listening. What do you think of Sean Murray weight loss and subsequent weight gain?

52 replies on “Sean Murray Weight Loss and Weight Gain”

  1. Sheri K. says:

    I’m glad to see Sean put back on some weight! He was difficult to watch in season 14. I couldn’t focus on the show for how sickly he appeared and was very concerned for his health. I’m appalled at the last few lines of this “commentary”, if you will, and the word fat being used. His last picture is neither fat nor does he have a triple chin coming-on! I rather think his 2011 pic, above, and the last pic are most attractive and I’m glad to see that he corrected the sickly look. It’s sad that actors, or anyone-for that matter, feel the need to struggle with pleasing the masses with thinness, and wish they’d stop reading the trolling negative comments online and just be comfortable in their skin, whatever the size; just be healthy and happy! Anyway, that’s my .02 cents!

    • Tonya says:

      AGREED! He looked awful so skinny, and it’s a serious distraction watching the show.

    • Jana Root says:

      Avsolutely right

    • Lucy says:

      His weight loss is over the top..looks horrible..Please gain back 10 lbs!

    • Sylvia says:

      I agree. I he looked sick when he was thinner. It’s unfortunate that stars are pressured to be thin. Although, it is better for health reasons, you still need to find the weight that is suitable for your frame. I hope he will consider what his fans have posted and not the criticism of one person. I think he looks great with a little weight on him! He definitely looks healthier! I love his character and I have been a fan from day one. I am looking forward to seeing him in the upcoming season!!!

      • Kay says:

        I agree in 1st show of new season he is really looking handsome. Did not like his previous thin look. Made him look sickly. Please listen to your fans & keep up the good look.

    • Deanna says:

      I agree. Commentary seems pretty rude.

    • Robin B says:

      Once ever having a battle with the bulge, its always a challenge to keep it off…I speak from too many years of experience dealing with “yo yo-weight”.
      Personally, I think everyone (yes, everyone) looks, better, healthier, and years younger with a little meat on their bones… the face.

    • Tanya says:

      I agree! Chubby Timothy McGee/Sean Murray looks way better than sickly skinny Timothy McGee/Sean Murray! No matter his weight, his talent remains and he’s a keeper in my book!

    • Tenladyr says:


    • hotrod says:

      Thank You Shari K. The the.02cents . I’ll ante that up to .90 cents in agreement. The ‘press’yerns’ for a way to obscure the truth. He was a tad to slim –however I ,personally did not find it sickening.. His body was ‘stabilizing’.. I think he looks just ‘marvee’ . He did state — SUGAR— the biggest culprit that he was fighting. I understand this. We should all understand this. Kudos to Sean.

  2. Jeff says:

    Agree with the comments. He looked healthier when he wasn’t so thin. Who knows what’s best for him but a) not everyone is built to be thin and b) I for one don’t prefer to see him super thin.

  3. Renee Kusel says:

    Totally agree he looks so sick in older pictures! thank God he figured it out! Very grateful for the input how to watch your weight!! But let’s all be mindful about when enough is enough!

  4. Mary Stevens says:

    Sean looks amazing now. When super thin (way more than 25 pounds of weight lost) he looked frail and sickly, almost like someone with HIV. With a more normal weight he looks healthy and happier. Stop listening to those who want you skeleton thin–you look great.

  5. Stacey says:

    He looked best in 2011 in my opinion. Faces thin as we age anyway, but he was getting too gaunt, and it made his teeth too pronounced. Let the man find his happy place and appreciate his acting ability above all else.

  6. Karen says:

    This article is so gross. To say he was better looking when he was thin rather thrn when he was chubby with a double chin. Brutal! I only stumbled upon this article because i wondered if he was sick because he was so thin. Thank god he is ok and looks much healthier now. I hope i never come across this pade again.

  7. Gemma says:

    I also came across this page looking to see if he was sick. The fat shaming is disgusting.hes never been fat.he looked healthy

  8. Marie says:

    I watch NCIS because I feel that it is a quality TV series with good actors. I was concerned that Mr Murray might be ill but being concerned about health is very different from fat shaming. From a physiology perspective, people that are obsessed with the appearance of others usually have self image issues and criticizing others makes them feel better about themselves. We should remember that the more dirt we throw, the more ground we loose! Nothing good comes from being mean-spirited. I need this reminder as much as anyone, this tendency is part of our human nature and we should try our best to avoid it.

