Mshoza Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mshoza Plastic Surgery Procedures

Looks like even the extreme of plastic surgeries have their loyal following. Mshoza, a controversial South African single, real name being Nomasonto Maswanganyi, is making the plastic surgery headlines again. Mshowza has announced on her social media account that she has great ambition to look like Nicki Minaj.

So what does that exactly mean? Nicki Minaj is a celebrity who is rumored to have undergone numerous plastic surgeries to look like that she is today. And looking at Nicki’s before and after photos, it is definitely not encouraging for Mshoza to follow her footsteps.

But Mshoza has her own ideas.

Mshoza plastic surgery before and after

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In order to look more like the famous American rapper, Mshoza has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures. And in a video circulating on the internet, Mshoza is seen saying in the video clip Hey, this is Mshoza, the queen of Kwaito. We are about to fix Mshoza and make her look more like Nicki”

“Everything that comes in starts with me. I can say it’s an experiment,”

An experiment? We just hope that it does not end up with the same Heidi Montag regrets about the numerous plastic surgeries she has had.

Mshoza had Previous Plastic Surgery Speculations

Mshoza is not new to plastic surgery speculations. Back in 2011, she was the talk of the town due to her skin lightening procedures. Skin lightening is rarely seen on a celebrity. The other famous superstar to do so is Michael Jackson who wanted his skin to be uniformly white. However, Mshoza has vehemently denied any ambition to look like Michael Jackson. She said “My nose definitely won`t fall off, nor will I have to hide certain parts of my face and body for the rest of my life. That`s why we`re taking time on this.

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“Michael Jackson did the entire thing on his terms and I`m doing it on my terms. So people should stop holding up umbrellas when they see me. I won`t melt,”

When asked why she is changing her skin color, Mshoza gave her reasons, saying “In the past I had to use heavy make-up to hide the blotches on my face. I`ve always had skin problems and it somehow lowered my confidence. At least now I can do something about it.”

Watch the video below on skin bleaching and where Mshoza was interviewed:

Mshoza was also not afraid of letting her kids learn about her fairer skin ambition. When asked if she was not satisfied with the way her skin tone looked. she said “I don`t have a problem with the way God created me. In fact I love him. I pray all the time.

“I`m just doing what I love. The same people who are criticising me for doing this have fake hair, nails and lashes.

“I`ve received many calls from people saying they wanted to do the same thing.”

But one thing is for sure, Mshoza was living life her way back in 2011. All it mattered to her was her husband’s support for what she wants and she lives the way she wants. When asked what her husband thinks about her changes, she said “We read all these comments when we`re together and laugh about them. They all sound ridiculous.

“He`s happy and I`m happy about the changes. That is all that matters,”

But her husband (or now ex-husband) Mr Mnisi, dumped her when he found out about her affair with another man.

Just for the record, Mshoza is rumored to have spent tons of money (not in the least hundreds of thousands of dollars) on rhinoplasty, breast implants, and tummy tucks. Her skin lightening process is going to add much more to her plastic surgery bills.

But at least its good to know that she still wants to be the same Mshoza to her fans. She said “I`m consulting three dermatologists. They have completed the first phase. I don`t really look pale at the moment. But yes, when everything is said and done I will look like a white person. From head to toe. I might also have to redo the rhinoplasty to fit my new skin. But this doesn`t mean I`ll start singing pop music or act differently.

“I`ll still be the same person my fans know.”

What do you think of Mshoza plastic surgery?

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  1. ntombizodwa says:

    well am so much interested in Mshoza and i like the fact dat she is proud of what she has become. As a matter of fact she look absolutly good for me.

  2. Gugug says:

    This is just crazy and Santanism. I can you say you love god while you can’t accept who you are, the changes it means you disgree with god remember everything god has done including us human it perfect, god doesnt do mistake. Mshoza just pray this surgery doesnt go wrong becs these no undo.

  3. Mr Nobody says:

    people who are changing their own body skin are just devels.People must use their own bodies so fuck them.

  4. no name says:

    People are always so quick to judge, ignoring the fact that they too are imperfect and have insecurities that they sometimes wish they could change. From shaving off those eyebrows only to draw them back on again (the way you’d like them to be), buying puffed bras to make your breasts appear bigger, putting on endless layers of makeup just to look a certain way, applying skin lightening creams, fake hair, fake nails etc… So people, let us not judge others for openly enhancing their looks and boosting their confidence only coz we do that cowardly behind closed doors

  5. Zipho says:

    Hell no guyz this iz ridiculous, it disgusting shame if you are darkbeuty there iz no need to change your skin.guyz just remember u are god image

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