Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Katie Cassidy Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Katie Cassidy has been the subject of cosmetic surgery rumours due to her change of facial features in the second season of Arrow. Fans were commenting on reddit and other online forums that Katie Cassidy has got a slimmer face, smaller nose, lifted cheeks and a sharper jaw line.

This is a video of Katie Cassidy interview in 2007, note the differences:

Compare that to Katie Cassidy recent interview at Paleyfest:


Such changes could be due to a strict weight regime leading to drastic weight loss. Weight loss can result in a slimmer face, and a sharper jaw. But weight loss does not usually affect the nose at all. And very rarely does weight loss lead to a complete change in face shape. Moreover, weight loss causes a sag in the cheeks but Katie Cassidy’s cheeks seem to have moved up instead of trending down.

Katie Cassidy is a popular actress in Los Angeles California. Katie Cassidy is also the daughter of David Cassidy, who is a popular singer back in the 1970s. Katie is best loved for her roles on the Nightmare on Elm Street series and shows like Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Supernatural and Arrow. For her appearances in horror movies, Katie Cassidy also has a reputation for being a “scream queen” for obvious reasons. Katie is also part of the Television series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as the role of Laurel Lance. With such prominent roles, it is necessary for Katie Cassidy to show flawless complexion and express a beautiful body and face.

Katie Cassidy plastic surgery nose job and chin implants

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Plastic surgery is a popular choice amongst Hollywood celebrities. There is a strong trend that celebrities acting in drama series tend to undergo plastic surgery. Perhaps there is a need to look good season after season. Furthermore, any signs of aging will lead to fans talking about the suitability of the role for that celebrity. Thus, its is understandable that celebrities wish to look their best and preserve their star status as long as possible. Examples of celebrities who might have undergone plastic surgery include Kim Kardashian, Kenny Rogers, Scarlett Johansson and even online models like LilyMayMac.

Katie Cassidy And Cheek Augmentation

There are rumours circling that Kaite Cassidy has undergone cheek augmentation to emphasise her cheeks on her face. To carry out cheek augmentation, the plastic surgeon might place an implant, usually made of solid silicone, to cover the cheekbone. Sometimes, dermal fillers like Restylane is used to keep things simpler and easier. Such fillers provide a less invasive approach to cheek augmentation but can look unnatural and uneven if poorly administered.

Katie Cassidy plastic surgery cheek augmentation

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For Katie Cassidy, her cheeks look more defined of late. Though it is suspected that Katie has undergone cheek augmentation, her cheeks still look natural. Yes, they have added positively to her facial features, giving her a better looking smile.

However, there are many fans who feel that Katie Cassidy need not have undergone the cheek augmentation because she already has a wonderful smile without even fixing anything on her face. Was cheek augmentation really necessary? Well, only Katie Cassidy holds the final decision.

Katie Cassidy and Rhinoplasty

Another popular rumour is about Katie Cassidy undergoing rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty or commonly known as nose job, is a procedure where the plastic surgeon tries to reshape the patient’s nose to the desired shape. Things can go very wrong in rhinoplasty. Examples are well known celebrities like Michael Jackson and her sister LaToya Jackson.

For Katie Cassidy, her original nose shape in the past looks rounder and more bulbous. In her recent pictures, her nose seem sharper and her nose bridge is narrower. This could be the outcome of a rhinoplasty surgery. The end result does not look too bad. In fact, her nose looks better than before the change. Overall, it is still the right decision for her to undergo the rhinoplasty (if she did ever go) because it has improved her looks well.

Katie Cassidy and Chin Implants

One common procedure that is done with cheek augmentation is chin implants, or chin augmentation. This is because since the patient is already undergoing surgery for cheek augmentation, it makes sense to do the chin in one go. This will save time to undergo separate procedures. It not only reduces the cost of the procedures, but also the recovery time.

For Katie Cassidy, because her face looks slightly longer than before, there were rumours that she created that effect through chin augmentation. In chin augmentation, the goal is to use surgical implants to alter the structure of the chin to achieve an overall better balance of the facial features.

Chin augmentation is done by manipulating the jaw bone and using chin implants. If done poorly, the chin can look too pronounced and lumpy. For Katie Cassidy, if she had undergone chin augmentation, the result looks good with no exaggeration of her chin. The result does not make her look like a witch. In fact, it created a more balanced look for Katie Cassidy.

Overall, Katie Cassidy still retains her beauty after so many years. Katie has never admitted to any form of plastic surgery enhancements in her career. And if she did not do so, she is truly an incredible woman who has taken good care of her physical appearance.

Despite all the plastic surgery rumours, there are also loyal fans who believe that Katie Cassidy looks the way she is today due to her natural upkeep and not plastic surgery intervention. Many felt that its impossible for Katie Cassidy to consider plastic surgery at such a young age. It is sad that Katie Cassidy has never stood up to clarify the allegations. What do you think of Katie Cassidy plastic surgery rumours?

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  1. Mara Requilman says:

    She looked much better then Than now. She looks deformed

  2. md says:

    she really needs to get this last chin job etc. Undone. She was very pretty before now she looks deformed.

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