Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Catherine Zeta Jones has been the subject of cosmetic surgery for years. Being a natural beauty, it comes as no surprise that such rumours spread quickly. Areas of suspicion includes her heart shaped face and beautiful full lips.

Did Catherine Zeta Jones Undergo Plastic Surgery

Catherine Zeta Jones shot to fame in her role in the movie Zorro. That was 17 years ago. And surprisingly, from then till now, there is no obvious sign of ageing. Her skin is still smooth with no lines and her cheeks full and lips plump.

Could her Everlasting beauty Be the Outcome of Plastic Surgery?

Though her nose is bulbous, it fits her face. In fact if it looked any sharper she looks weird. Her mesmerising eyes are also the subject of intense speculation of surgical enhancements.

And Catherine Zeta Jones Looks Very Very Unnatural in the interview below in 2016:

And this is how Catherine Zeta Jones Looked like in 2010:

The Video Below shows Catherine Zeta Jones in 1995, what a beauty she was back then:


One of the most common celebrity plastic surgery procedures is to inject lip fillers. There is no conclusive evidence of lip fillers in her upper lip. But the form and shape of her upper lip looks gorgeous on her. Lip fillers are one of the easiest plastic surgery procedures.

But it is also the one that can go wrong easily. Look at Khloe Kardashian lips and you know why.

Catherine Zeta Jones cheeks seem to be lifted but we cannot confirm if anything was done. Even if there is nothing done, her cheeks look perfect on her.

Her eyes are the talk of the town because of the absence of eye bags at her age. Botox could have been used to smoothen the crows feet and also remove the wrinkles on her forehead.

Based on her latest photos, there is a possibility that she undergone a mini facelift. This is because her face looks pulled and the eyelids are lifted. But this is only based on observations and there is no conclusive evidence.

Conclusion on Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Rumors

But nonetheless, even if Catherine Zeta Jones did go for plastic surgery, she had good taste and did not overdo any of the procedures. She still looks as beautiful as before and could fit into any leading actress role in a Hollywood blockbuster movie. What do you think of Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery rumours?