  9. Diana says:

    He looks so much better with the weight gain. The writer of this story is rude.

  10. Donna M Frentz says:

    Memory loss way way way too much weight but then now he’s turned around and put that plus on again I think that his belly and it is worst he’s looked since he started on the show there has to be a happy medium for him that he’ll be happy at. Is a previous gain weight lose weight gain weight lose weight person I know it’s a very very hard struggle but if he worked so hard to get super skinny and then put that plus weight on he’s probably hating himself at this point now he has to lose some and maybe that’s just pure exercise for him to just get rid of a little bit of the belly in the chin. Either way he is McGee on NCIS and he plays his part well so whatever he decides is what he was going to have to live with..

  11. Dorothy Bird says:

    Really really happy to know that Sean Murray is not sick as there was a talk on line of him suffering from throat cancer, and thus the incredible weight loss. Only a scary rumour though, thank heavens!
    Unfortunately the weight increase at the beginning of this season did not work with the story line of McGee’s capture along with Gibbs, and subsequent escape. One more reason for me personally to wonder about Sean Murray’s health. Considerable swings in weight are hard on anyone both physically and mentally.
    As a faithful fan of NCIS from Day 1, I wish only good health for all the actors, and look forward to many more entertaining episodes and seasons.
    PS Loving the “new” Gibbs!

  12. Maybe he was a little overweight but his 2016 look was a little over board but I can understand I lost 50 lbs and looked sickly you always want to keep going but I think he is back to his cute self again you don’t have to be skinny to be cute or on tv

  13. ann gilbert says:


    Interesting discussion on Sean’s weight. After his character McGee and his boss came back from their captivity he did look pretty thin. Last few shows have showed his abdomen pushing out of his suit jacket. Hope this is just a temporary thing. Sean you are a handsome man. Don’t jeopardize your health by going backwards in the your diet plans.

  14. Jjk says:

    Her is an actor. His private weight loss or gain is that: private! He can act and that is why I watch him on NCIS. I love his character on the show. This article tries to say that I’m only able to appreciate someone who is skinny. It insults me. People come in all different sizes and shapes. Each beautiful. No one form better than another.

    • Kadena Katt says:

      He looks like a meth addict in season 14. Pure and simple. Anorexic is another word. The skinnier he got, the more I thought something was wrong with his teeth. Concern for his health motivates most comments just as if he were overweight. Extremes are not healthy and this was exteme!

  15. Nancy says:

    He looks SOOOOOOO much better with some weight in.
    He was looking emaciated and was VERY difficult to watch. The writer of the article should be ashamed
    of themselves for championing the anorexic look.

  16. Sheila says:

    So glad to hear he has gained back some weight. I was worried about him! I was surprised at the commentary pushing his weight loss! Love his character on NCIS.

  17. Monique Slegers says:

    This item makes me remember the time my mums stomach and bottom half of her asophagus were removed due to cancer. We were shopping for clothes because she kept losing weight, she weighed 40 kg and she was a tall woman. A woman stepped up to her in the dressing room and complimented her on her beauriful figure while she was looking sadly at her sick mirror image. The woman who had a beautiful figure asked what diet she was on. My mum looked at her and anwered calmly, my dear all you have to do is almost die of cancer, I suggest you count your blessing and start enjoying your healthy life. The author of this item should be ashamed, too fat is not healthy, however too skinny is just as bad!

  18. Sean Murray New Hairstyle

  19. Robin Mahaffey says:

    Honestly, I think he looked ill with his most recent weight loss. His eyes were sunken and he had dark circles under them. His skin seemed to sag on his face, like he was melting or something. He didn’t look healthy at all. I never thought of him as “overweight” at all to begin with. I’m not sure why he felt the need to lose any weight at all.

  20. Lisa Hart says:

    I agree with all of you. We are watching the show right now and he is thinner than I’ve ever seen him. He looks like a skeleton and it ages him. He looked younger with more weight on him!

