Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Helen Hunt Undergo Plastic Surgery? Did Helen Hunt have cosmetic surgery?

Helen Hunt is the speculation of plastic surgery fans because of her filled cheeks, wrinkle-free forehead and neck. Even her eyes are subjected to scrutiny because they look wrinkle free. There is also suspected use of Botox on her face to lift up saggy areas. It’s evident when you look at the before and after photos of Helen Hunt.

Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery rumors involves the cheek lift and botox

There were rumours that she underwent plastic surgery back in 2009 but the results were appaling. She looked older after the surgery. Helen Hunt could not afford to age faster than she should. Known for her shapely figure, it is inevitable that she considered going under the knife again.

Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery – Cheek Lift

Helen Hunt Looking Perfect in the video below in 2015:

Check out Helen Hunt back in 2008 interviewed by David Letterman:

Turn back the clock, check out Helen Hunt in 2009:


In her after photos, you can see obvious cheek lifts in action. Helen Hunt look much younger without the sinking cheeks. Though she has never admitted to having going under the knife, it seems that the cheeks have got an incredible booster to keep them up. Botox or Juvederm?

Helen Hunt Does Not Overdo Plastic Surgery

Helen Hunt looks fantastic and beautiful again

Helen Hunt Now

Overall, we must say that Helen Hunt has is aging gracefully. She has not done any butt implants or nose jobs or even breast implants. She looks very natural still despite the rumoured cheek lifts or Botox.

Helen Hunt has a wonderful personality and we would love to watch more of her movies in the upcoming years. There are still many roles for women above age 50 in Hollywood and given that she is a talent actress, leading roles are sure to come along.

It is a blessing that Helen Hunt was able to find the right plastic surgeon to correct the first plastic surgery disaster. The result is a rejuvenated Helen Hunt still shining brightly amongst the new breed of Hollywood stars. What do you think of Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery?