Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Naya Rivera Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Naya Rivera is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She is also an established singer performer. Naya Rivera became famous on the set of Glee back in 2009. Having such good looks and voice attracted a lot of media attention. And when she appeared different from what she used to be, plastic surgery rumors started within the internet online community. Till today, the plastic surgery speculations has not stopped.

The 29 year old actress has many tell tale signs of plastic surgery which is hard to refute. Her breasts, nose, cheek and lips all seem different from her original pictures. Some even questioned whether plastic surgery was necessary for Naya Rivera as she was already a very attractive woman to begin with. However, many Hollywood celebrities strive for perfection, and we believe that is  one of the reasons why Naya Rivera has changed the way she looks.

So besides her minor mole removal done from her earlier years, here are some of the plastic surgery speculations Naya Rivera is being subjected to.

Naya Rivera breast augmentation

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Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery – Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Generally, patients who undergo rhinoplasty or a nose job wants a better shaped nose. A better shaped nose usually refers to a more pointed nose, a narrower bridge and the absence of bumps on the nose bridge. Many Hollywood celebrities like Heidi Montag and Meg Ryan are rumored to have undergone nose jobs.

For Naya Rivera, if you look closely at the before and after photos, you can see that her nose looks different. She used to have a more bulbous nose tip and a flatter nose base. Her nostrils were also bigger in the older photos. Her recent apperances show a much slimmer nose bridge and smaller nostrils. The change in her nose appearance is what sparked off much of the Naya Rivera plastic surgery debate. Surprisingly, some online fans prefer Naya Rivera’s old nose.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery – Dermal Fillers or Botox

Dermal Fillers are also popular plastic surgery procedures. Because they are non invasive, the fillers are a good option for many celebrities. But the fillers need to be injected at the right places in the right dosage. Any deviation from the optimum dosage will result in an unnatural look.

Watch Naya Rivera in an interview in 2010 Imagen Awards:

And watch Naya Rivera recently:

For Naya Rivera, her present cheeks look lifted and slightly detached from the lower half of her face. There is wide speculation that this is the result of dermal fillers to lift her cheeks. Lifted cheeks give celebrities a younger appearance as they remove the saggy look that comes with aging. But because Naya Rivera is still relatively young at age 29, her alleged application of dermal fillers might not be a great idea. Though Naya Rivera has always maintained that she has never used facial fillers, many netizens still stick to their own opinions.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery – Breast Augmentation

Naya Rivera Boob Job

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Having a set of big boobs can boost the confidence of any woman. It is no secret that breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. Even with the risks that came along with breast implants, celebrities are willing to take the risk in return for a more busty figure.

For Naya Rivera, she surprised everyone when she appeared in a tight fitting suit showing off a significantly bigger pair of breasts. We all know that breast sizes do not get a huge boost after puberty (unless due to her pregnancy of course). Thus, there was wide speculation and talk that Naya Rivera has opted for breast augmentation procedures to have breast implants. Her breasts also look rounder and more perky, with a much longer and deeper cleavage in her recent photos.

Overall, whether Naya Rivera went for plastic surgery is anyone’s guess. Though signs of plastic surgery overdose is still not evident on Naya Rivera, we hope that she will not get addicted to too many procedures leading to an irreversible unnatural look. The fans will be looking forward to more success in her acting and singing career. What do you think of Naya Rivera plastic surgery?