Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Rumors. Are They True?

Courtney Love has been dogged by plastic surgery rumours such as nose job, facelifts, botox injections and  breast implants. Courtney has never completely denied going for plastic surgeries. Courtney Love was quote as saying I took advice from Goldie Hawn when she said I should get a facelift at 35!’

Plastic Surgery is the Norm Among Celebrities

In show business, there are many celebrities who undergo plastic surgery. Some go for the extreme procedures while others go for subtle ones. And more often than not, if the first plastic surgery goes awry, it will set up a whole series of corrective plastic surgeries. This causes the face to look artificial and unnatural. In some cases, the celebrity can look lumpy and fake. Courtney Love has not gone for the extreme makeover yet, but going by the rate her face is changing, she might fall into that category soon.

Courtney Love cosmetic Surgery rhinoplasty

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Courtney Love Still Looks Natural

Some examples of extreme plastic surgeries include celebrities like Pete Burns, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Lee Grant and Meg Ryan. Courtney Love’s face arguably looks better than before plastic surgery. Unlike those who went for the extreme procedures, Courtney Love still looks natural. But that does not mean that she has not undergone any plastic surgery procedure.

Courtney Love Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

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Courtney Is a Recognised Musician

Courtney Love is a musically talent lady. She is one of the rare women in the Rock and Roll business who can play the guitar, keyboard and the bass. Besides, she also has great vocals and is the lead singer of her own band, Hole. Married to Kurt Cobain (lead singer of grunge band Nirvana) in 1992, they were known as one of the most influential couple during its time.

However, sadly Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994 and left behind a daughter Frances Bean Cobain, who is also breaking into the music industry. Currently, Courtney Love is receiving royalties and publishing rights to Kurt Cobain’s work and materials. Her net worth is believed to be between $150 million to $160 million.

Courtney Love Lip Fillers

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Courtney Love Might Have Used Plastic Surgery As an Outlet

After the death of her husband Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love underwent a series of appearance changes. Some speculate that the death of her husband was the cause of her drug abuse and plastic surgeries. However, Courtney has never publicly admitted that she was affected emotionally. She was a courageous woman who put up a great front and  brought up their only daughter on her own.

Courtney Love and Rhinoplasty

Courtney Love Still Looks Natural

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The main focus of Courtney Love plastic surgery rumours was her nose. It was rumoured that Courtney Love underwent her first rhinoplasty during her 20s. In her earlier years, she felt that her nose was too big for her face. Courtney felt that in order to leave her mark in the music industry, she needed to reshape and minimise her nose.

It is rumoured that she might have more than one rhinoplasty surgery to achieve her present nose size today. Presently, we see that Courtney Love has a well shaped nose that is proportionate in size to the rest of her facial features.

Courtney Love and Breast Augmentation

In most of Courtney Love’s photos, there is usually the show of her deep cleavage. The emphasis on her bust line cannot be denied. Over the years, her breasts have grown bigger and she has been flaunting it since her young days.

Does her chest look tighter now? Rumour has it that Courtney Love inserted the breast implants and withdrew them subsequently. However, looking at her current pictures, she seem to hold on to a pair of healthy and sizeable breasts. Withdrawn the implants? What do you think?

Courtney Love and Botox injections

One of the simplest procedures many celebrities go through is Botox injections. It is easily administered and does not require an open wound. However, any mistake can make a patient look artificially immediately. Though some say that the Botox will settle in eventually, there are many celebrities who are left with odd looking face shapes after Botox.

For Courtney Love, at age 50, there is still no wrinkles on her forehead when she smiles. This led to speculations that Courtney might have undergone Botox treatment or Dermal Fillers. The lines on her eyes are also absent. But we must say that her plastic surgeon has done a very good job because her face still looks very natural, without any obvious hint of plastic surgery.

Courtney Love and Lip Fillers

In the early part of her career, Courtney Love is known for her love of bright red lipstick. Most of Courtney Love’s younger photos will show that she will put on bright red color whenever she could. The attention on her lips also drew speculations that she might have undergone lip fillers treatment to make her lips fuller and sexier.

Well, similar to her suspected use of Botox and facelift, her lips are not overdone and still look natural. Her face still looks beautiful for a woman at age 50.

Recently, Courtney Love made statements that show her intention to age gracefully rather than undergoing cosmetic help. She said “There are a lot of wonderful actresses who are getting older and look fantastic… To me, aging gracefully is to let it happen and accept.In my experience, fighting it always seems to backfire and make people look ridiculous. You see actresses get work done and it makes them unrecognizable.”

That statement sounds rather contradictory for someone who took advice from Goldie Hawn to have plastic surgery at age 35. But nobody says that Courtney Love cannot have a change of perspective.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2014, Courtney Love admitted to having her nose fixed. She said that by having her nose size reduced, “In six months, the whole world changed”. She started to have all the previous closed doors opened to her. When asked if she regretted the rhinoplasty surgery, she gave an emphatic No.

Watch the video below:

Contrast the above video to the one below in 1999 on David Letterman Show:

Courtney Love Tries To Live Healthy Now

Recently in 2015, Courtney told Harper’s Bazaar that she focuses now on taking good care of herself. She revealed that she has been keeping fit with pilates and a healthy diet.

Courtney Love said “There was a period when I got quite heavy, and I had to do a magazine shoot. They Photoshopped the pictures, but I got ahold of the un-Photoshopped versions and put them on my fridge. After that I went to great lengths to lose the weight.”

“I’ve really turned a corner in the past three or four years. It began when I decided to get back into acting, and to do that you need to look as good as you can—even if you’re aging. There are a lot of wonderful actresses who are getting older and look fantastic. I want to be in that club.”

And she followed with the comments that she is done with plastic surgery and that’s all in the past.

Were Courtney Love’s Plastic Surgeries a Success?

The only plastic surgery that Courtney Love admitted to was rhinoplasty. And it is only fair for us to comment based on that. Looking at the before and after photos, her nose has evidently reduced in size from her younger days. As she claimed that she got more “open” doors after fixing her nose, we deem her rhinoplasty surgery a success.

Courtney Love is after all a very brave woman who overcame many difficulties to get to where she is today. We look forward to more of her songs and acting performances. Hope that she will put Courtney Love plastic surgery rumours to bed once and for all.