Harrison Ford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Harrison Ford Plastic Surgery Rumours, Are they True?

Some evergreen actors just look too good. And with Harrison Ford, his good looks has brought upon rumours of Botox, Juvederm and fillers.

Harrison Ford Has never had plastic surgery

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Harrison Ford Is One of the MOST Popular Actors in Hollywood

Harrison Ford is a popular American Actor and film producer. He has won many accolades in the filing industry, including one Academy Award nomination and 3 Golden Globe Award Nominations. His rugged look has earned him many roles in action movies such as The Indiana Jones Series, Patriot Games and The Fugitive.

Here is Harrison Ford in an Interview in 1977 for Star Wars:

Here is the charismatic Harrison Ford in an interview for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

Despite all his success, Harrison Ford has never gone overboard with his looks. It is his relaxed demeanour that built his legacy of fans. His acting skills are simply unparalleled, churning out box office hits one after another.

Harrison Ford has NEVER Admitted to Plastic Surgery

Though there are numerous rumours about Harrison Ford undergoing plastic surgery, he has never admitted to any of them. Some expected him to use cosmetic surgery to make himself look younger to match up with Calista Flockhart, his much younger wife.

But there is not the slightest hint to show that he has gone under the knife. He is no Kenny Rogers who underwent plastic surgery to look younger. Harrison Ford has stood the test of temptation and has aged just the way nature has intended.

Harrison Ford Looks Great In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In the latest blockbuster, Star Wars : The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford is reunited with his co stars like Carrie Fisher. In the movie, where Harrison Ford played Han Solo, Harrison still looks charismatic and full of vigour. There is still no signs of overdone botox jabs or excessive fillers.

Though there are constant rumours of Harrison Ford removing a bump on his nose using rhinoplasty, there seems to be no universal speculation on that. Most of Harrison Ford plastic surgeon rumours stem out of his seemingly close relationships with plastic surgeons.

Moreover, looking at the then and now pictures of Harrison Ford, there is little evidence to support all the Harrison Ford plastic surgery rumours.