Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

How plastic surgery transformed Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes may have retired from the acting world, but she still receives attention. The star turns heads wherever she goes. She is as well-known for being glamorous as she is for her role on What I Like About You. You may wonder how natural her well-chiseled features are.

Who is Amanda Bynes?

Bynes rose to fame as a child star when she appeared in commercials for Buncha Candles. She soon became a member of the Nickelodeon Figure It Out team.

The child prodigy acted in stage versions of Annie, The Secret Garden, The Sound of Music and The Music Man.

Amanda’s career took off in the early 2000s. She landed a starring role in the romantic comedy She’s The Man. She appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2003 and was one of Teen People’s Hottest Stars Under 25 in 2006.

Amanda Bynes lip fillers

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Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Rumors

The former child star had a natural beauty which stunned audiences the world over. Her looks secured her roles in many motion pictures.

Controversy rocked the later part of her career. Byrne’s brushes with the law and attacks on other stars became rumor fodder for fans. One disappointing film followed after another. Her life went out of control.

Watch the video below for an interview with Amanda Bynes back in 2007:

And this video below outlines the troubled life of Amanda Bynes:

Speculation about her undergoing plastic surgery did not make her situation any better. Visible changes to her appearance led many people to believe that she had turned to it. She hoped that professionals would help her to deal with the rough patch she was going through.

Amanda Bynes’ Plastic Surgery Procedures

Many of Bynes’ fans feel that she is too young for plastic surgery. The star, after all, is only 30. She had natural good looks and did not need enhancements. Her problems triggered her obsession with plastic surgery procedures.

The celebrity has admitted to altering her physique. She confesses to having undergone rhinoplasties and breast augmentation, among other procedures.

Amanda Bynes has put on weight

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Amanda Bynes and nose jobs

Take a careful look at the star’s nose. You will notice that its shape has changed over the years. It is now more pointed than before.

The star has shared that she dislikes tabloids using old photographs of her.

Amanda Bynes and Breast Enhancement

The child star has also admitted to having augmented her breasts. Comparing her present photos with earlier ones will show that they are rounder now.

The star has posted photos that show herself being more top-heavy than before.

Amanda Bynes and lip fillers

Look at recent photographs of Amanda and you will realize that her lips have become plumper. They became thicker in recent years. Some fans suggest that she may have gotten collagen injections to make them fuller.

Amanda Bynes’ Nips and Tucks

Amanda’s body now looks a little slimmer. Many people believe that she may have gotten her stomach, and other parts of her body pulled in.

Amanda Bynes and Tattoos

Young stars like Bynes face constant pressure to look good. The stress causes a bit of confusion about what makes a beautiful body.

The celebrity had tattoos sculpted and then removed over the years.

It is up to you to decide if Amanda’s beauty is natural. The extent of her surgery is debatable. Whether she went through surgery or not, fans laud her for the effort she puts into her looks.