JWoww Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did JWoww Undergo Plastic Surgery?

JWoww, or Jenni Farley, getting on the plastic surgery bandwagon. Some say plastic surgery is like a drug. Once you get one going, you will look for other “imperfections” to get another operation. For JWoww, after achieving fame in the MTV Reality series, she might want to outshine other cast members of the show by transforming herself. There is nothing quite as transformational as having a plastic surgery to enhance one’s looks. Some of the popular JWoww plastic surgery speculations include a boob job, facelift, botox injections, lip fillers and cheek implants. But there is little evidence to prove all the speculations to be true. JWoww has only admitted to a boob job.

Jwoww plastic surgery before and after photos

JWoww shot to fame as one of the 8 cast members in the show Jersey Shore. She went on to star in another series Snooki and JWoww. Her dark complexion has also led her to be the promoter of suntanning products from the Australian Gold Company. Since appearing on television, her popularity soared. Her sudden increase in boob size helped her get into GQ magazine’s “Sexiest 100 Ladies of the 21st Century” list. In order to further her career, it is understandable that JWoww had to keep herself looking young.

Watch JWoww in an interview back in 2012 below:

And compare that to her recent wedding video (JWoww looks gorgeous and plastic surgery FREE) :


JWoww and Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular plastic surgeries in United States is the boob job. Having bigger breasts gives more sexuality to a woman. Some women get depressed due to their lack of boob size. Some say that their self-esteem get a major boost by getting bigger boobs. Though there are some who opt for breast augmentation to reduce their breast size, they are in the minority. Most women opt for bigger breast implants in the hope of a more noticeable bust line.

Jwoww boob job

JWoww breast augmentation

For JWoww, her before and after pictures tell the obvious story. Her increase breast size was too obvious to ignore. In fact, when interviewed, JWoww admitted to having her boobs done. But she denied all other plastic surgery allegations, stating that the dramatic differences in the photos is due to her talented makeup artist.

JWoww and Facelift Rumors

Another popular JWoww plastic surgery rumor is about facelift. Facelifts were intended for older people in their late 40s and older. This is because facelifts are primarily used to reduce wrinkles on the face. However, in recent times, young people have hopped on the facelift trend. At the slightest appearance of fine lines, they opt for a facelift.

Jwoww lip fillers

For JWoww, her face does not look too taut or tight. A taut face is a sure sign of excessive facelifts. But for JWoww, there is hardly any signs of a facelift. Despite much speculation, there seems to be no evidence of a facelift done. Moreover, JWoww is only in her late 20s and it is not really necessary for her to go through the pain.

JWoww and Lip Fillers Rumors

Lip fillers are used to pump up the lips to make them look sexier. Thick and pouty lips are widely regarded as having more sex appeal. Unlike the olden days where pouty lips are given negative nick names like pout trouts, thick lips are preferred by many celebrities.

For JWoww, her lips look slightly plumper and juicier than before. Some argue that it might be a case of a clever makeup disguise. Others insist that JWoww opted for a lip filling job. But it is highly unlikely that she opted for a lip filling job.

Whatever it may be, JWoww have successfully gotten sexier each year by year. It is not just her lips that are getting the attention. Even her cheeks have garnered many question marks.

JWoww and Cheek Fillers Rumors

Cheek fillers are used to perk up the cheeks. It is used to counter the effects of aging. The first signs of aging start with sagging cheeks. As we grow older, the elasticity of our skin gets weaker. Cheek implants or cheek augmentation helps to hold the cheeks up. However, it is likely that the patient might need to follow up with cheek fillers in future.

For JWoww, there are some signs of cheek lumps in some of her pictures. But in most of those pictures, she was either smiling or having perched lips. In either of these expressions, there is a tendency for cheeks to be raised, giving the illusion of cheek implants in place. In other photos, her cheeks look normal. Thus, having cheek implants seems unlikely for JWoww.

JWoww and Botox Injections Rumors

Some people believe that with the invention of Botox, plastic surgery will be for the masses. Well, that did not really materialise. But one thing is for sure, Botox injections have become the norm for enhancing one’s looks. This is because of the ease of application and the short recovery time.

For JWoww, her recent photos show her looking slightly unnatural. The tell tale sign plasticky look of botox users seems to be present.

However, some fans argue that such look can also be due to heavy and thick makeup. Even some brides look different from their normal selves under heavy makeup. Well, they do have a point there. And after hearing that JWoww saying that she has done nothing on her face, we would want to believe her more.

Overall, JWoww has managed to look largely the same. Some of the key differences in her photos could have been due to camera angles and lightings. On the whole, she is not one who is addicted to plastic surgery, at least NOT YET. What do you think of JWoww plastic surgery rumors?