John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Rumors – What Did he Do to His Hair?

John Travolta is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Besides the normal plastic surgery rumours such as Botox and dermal fillers, John Travolta is also famous for his John Travolta hair, wig and toupee.

Since the 1970s, John Travolta is successful for his roles in Grease and Saturday Night Fever. Then his career took a hiatus over a few box office disappointments. It was not until his success in the box office hits Pulp Fiction and Face Off that his career was revived.

John Travolta Hair, Wig Hairpiece and Toupee

It is well known that John Travolta has suffered hair loss at a young age. Some actors are brave enough to shave off the remaining hair and go for the bald look, like Bruce Willis. However, John Travolta did not have such courage to shave off all his hair. Despite balding excessively, John Travolta tried all ways to hide his baldness.

John Travolta Hair Wig Toupee and hairpiece

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John Travolta hair treatment rumours include the wearing of a special wig or hairpiece where individual hair is attached to the hairpiece. The problem with such wig or hairpiece is they cause a lot of irritation to the existing hair. During the attachment of the wig, the user suffers from further hair loss due to irritation on the scalp.John Travolta hair transplant rumors

But hair wig has its advantages. If the hairpiece or wig is very well done, it is almost impossible to tell the fake wig from the real hair. However, some experts could spot the use of hair mesh in some of John Travolta’s close up photos.

There were also speculations that John Travolta did hair transplant instead of using wigs. Hair transplant requires hours of manual work implanting real hairs into the follicles on John Travolta’s scalp. However, the effect of hair transplant should not be as dense as what we see in the photos.

Though we cannot confirm if its John Travolta wig, John Travolta hairpiece, John Travolta toupee or John Travolta hair transplant, the bottom line is John Travolta did something to gain his hair back. And it is natural for him to do so as hair is the crowning glory of every man.

John Travolta And Botox

During the Oscar awards in 2015, John Travolta was spotted with a smooth and shiny forehead. Shiny foreheads are tell tale signs of Botox and dermal fillers being used. There were hardly any wrinkles on his forehead. His face looks artificial and his smile seems constricted. The boyish charm of John Travolta seems far, far away.

It could be due to multiple applications of fillers but we will never know. Whatever he did, the outcome did not suit him as he looks very unnatural.

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There is no doubt that John Travolta wants to look younger than his age. The pressure of growing old and the effects of aging seem to exert enormous pressure on John Travolta. In the process, he might have sought the wrong doctor for his concerns.

It is important that John Travolta could turn his unnatural looks around as his Hollywood roles often depend on his attractive looks. Being praised and admired by women all over the world, John Travolta needs to find the right solution for his staid looks to maintain his sex symbol status.

Many botox patients face difficulty in expressing themselves because the botox injections occupy parts of the face. Though John Travolta has never admitted to any use of Botox or dermal fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, his face shows a compelling case of such use.

John Travolta And Facelift

His latest appearance at the Oscars showed an amazingly smooth face. For a person aged 61, it is almost impossible not to have any crows feet at the eyes. There were no wrinkles around the eyes as well. With his incredibly smooth facial skin, it is suspected that John Travolta might have undergone a facelift to pull away his wrinkles. His skin looks very taut and inflexible. One cannot imagine how his face feels when he has a big laughter.

When he laughs loud, we expect him to give TRUE meaning to “explosive laughter”.

John Travolta Does Not Want to Grow Old

John Travolta has weathered the many waves of new actors coming out of Hollywood. We admire his staying power as one of the most popular box office drawers in Hollywood. To have a career spanning almost 40 years is amazing.

After all, John Travolta is only human after all. Every celebrity does not wish to grow old. Every celebrity wishes to reverse the effects of aging. That includes John Travolta. God forbid that he turns into another Jocelyn Wildenstein or Kim Novak. For now, John Travolta simply looks stiff and frozen.

However, we do not wish for the day when we declare that his plastic surgeon deserves to be murdered. That day will come when the real John Travolta looks like a product figure of Madame Tussauds.

What do you think of John Travolta plastic surgery rumours?