Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lauren Holly Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lauren Holly is a popular American-Canadian actress who is subjected to much plastic surgery scrutiny and rumors. Some of the plastic surgeries rumors includes having a boob job, nose job, as well as botox injections. She might even have had a facelift as her face has very few visible wrinkles. So, what exactly did Lauren Holly do to her face? For that we need to take a look at her before and after pictures.

Lauren Holly acted in many movies, one of her roles was as Mary Swanson in Dumb and Dumber in 1994. Lauren and Jim Carrey got married in 1996. The marriage did not last long as they divorced in 1997. Now, Lauren Holly is bringing up her three adopted sons on her own after her third marriage ended.

Photos Credit: Pinterest

Photos Credit: Pinterest

Lauren Holly and Botox Injections

Botox is commonly used by celebrities to remove wrinkles. At age 52, it is no surprise that Lauren Holly might have resorted to botox to smooth out some fine lines on her face. There is some stiffness and lumpiness on her face that suggests the use of Botox. However, she has used it excessively and her face still look natural. Unlike some celebrities like Meg Ryan and Melanie Griffith who has unnatural looks, Lauren Holly still preserves some of her natural skin texture.

Lauren Holly and Possible Facelift

Facelift is also a common plastic surgery procedure for celebrities. Unlike face creams that take forever to work, facelifts has an immediate effect on the patient’s face. It can render years off a person’s face after just one procedure. However, the drawback of facelifts is that the patient’s face can look very taut and tight if performed to much extremes. For Lauren Holly, her face, though looks a bit tightened, is still able to accommodate a natural smile when needed. Lauren Holly’s smooth forehead could also mean Botox use.

Watch Lauren Holly in an interview back in probably around 2007:

This is Lauren Holly in her recent self. Does her face looks like it reeks of fillers?

Lauren Holly and Nose Job

Photo Credit: (left)

Photo Credit: (left)

When Lauren Holly was younger, she had a more rounded and bulbous nose. However, in recent pictures, her nose looks much sharper and the nose bridge is narrower. She might have undergone a rhinoplasty or nose job where cartilage is used to reshape the nose. Actually, before the alleged nose job, Lauren Holly looks perfect with her nose already, there is in fact no need for her to alter her nose shape at all. Perhaps she is a perfectionist who insisted that her nose shape needs some enhancement. Her current nose looks great and it looks to be in balance with her other facial features. Lauren is fortunate that the rhinoplasty did not go awry or it could have ended up like this list of plastic surgery disasters.

Lauren Holly and Lip fillers

It is during the recent years that thicker and fuller lips oozes more sexuality. And as we know, more sexiness for a lady will attract more endorsement deals. For Lauren Holly, her lips used to be thinner but her recent appearances show plumper lips. In some photos, her lips have gone back to the old state and it could be due to the wearing out effect of the lip fillers used. So she could have abandoned the whole idea of lip filling and stopped after the effects wore out after a few months.

Lauren Holly and Boob Job

Another constant speculation is about Lauren Holly breast size. Her breasts have miraculously increased in size despite her years away from days of puberty. Her previous bust was rather saggy and flat. But later photos show a much more firm and bigger breasts. The shape of her breasts have also become rounder. Based on the photos, it could not be the result of good push up bra as her breasts are seen to be hanging though firm.

Lauren Holly Denies all plastic surgery rumors

When interviewed, Lauren Holly had this to say about the plastic surgery rumors ‘I’ve been accused of having a ton [of plastic surgery], and I haven’t had any.I’m not saying that I wouldn’t, but I almost feel like I might have missed that boat, but I’m not against it…Things change. And if a woman wants to look a little younger, gain a little weight, it’s a natural thing. I look a little fuller just from that. I’m okay with that.’

So with no confirmation from Lauren Holly that she has undergone plastic surgery, do you think she has gone under the knife? Did Lauren Holly succumb to the pressure of the entertainment industry and opted for plastic surgery? Let us know your view.