Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

How Plastic Surgery Changed Big Ang 

Big Ang was a woman with, as her name suggests, a big presence. The reality star kept viewers glued to their television sets with her antics on Mob Wives.

That said, changes to her features made her infamous. Dramatic plastic surgery transformations brought her more negative attention than she intended.

All about the reality star Big Ang

Big Ang, whose real name was Angela Raiola, was the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi. He was a drug dealer and a well known Caporegime, or mob boss.

As a member of a crime family, Big Ang lived an excessive lifestyle. She dated gangsters. The celebrity joined the Mob Wives cast in 2012. That year, VH1 made her the star of a new series, Big Ang.

Big Ang Cosmetic Surgery

Photo Credit: Big Ang Archives

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Controversy

Being a reality star and the niece of a crime boss were not the only things that made Big Ang stand out from the crowd.

The video shows Big Ang back in 2014:


The brilliant entrepreneur owned a bar in New York that operated for more than seven years. Before her death, she courted controversy with the drastic changes to her features.

The Mob Wives star has always been open about having gone through plastic surgery. She shared details of the procedures countless times on media platforms. The star gave bold confessions that she had always been keen to go under the knife.

Photo Credit: Big Ang Archives

Photo Credit: Big Ang Archives

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Procedures

The mother of two children admitted to having an obsession with surgical procedures. She even confessed that she looked forward to having more surgery to improve her looks.

It is debatable if the procedures enhanced them. Take a look at the reality star’s earlier and later photographs and make an informed decision.

Big Ang and Rhinoplasty

Recent pictures show that the star had the bridge of her nose emphasised. Her nose was about the same size as before but appeared well-chiseled.

Big Ang and a tummy tuck

After giving birth, Big Ang tried to remove any evidence of post-natal weight. With her tummy tucked, the entrepreneur left no clue that she was a mother.

The fat removal was successful. It left her midsection looking voluptuous.

Big Ang and breast augmentation

The attention-grabbing celebrity shared that her breast size was already a 36 Double D when she was 14 years old. She revealed that she had her first breast augmentation when she was 27. The procedure involved emplacing sponges, even though she knew that this was not safe.

Big Ang felt insecure about gaining post-natal weight after the birth of her first child. She took out the sponges and replaced them with silicone implants. The star replaced the silicone implants after ten years, giving her breasts a sexier look.

Big Ang and lip augmentation

The most controversial of the TV personality’s plastic surgeries was lip augmentation. She had her lips injected with collagen filler to make them appear more kissable.

Photo Credit: Big Ang Personal Archives from

Photo Credit: Big Ang Personal Archives from

Many of her fans feel that she made her lips too big. They looked overwhelming instead of sexy.

Big Ang and liposuction

The star had liposuction around her hips and thighs. She advertised her new look by posing in a bikini.

The celebrity believed that the surgery made her look attractive. Many of her fans felt that it made her appear a bit mannish.

The results of these surgeries pleased her. Before her death at the age of 55, she wanted to have surgery to raise her eyelids. She had also planned to have liposuction on her breasts and buttocks.

Whether you like Big Ang Plastic Surgery enhancements or not, Big Ang was a woman who took pride in her appearance. You must appreciate her efforts, even if you dislike her transformations. Rest in Peace.