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Sean Murray Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Sean Murray Weight Loss – Watch Him Slim Down!

Sean Murray, known for his role as Timothy Mc Gee on NCIS, has been showing off his weight loss on several episodes of the CBS drama series.

His weight loss was so significant that some of his fans suggested he might be sick!

Those suggestions probably drove him to declare on Twitter that his weight loss was for healthy reasons and not due to illness.

Back in 2010, he wrote:

“To those who have asked what I did to lose the 25 lbs: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar. Ate strictly organic.”

Sean Murray Weight Loss and Weight Gain Over The Years

Sean Murray worked hard to get his role as Timothy McGee. He got his role in NCIS almost 14 years ago in 2003. Here is a glimpse of him in 2006. You can see that his face looked fuller then:

Sean Murray weight loss before and after 2006

Credit: Mathew Imaging Getty Images

And here is another close up shot of him in 2006. He had a double chin! He looked older than his real age. Check out those lines under his eyes. His facial fats were starting to create deep facial lines. Looking back, he looked horrible then:

Sean Murray weight reduction before and after

Credit: Mathew Imaging Getty Images

This was Sean Murray in 2009:

Compare that to Sean Murray in 2010:

Here (below) is a photo of him back in 2011. He still had some baby fat in his cheeks. Somehow, those baby fats made him look younger and “adorable”:

Sean Murray weight fluctuations 2011

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

Then in 2013, Sean Murray put on some weight! His cheeks grown chubbier and his double chin was starting to make a comeback!

Sean Murray 2013 weight gain

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

By 2014, his previous weight loss efforts in 2010 were in vain. Perhaps he forgot what it took to eat healthy. His facial lines were coming back and those fats around his ears were showing. See some of Sean Murray 2014 photos below:

Sean Murray weight gain

CBS Photo Archive

Sean Murray weight gain in 2014

CBS Photo Archive

By 2015, Sean Murray turned on the weight loss engine. His facial fat was reduced visibly. His chin looked sharper though the signs of a double chin were still there. Here he is giving a slight smile in 2015:

Sean Murray weight loss 2015

Tibrina Hobson Getty Images

Suddenly, in 2016, Sean Murray got his fans worrying again. His weight loss was more drastic than in 2010. His smile lines were more distinct. Those crows feet showed prominently when he smiled. And NO MORE DOUBLE CHIN! Sean Murray looked arguably more handsome. What do you think? Check out his photos in 2016 below:

Sean Murray Weight loss 2016

Michael Tullberg Getty Images

Sean Murray weight loss decline 2016

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

Here is Sean Murray in a 2016 feature video:

Sean Murray Weight Gain in 2017

However, Sean Murray’s yo-yo affair with his weight took another turn. In a short span of a few months, he progressed from being thin to his old chubby self again.

It is hard to understand why he would allow himself to gain so much weight after much deliberate effort to shed the pounds. This time, there seems to be no way back. Not only he gained visible weight on his face, he also has a bulging belly!

Check out an interview Sean Murray gave in 2017. Compare that to 2016:

Take a closer look at the photos below. He is now in possession of man boobs too. My oh my, what were you thinking Sean Murray? His chin is now progressing towards a triple chin. Why Sean Murray, why? See his man boobs and chubby cheeks below:

Sean Murray belly weight loss 2017

David Crotty Getty Images

Sean Murray weight gain 2017

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Overall, we hope that Sean Murray will control his weight gain. It will be a pity to neglect all his previous effort to lose weight. Most fans will want to see a handsome hero. A fat hero with a belly will not appeal to most audiences. Hope Sean Murray is listening. What do you think of Sean Murray weight loss and subsequent weight gain?