Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Did Han Ye Seul undergo plastic surgery?

The surrounding gossip about Han Ye Seul plastic surgery never stops. Korean actresses like Han Ye Seul are known to undergo plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Plastic surgery is very popular in the Korean Pop Culture. For Han Ye Seul, recent pictures reveal slight changes against her older photos. But older photos focus on her teenage years. It is possible that the changes are not related to plastic surgery but just a gradual change as she grew older.

Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery

Photos Courtesy of Hancinema.net and http://4.bp.blogspot.com

Plastic Surgery is Common Among Korean Celebrities

Popular procedures in Korea include eyelid surgery, to make the eyes look bigger, getting jawbone chisel for a more sharper look. Botox and Juviderm are also common plastic surgery procedures in Korea.

Comparing past and present photos shows that Han Ye Seul has slanted, narrow eyes in the past but her current eyes look bigger and more open. But this change in appearance could be due to other reasons than plastic surgery.

There are strong suggestions that the changes are due to make up. And from some of the pictures, the eyeliners and eye shadow makeup seem to do the work for her. Some people question the difference in the size of her eyes but its very likely due to the power of applying eye makeup.

There are also Han Ye Seul plastic surgery rumors that she had botox injections in her lips to make them look fuller.

Another for Han Ye Seul plastic surgery possibility is her set of teeth. Older pictures suggest that her teeth appearance looks uneven. Her recent pictures shows a perfect line up of teeth. Smiles are very important to a celebrity. But teeth alignment surgery is a common practice even among normal people. So that is not much of a surprise.

There is still a slight possibility of eye surgery to change the shape of her eyes. But still, based on pictures alone, it is very difficult to tell.

Watch a video of Han Ye Seul being interviewed almost 8 years ago:

Compare to a recent Han Ye Seul Appearance:

Han Ye Seul Denies Plastic Surgery

In a recent interview with the press, she spoke about Han Ye Seul plastic surgery rumors saying, “”I am already confident. No one can be satisfied with his or her appearance. People tell me I look feminine, but I wish I had the looks of an androgynous, charismatic woman.”

Publicly, Han Ye Seul makes a stand against plastic surgery. Her Inner and outer beauty has won the hearts of million of fans around the world. She is not only a beauty but also an amazing actress. Her fantastic performances on screen propelled her to super stardom in Korea. It is great to know that natural talent and beauty still holds a place in the entertainment industry. Fans should really focus on Han Ye Seul’s accomplishments than her procedures on plastic surgery.

Han Ye Seul Proves that Plastic Surgery is not a Must

Han Ye Seul is living proof that plastic surgery is not a must to succeed in the entertainment industry. Clever makeup can create great improvement in looks without the heavy risks and side effects of plastic surgery. Procedures like Botox injections will need years of follow up treatment to keep up with changes on the aging face.

Perhaps she just made slight changes to her eyes but even so it is minimal. Han Ye Seul does not need plastic surgery because she is blessed with good natural beauty. But Han Ye Seul plastic surgery will never die down because of her Korean celebrity status.