Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Bella Hadid Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Bella Hadid is a well known model in the entertainment circle. Being the young sister to Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid, Bella’s recent appearances has sparked online rumors of possible plastic surgery enhancements. Old photos of Bella Hadid show a very different face. Some say it could be due to Bella’s insecurity about her looks that caused her to take the step towards plastic surgery enhancement. Let’s take a look at the before and after pictures of Bella Hadid.

As reported in the Star Magazine, Gigi Hadid’s little sister is “practically unrecognizable” as she appears recently with a more pouty set of lips and a much sharper nose compared to a picture dated 2010. A source said that “She really went to town with her dad’s credit card and is practically unrecognizable”. Her father is developer Mohamed Hadid and mother is former model Yolanda Foster, who have both appeared on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Watch Bella Hadid answering some interview questions behind the Scenes of Victoria Secrets:

Bella Hadid lips just look so oooooh sexy in her introduction to LA video below:

Being the younger sister of Gigi seems to have added on to the pressure. Last October, Bella Hadid revealed to Seventeen Magazine that the main reason why she dyes her hair brunette is to differentiate herself from her sister Gigi. Bella was afraid that she might lose her individuality and get mixed up with Gigi. However, she was careful to add that Gigi is not her competitor but her biggest supporter. Ok, so much for the sister talk. But what plastic surgeries did Bella Hadid go through?

Bella Hadid looked beautiful in 2010

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Well, looking at the first picture we have her is of Bella Hadid back in October 2010. By that time, she already has her hair dyed kinda dark . Her natural beauty shines through with minimal makeup here. Her nose, though a little bulbous on the tip, fits her face nicely, gives her the girl next door charm. Look at her eyes that sparkle with innocence. Not forgetting at this time, she is having a “not so defined” jaw. Her lips still look thin. Take note that her upper lip is thinner than her lower lip. At 14 years old, she must have been one of the prettiest girls in school.

Bella Hadid started some plastic surgery tweaks

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Forward to this photo in Sept 2012, Bella Hadid is now two years older than her previous picture and it shows. She kind of lost a little bit of weight compared to two years ago. Her lips still look thin. One noticeable difference now is her nose. Seems like the tips of her nose has got some alterations. There are attempts to make her nose sharper. Her jaw line looks sharper now.

Bella Hadid natural beauty shines through

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Now in this picture dated March 2014, Bella looks to have some serious puffed up lips. Her upper lip seem to have undergone some fillers of some sort. And you can see that her nose has gone down in size as well. The shape of her nose is more pointed and her nose bridge is less obvious. Could it be the result of a nose job? Well, One thing is Bella never admitted to anything. But based on the excellent job done, Bella Hadid looks ever ready for the career of a supermodel now. Her eyes are still as mesmerising as ever.

Bella Hadid Gothic makeover

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In this latest photo dated October 2015, Bella Hadid decides to go for the light Gothic look. Her facial skin looks perfect with a single flaw. Her eyes have become bigger somewhat and could be due to possible eyelid surgery. At this time, you can see the progressive change in Bella’s nose beginning to take its final shape. Her nose bridge is protruding out of her nose now. The obvious tip of her nose seem to jut out aggressively. The case for a nose job being performed is pretty strong here. Her jawline looks more defined, but it could be due to a loss of weight. Looks like Bella Hadid kept up with the gothic look in 2016:

Bella Hadid is going the dark way

Overall, the young and innocent look of Bella Hadid is well missed by many fans. She looks more bubbly in her younger days. Bella could have differentiated herself from her sister by keeping her original image and looks. But, as all supermodels go, they want to look serious, so perhaps that’s why Bella opted for the more serious appearance nowadays.

The transformation, though will not be seen positively by some fans, is well done if a sophisticated look is desired. But in this day and age of entertainment, how we yearn for celebrities to be themselves. To change oneself just to differentiate from her sibling seems kinda extreme. But who are we to say that Bella Hadid did the wrong thing? She knows what’s best for herself. Let us know what you think of Bella Hadid plastic surgery procedures