Nam Joo Hyuk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Nam Joo Hyuk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Nam Joo Hyuk is a popular South Korean model and actor. His big frame, standing at 188cm, makes him an instant favourite among girl fans. When photos of his college days surfaced, netizens started to speculate about Nam Joo Hyuk’s plastic surgeries. Some of Nam Joo Hyuk’s alleged plastic surgeries include teeth surgery and a nose job.

Nam Joo Hyuk plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Nam Joo Hyuk?

Nam Joo Hyuk was born on February 22,1994 in Busan, South Korea. He started his career as a model in 2013. After modelling for SONGZIO Homme, he appeared in several music videos. His good looks led him to acting roles in The Idle Mermaid.

Here are some childhood photos of Nam Joo Hyuk. Who would have guessed he would grow up to be the superstar today?

Nam Joo Hyuk child photos

Here is another photo of a young Nam Joo Hyuk. He looked pretty well-behaved:

Nam Joo Hyuk young boy

Here he was asking for a swim:

Nam Joo Hyuk teenage

In 2015, Nam Joo Hyuk was involved in the highly acclaimed series, Who Are You: School 2015. Despite having average market share of the audience, the series became one of the most successful drama in 2015. Besides Nam Joo Hyuk, Yook Sung-Jae and Kim So-hyun became household names.

His subsequent projects include Cheese in The Trap, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Three Meals a Day.

In 2017, he is expected to be part of the cast in the romance series Bride of The Water God.

Check out the video below where he was interviewed for his role:

Nam Joo Hyuk and Teeth Surgery Rumors

Some say the alignment of our teeth is down to genetics. Others say its due to bad habits like thumb sucking and nail biting. Whatever the reason might be, crooked teeth can look really hideous.

And our teeth formation can change along the way. Having straight teeth now doesn’t mean they will stay that way. But if you are celebrity, its better not to have crooked teeth.


Because every time you smile on screen will lead to giggles among your audience. Celebrities with crooked teeth often get them fixed. Examples include Hilary Duff, Tom Cruise and Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is so common that many regard teeth surgery as a common procedure. It is not classified as a plastic surgery by many. But, still, it involves some major modification of a person’s face.

For Nam Joo Hyuk, you can see that his younger photos show a rather protruding set of upper teeth. His front teeth were not perfectly aligned. When he closed his lips completely, it took some purposeful effort to do so.

But today, you see that his teeth are perfectly aligned when he flashes his big wide smile. Did he undergo teeth surgery? Probably yes – Because crooked or imperfect teeth lines do not align themselves on their own. Check out his younger photos with his present ones below:

Nam Joo Hyuk teeth surgery rumors

His younger photos are extremely hard to find. Here is another set of before and after photos. His teeth and jawline look much better now. Don’t you agree?

Nam Joo Hyuk plastic surgery teeth

Nam Joo Hyuk and Nose Job Rumors

It is hardly surprising that the nose job is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world today. As the nose is always on display, many people want to enhance their nose shape.

Some undergo a nose job or rhinoplasty due to medical reasons. But for most people, they undergo the stress and pain of a nose job for vanity. Common issues they want to correct include an irregular nasal tip, a crooked nose, a nose bump, a depressed nose, a wide nose, a big nose, a small nose and even wide nostrils.

There is hardly a second chance for a nose job. If performed poorly, revisionary rhinoplasty does not guarantee success. In fact, it can make things worse. Just think about Michael Jackson.

For Nam Joo Hyuk, older photos of him show a rather thick nose bridge. Some say his nose bridge looked slightly crooked at certain angles.

But when we compare his “before” and “after” photos, there seems to be very little differences in his nose shape. Due to the poor lighting of his older photos, its hard to make up his original nose shape. As he has never admitted to having his nose fixed, we trust that Nam Joo Hyuk has undergone a nose job yet. Check out Name Joo Hyuk nose job before and after photos below and judge for yourself:

Nam Joo Hyuk nose job before and after photos

This next set of photos show some possibility of a nose job performed. His nose looks more defined now for sure:

Nam Joo Hyuk nose job

Overall, Nam Joo Hyuk has all the vital assets (looks, abs and height) to be a hugely popular hearthrob today. His increasing exposure in upcoming dramas like the Bride of The Water God 2017 will boost his popularity stakes. Certainly, we hope Nam Joo Hyuk will steer clear of more plastic surgeries. His face is flawless and supple. There is absolutely nothing else to enhance. Have your say about Nam Joo Hyuk plastic surgery below: