Leeza Gibbons Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Photos

Did Leeza Gibbons Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Leeza Gibbons, one of the most loved talk show hosts in America, has managed to maintain her good looks throughout the years. Some say that Gibbons resorted to plastic surgery to achieve the young look while others insist that she simply aged gracefully. Her presence on television for so many years have left a lasting impression in the minds of many viewers. Could her relatively wrinkle-free face be the outcome of cosmetic surgery? Some of the alleged Leeza Gibbons plastic surgeries include botox injections and faceelifts. Her complexion is so good that you will have problems guessing Leeza Gibbons’ age.


Leeza Gibbons is best remembered for her role in hosting Entertainment Tonight from 1984 to 2000 and her own talk show Leeza that ran from 1993 to 2000. Not just a talk shot host, she also authored a New York Times bestseller book called “Take 2”. In 2015, Leeza Gibbons appeared in the Celebrity Apprentice series and won it, raising $714,000 for her charity Leeza’s Care Connection. With her constant appearances in front of the camera, Leeza Gibbons has to look her best at all times. But did she resort to plastic surgery?

Watch Leeza Gibbons being interviewed in 2008 about a Larry King event:

Compare this to a recent interview when Leeza Gibbons talked about her most uncomfortable moment:

Leeza Gibbons and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox is a popular weapon against fine lines and wrinkles. Not only is it effective, its ease of application and quick recovery time are the most desired features. Unlike most plastic surgeries, botox injections are not invasive and just require small doses to achieve a dramatic effect. However, in order to avoid a botched botox procedure, a skilled plastic surgeon is required to locate the exact spot to place the botox. And it should never be used excessively as it will cause an unnatural and lumpy appearance.


For Leeza Gibbons, some netizens commented that she looked slightly unnatural and artificial in her recent photos. However, some of the photos are taken when she is having a bright and wide smile. There is a chance that her smiles have caused her cheeks to look slightly lifted and puffed up. In photos where she did not smile, her cheeks look perfectly normal.

Photo credit: (right) Angela Weiss Getty Images

Photo credit: (right) Angela Weiss Getty Images

Thus, to say that she underwent botox injections to look younger is questionable. Furthermore, as a spokeperson of Sheer Cover, which helps women to reverse the effects of aging, it is unthinkable for Leeza Gibbons to undergo botox injections. On the contrary, Gibbons actually credited Sheer Cover for her amazing good looks and everlasting charm. And we believe in Leeza Gibbons’ claims as she has built lots of trust over the years with her audiences.

Leeza Gibbons and Facelift Rumors

Most plastic surgery gossips will include some speculation about facelifts. Facelifts are popular among aging women who want to take years off their faces in one procedure. Though it is not as convenient as Botox, it has proved popular over the years as the effects are not as localised as Botox. If done right, facelifts are able to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on many areas of the face.


For Leeza Gibbons, there are some who say that her face looks tight and taut due to multiple facelifts. However, upon observation, that could not be further from the truth! Her face does not look taut or thin at all. Instead, her facial complexion look full and supple. There are no signs of facelift procedures done at all. No scars, no “pulled skin” look, no signs that she has undergone any facelifts.

Leeza Gibbons Denies Having Plastic Surgery

Most importantly, Leeza Gibbons has denied any plastic surgery procedure was done. She said during an interview with Larry King “I’m naturally claustrophobic, if the doc’s told me they might be able to do this, my honest fear is, Oh, my golly, this is if I would need to get my eyes worked on and I’d have to need patches over my eyes?’ I can’t get facial treatments because I can’t, I’m so terrified. Even If I maybe get to the point that things are really, how do you say it, fried, dead, lay on my side and it keeps sagging, I’ll go get help for the claustrophobia.”

After all, Leeza Gibbons everlasting good looks could just be down to the use of Sheer Cover. She said “Sheer is a not only a makeup item, it’s a trancsendent experience for women who have major skin issues like sun spots, birthmarks, acne and scars or just for any lady who wants real looking skin that shines with a healthy radiance.”

Overall, Leeza Gibbons plastic surgery rumors are most probably just rumors. With her own denials and observations from popular plastic surgeons, it is highly unlikely that she has undergone the knife. It would be unwise for her to do so anyway as she is also the owner of Sheer Cover. To have her face artificially altered simply does not sit well with the owner of a beauty line of products. What do you think of Leeza Gibbons plastic surgery rumors?