  21. ann says:

    Now he looks like a flabby whale that couldn’t rescue a wet kitten from a porch swing.

    • Jason says:

      Hey ann, why don’t you post some pictures of yourself over the years and from uncontrolled angles? I am sure you look AMAZING, perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect weight, right? People like you, so judgmental of appearance, are typically the most insecure, miserable, vapid individuals. I am just thankful we only have to run into trolls like you online as you rarely have the courage to be such a bitc&h in person. Unless you are one of those idiots making scenes at Walmart, which is a bet I would not make.

  22. Glorie Ward says:

    I cannot believe this article!!! Leave the poor man alone!! Who died and made you the diet police!! He’s a handsome man at whatever weight!

  23. Cathy Joy says:

    I think he was fine at the beginning, young and a bit plump…then he lost some weight and look lean and mean and interesting…then he became worrying skinny…too thin, really! So now “reviewers” say he is getting fat, “double chins, wrinkles blah,blah,blah….poor bugger…LEAVE HIM ALONE….I would like to see some pics of the reviewers because they must be utterly PERFECT examples of a human being…NOT!!!!!!!}{{

  24. Graham says:

    He looks more handsome and lovable when he has the weight on but i wish he would get rid of that homer simpson moustache / chin beard.

  25. shirley says:

    looks great at any weight He is an amazing actor and that is why we watch him. As for Ann I hope if you ever have a weight problem someone will be so cruel as to call you a WHALE.

  26. Milli says:

    Sean looks terrible. Very hard to watch NCIS with him looking so ill. He looked better with meat on him.. but of course I like a man with meat on them, they look healthier. So, please Sean put some pounds on you, you were more handsome .

  27. TinkyWinky says:

    I agree with all of the commenters – the writer of this article is off their tree! He looks great a little fuller, and he looked Terrible skinny, i too was wondering if he was gravely ill. A little extra fullness in the cheeks and neck is a healthy look, go McGee!

    • Sue W. says:

      Agree with you 100%. Fat comments writer makes in article are rude and unbecoming. Sean looked terrible skinny. I was waiting to hear he had died. But with some more pounds back he looks healthy and good-looking.

  28. Sandra says:

    I always loved his chubbiness.. He looked great to me. Never really understood the huge weight loss. It was definately too much. He didn’t look very healthy when he was so thin. He looks way better with more meat on him. Much more handsome. He doesn’t need to slim down that much to look good. I’m glad he gained weight once again.

  29. Lori Palmer says:

    At times McGee looked a little too skinny. I think he will/ would look better a little fuller. I would like to see him with a little thicker neck and fuller cheeks. I would like to see him in more stunt roles in the show. I love McGee. He is smart, witty, charming, nerdy, and kind of sexy. Don’t want to see him change too much.

  30. Lori Palmer says:

    At times McGee looked a little too skinny. I think he will/ would look better a little fuller. I would like to see him with a little thicker neck and fuller cheeks. I would like to see him in more stunt roles in the show. I love McGee. He is smart, witty, charming, nerdy, and sexy. Don’t want to see him change too much.

  31. timmy says:

    I Don’t know who Sean is bit I thought I should put my (0-2) cents in.

  32. Christina Ketchum says:

    Sean Murray AKA Timothy McGee was a lot cuter when he was chubbier… I would’ve rode him until the cows came home lol. Now he looks sick and older

  33. Kate says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people?! Whether or not Sean is overweight or slim, he is a human being with feelings and the right to a private life, just like everybody else.

    Why is society is fixated about weight these days anyway?! It’s like if you’re a pound over “this” you’re considered fat and if you’re a pound either you’re thin.

    What the world thinks of Sean Murray doesn’t matter. What matters is how he feels about himself. People: LEAVE HIM ALONE!!

  34. Tressa Beaumont says:

    He looked great in NCIS when he first started, and i know we pick on ourselves and our looks, and make changes and then think naww, i noticed his teeth had been *regularised* and figured most of his changed face came from that. Obviously anything he decides to try is, in his opinion, an improvement. But as a fan generally, he was great as he was, and he looks much better on the cuddly side of things. But you know Hollywood, they actually write in that you have to commit to surgery to keep the look of your character for as long as possible.

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