Beth Chapman Boobs Reduction Plastic Surgery Rumors

Beth Chapman Boobs and those Plastic Surgery rumors

Beth Chapman, one of the most recognised faces on the team for Dog and the Bounty Hunter, has long been the talk of plastic surgery rumors. This is especially so when you realise that the bust size of Beth Chapman is nothing short of the extraordinary. Famed for her marriage to Duane “ Dog” Chapman, Beth Chapman was recently rumored to have been denied a Visa en route to feature in Celebrity Big Brother. Whatever the reason, only Beth Chapman knows.

Photo Credit: (left) Christopher Polk Getty Images, (right)

Photo Credit: (left) Christopher Polk Getty Images, (right)

In Dog and the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman helps to bring kids who have been on the wrong road of life back on track. Her dedication to the series cannot be doubted. There were also many occasions when Beth and her husband Duane Chapman were put in dangerous situations during the show. Credit must be given to their bravery and courage to star in the show. Yes, some might say they did it because they receive good money but there are not many who are willing to exchange their lives for a paycheck.

Besides her accomplishments on television, Beth is also noticed for her ample chest assets. Her body figure cannot be ignored on the show at all. Now at age 49 years old, Beth has maintained her looks and body that can easily pass off as 10 years younger. Perhaps her physical role in the show has helped her to keep fit and robust.

Watch Beth Chapman in a recent video. She looks much slimmer than her old self:

Compare to an older video in 2014 on the Sam Roberts show, Beth Chapman looks bigger in the video:

Beth Chapman Breasts Catches All Attention

With her huge breasts, which are all natural, it is inevitable that they caught the attention of celebrity gossip netizens. Though some might say that her boobs are the result of breast implants, there are others who feel that they are all natural. Having said that, looking at the photos of Beth Chapman, her breasts seem to be all natural with no need for any further enhancement.


In fact, some observers at some point, her boobs have reduced in size. While most women prefer to have bigger breasts, Beth Chapman might have opted to reduce her boob size. However, there is no confirmation from Beth Chapman that she has undergone the knife at all. Nonetheless, breast reduction surgery or not, her boobs still look pretty gigantic today.

Photo Credit: (right) Beth Chapman Twitter

Photo Credit: (right) Beth Chapman Twitter

Beth Chapman also served as a role model for many fans when she lost weight in a short amount of time. Through discipline and exercise, she has managed to drop pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle. That is commendable because not all celebrities are able to stand out and be a real role model for their fans.

Beth Chapman Contributed Much to Society

Besides, for all her work in crime fighting and leading the delinquents back to good, Beth Chapman has contributed a great deal to the society. The latest news has it that she stopped the Dog and Beth: On The Hunt show because she wanted to “save” the bail industry. Beth told In Touch Weekly: “Our industry is under attack. There are bail reform movements springing up across the country that would end the cash bail systems. This would be a disaster.” Let’’s look forward to the next Beth Chapman move after the Celebrity Big Brother letdown.

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