Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery rumours is about rhinoplasty surgery. Jennifer Grey is known for the bump on her nose and since removing it, she has looked better ever since.

Jennifer Grey nose job and rhinoplasty

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Jennifer Grey is a famous American actress born in New York City. She broke into the entertainment scene with her unforgettable role in the movie Dirty Dancing, along with Patrick Swayze. Jennifer Grey played the role of a young teenager who is in love with her instructor, played by Patrick Swayze.

Jennifer Grey and Rhinoplasty

It is well recognised that her change of her nose was the turning point of her career. Most people felt that Jennifer Grey’s nose was the cutest feature on her face. In losing her charming nose, her rhinoplasty surgery was regarded as a huge disappointment.

Jennifer Gray in happier days with Patrick in Dirty Dancing

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Jennifer Grey’s before and after pictures show two different people. This is because the nose is a prominent feature in everyone’s face. It is at the centre of the face and any changes to it will be easily recognised. Her old charm that accompanied her original nose bump has gone missing ever since the day of the surgery.

Jennifer Grey shared about her rhinoplasty experience openly. She said “I went in the operating room a celebrity and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible.” Clearly, she was not happy with the operation and it was rumoured that she underwent revision rhinoplasty as at the first rhinoplasty was not successful.

Though Jennifer Grey made a comeback in a different way through Dancing With the Stars, her acting career went down with the rhinoplasty surgery. Jennifer Grey’s cute nose was what the goofy smile was to David Letterman, or the mole to Eva Mendes. To remove her trademark nose feature is to remove her total identity.

Jennifer Grey and Lip Fillers

There were also rumours that Jennifer Grey used lip fillers to make her lips look fuller and more puffy. Using lip fillers is a common procedure used by Hollywood celebrities to make their lips more sexy. However, no matter how Jennifer Grey tries to reclaim that old charm, the efforts were futile.

Jennifer Grey Should have Retained her Original Look

Check out Jennifer Grey Appearing at the Tony Awards 2015:

The mistake made by Jennifer Grey, fixing something that does not need fixed, is a common mistake made by Hollywood celebrities. Many examples of such celebrities include Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jocelyn Wildenstein. Things looked alright till the day they decided to take a chance on plastic surgery.

Some celebrities are able to recover from their plastic surgery disasters, but many struggle with it for the rest of their lives. In trying to correct their mishaps, they sink deeper into plastic surgery addiction. They constantly become dissatisfied with their appearance and go on a string of plastic surgeries.

Jennifer Grey Considered Changing Her Name

Jennifer Grey was so upset about her rhinoplasty surgery that she considered changing her name to get a brand new start in her acting career. We cannot imagine the psychological stress Jennifer Grey had to go through due to the rhinoplasty surgery.

At age 55, Jennifer Grey should be ready to accept the effects of aging. It is good to know that Jennifer Grey still has the natural look despite the plastic surgeries. Let’s look forward to more movies with Jennifer Grey starring. What do you think of Jennifer Grey plastic surgery rumours?