Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery Rumors. Did Meryl Streep Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Despite her public rejection of plastic surgery, Meryl Streep has been the subject of countless discussions about her looks. Her plastic surgery rumours includes the use of Botox, neck lifts and cheek lifts. To find out if Meryl Streep underwent the knife, we need to take a look at her “then” and “now” photos.

Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery rumors

Meryl Streep’s Stand against Plastic Surgery

Watch This Hilarious Clip Below When Meryl Streep Actually runs out of a plastic surgeon’s office in a movie:

Meryl Streep has stressed that having plastic surgery is not the way to go. In fact, she feel thats one should take aging positively, especially when an actress can show her real acting skills instead of being cast as a beautiful leading lady. Meryl strongly believes in embracing aging and celebrating life.

But we have heard of other celebrities who voice out against plastic surgery but evidently underwent cosmetic surgery themselves. Actresses such as Gwyneth Paltrow had spoken ill of plastic surgery but was later discovered to have tried them.

However, we believe Meryl Streep’s words. Because her face still looks very natural and devoid of any artificial looking lumps or shapes.

Did Meryl Streep have a Neck Lift?

Looking at her then and now photos, there seems to be very little signs of saggy neck skin on Meryl Streep. Many observers have used this against Meryl, suggesting that she must have undergone skin tightening or neck lift.

But upon closer observation, her neck still looks natural, with no signs of deliberate adjustments made. And in numerous pictures of Meryl Streep, her neck has been very consistent. There were no signs of sudden “improvement” on her neck over the years. Thus, we feel that Meryl Streep did not undergo any neck lifts as suggested. We can say that Meryl is blessed with good genes to keep her neck from sagging.

Did Meryl Streep have Botox Injections?

Again, due to the lack of wrinkles around the cheeks and forehead, many people believed that Meryl Streep must have undergone botox treatment. But the fact is, throughout the years when Meryl Streep walked down the red carpet for the Academy Awards, there was not a time when there was a sudden change in her facial features.

The use of Botox often results in dramatic changes on the face shape. Either there is an obvious lump or there will be some alteration of face shape. But none of these are found on Meryl Streep’s photos and appearances.

Yes, one can be jealous of the good skin of Meryl Streep. But jealousy should not lead to false accusations about Meryl having plastic surgery to look younger.

Respect for Meryl Streep’s Stand Against Plastic Surgery

Overall, we respect Meryl Streep’s stand against plastic surgery. She is aging gracefully and we believe that by embracing aging, it has made Meryl Streep look younger because she does not need to worry about the inevitable force of aging! Truly, she has maintained her high level of acting skills over the years. And fittingly, we feel she is a great role model for young actresses to follow.

And her integrity should never be questioned because her photos show that she has indeed lived up to her words of saying NO to plastic surgery. What do you think of Meryl Streep plastic surgery?