EXO Plastic Surgery – EXO Kai Plastic Surgery Double Eyelids

EXO Kai Plastic Surgery Speculations

Looks like fans of EXO are having major discussions over Kai plastic surgery rumours. According to some fans, Kai looks to be suffering from the consequences of having too many plastic surgeries in too short a time.

Kai was born on January 14 1994. To date, he is just 22 years old. He is recognised as one of the young and upcoming stars in Korea. In January 2016, it was announced that Kai will be acting as the male lead actor in the web drama “Choco Bank”

Is there any reason why Kai should undergo plastic surgery at such a young age? Is it just hearsay or is it the truth?

Did Exo Kai Undergo plastic surgery

Photo credit: (left) http://all-about-korea18.blogspot.sg/, (Right) k-popism.com

As we know, South Korea is one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery. Not only is the cost lower than most of United States, the quality of the plastic surgery is said to be unparalleled.

The high take up rate of plastic surgery amongst Korean celebrities can attest to that. Cosmetic enhancements is a big market in South Korea. Those celebrities who are in show business cannot afford to look bad on screen, Whether they are singers or actresses, or in this case for EXO Kai, a dancer too, there is the urgent need to look better than their competitors.

However, plastic surgery always leaves hints behind. Be it a mark or a scar or a distinct difference in facial features, plastic surgery tell tale signs can be seen. For the case of Kai, you need to look at the before and after photos, or even the before and after videos, to see what are the plastic surgery procedures he has undergone.

EXO Kai Double Eyelid Surgery

Early in his career, Kai did not have such distinct double eyelids. Double eyelids make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. Double eyelids is a must-have feature for all celebrities. And looks like EXO’s Kai has taken the trouble to get one. The signs of the double eyelid procedure is there because there are visible creases when he closes his eyes. The creases are caused by the double eyelid surgery that requires stitching along the upper eyelids.

EXO Kai Nose Job Plastic Surgery

When EXO Kai first started, he had a very flat nose and also rounder in shape. However, now the tip of his nose looks different. The nose is one of the most difficult feature to change naturally. Because the nose sets in shape when males reach age 18. There is very little chance that EXO Kai’s nose changed its shape on its own. There is a strong suspicion of plastic surgery intervention.

There are rumours that Kai has gone for the popular rhinoplasty or nose job to alter the shape of his nose.

You can watch EXO Kai video below, there is a close up shot of him at the 30 second mark:

And this is the recent Kai Interview video in January 2016:

Can you see any difference in appearance? Seems that he looks more artificial in the second video. Kai seems to have more restrictions in expression in his second video. Hope it does not interfere with his acting performance though. What do you think of EXO Kai Plastic Surgery rumors?