Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Bethenny Frankel give herself a new look with plastic surgery? 

Food tasting is the biggest part of a chef’s job. You may think that it excuses her from looking good.

It might if she works in the kitchen the whole day. Unlike her, celebrity chefs like Bethenny Frankel have to consider prying eyes.

The entrepreneur has a lot of pressure to look her best. You may wonder whether she sought surgical help to cope.

All About Bethenny Frankel

Frankel’s list of credentials is impressive. The founder of Skinny Girl Cocktails has penned four self-help books.

The chef and entrepreneur hosted the talk show, Bethenny. The talented celebrity appeared on The Apprentice, and Martha Stewart shows. She guest starred on the reality show, The Real Housewives of New York City.

Below is a rare footage of Bethenny Frankel in 2007:

And compare this to an interview with Seth Myers in 2015:

Did Bethenny Frankel Undergo plastic surgery

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Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Rumors

Followers of the chef have lauded her as an intelligent woman with sharp business savvy. She garnered enthusiastic fans when she appeared in The Real Housewives of New York City.

The celebrity’s series of Skinnygirl books flew off the shelves. Her Skinnygirl Cocktails, targeted at weight watchers, are popular. The chef, author, and talk show host has an astounding net worth of $25 million.

Changes to her looks have led fans to think that she has spent some of this wealth on plastic surgery. The reality star’s denials of these rumors have occupied a lot of tabloid space.

Bethenny Frankel has preserved her looks

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Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Procedures

Her denials, and then admissions to plastic surgery drew a lot of negative attention. Since news of it comes first hand, you may confirm that she has gone through it.

Bethenny Frankel and breast augmentation

The star, proud of her improved figure, posed nude for PETA. She confesses to having gone through breast augmentation not just once, but several times. She felt frustrated that her breasts were sagging.

A surgeon introduced breast implants, but the chef was not pleased with the results. She returned to him to have her breasts lifted for a sexier look.

Bethenny Frankel and Botox

While she has admitted to breast enlargement, the star denies having reshaped her face.

Take a look at her recent pictures and you will raise your eyebrows. Bethenny is 44 but looks ten years younger. She has no furrows on her brows or around the mouth in her recent pictures.

Bethenny Frankel and a Cheek Fat Transfer

Like all women her age, Bethenny may have got a facelift to give herself a fresher, younger look. Surgeons comment that her smile seems a little frozen. Enhancements to the cheeks may freeze a person’s smile in place.

The star may have gotten a mild face enhancement. Surgeons may have injected a dermal filler such as Voluma to remove wrinkles. She either got cheek implants or a cheek fat transfer to give them a fuller appearance.

Bethenny Frankel and Lip enhancements

Bethenny, according to plastic surgeons, may have had fillers, particularly on the lips. Her upper lip looks plumped up. She may have had fillers like Juvederm injected to make them fuller than before.

The star looks different after surgical changes. No matter your reaction to her new look, you must give her credit for taking pains to maintain her appearance.