Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Rumors – Did she Go for Botox?

Anna Faris is fast becoming one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood now. She has an amazing likeable and real personality that radiates from her interviews and films. But she has been widely speculated to have a nose job, boob job, brow lift, Botox injections as well as different fillers on her face. Even her breasts are suspected to have undergone breast enhancement. Many Hollywood stars want to perfect their looks, despite their better than average disposition.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery rumors

Anna Faris is lovable, plastic surgery or not

Anna Faris charmed her fans, whether women or men. Whether she is cast a a bleached blonde or more serious role, she exhibits warmth and sincerity in her roles. But Anna Faris has been dogged with plastic surgery rumors. Once Anna tried to put to rest the plastic surgery rumors by telling The New Yorker that her breast implants were a “divorce thing”. It is noted that Anna Faris divorced her husband Ben Indra in 2008.

Anna Faris shares talks about her new husband on Ellen:

Anna also openly admitted to getting lip fillers for her role in The House Bunny in 2008.

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It is this honesty that keeps her endearing to her fans. Other celebrities who openly admitted to plastic surgery include Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and Heidi Montag.

However, after her admission, rumors about Anna Faris plastic surgery began to surface when she started to appear different every year. Fans have questioned her new looks and how she got prettier with each year.

Back in 2001, Anna Faris was a brunette with dark brown hair before becoming the blonde we are all so familiar with. By 2002, Anna Faris famously changed the color of her hair to bright gold. She strutted around at the premiere of The Hot Chick in a fully blond head of hair.

Other than her hair, features of Anna Faris largely remained unchanged, till year 2007. During the GQ Men of the Year Celebration, she was seen to have a much sharper nose and unnatural smile. But most of these signs were not conclusive, They could be the result of clever makeup. There were no overdose of any plastic surgery procedure.

Gradual indications of Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

However, we can see a gradual enhancement to her nose. By 2010, her nose looks significantly sharper than in 2003. And by the time she reached mid thirties, her pictures suggest a cheek lift might have been done. And there were signs of Botox on her cheeks.

Anna Faris also did a great job to her boobs. She ensured that the results did not show artificial silcone implants. She opted for something not so drastic for her breast augmentation. Even after the breast plastic surgery, her chest did not look over the top and not much attention was drawn to her improved bust line. She looks much more sexier and more confident in low cut dresses.

In 2013, at the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 panel, at Comic-Con in 2013, she showed a face of filler injections to hold her cheeks up. And her smile allows the cheeks to protrude out of her face which makes it look slightly weird.

Anna Faris has been upfront about her plastic surgeries

The great thing about Anna Faris is despite the obvious plastic surgery done, she openly admitted her use of plastic surgery. And afterall, everyone feels there is something wrong with their noses in Hollywood. Perhaps due to peer pressure, she decided to have mild rhinoplasty or nose job done very few year. Fact is, though you can tell Anna Faris went for plastic surgery, Anna has improved her looks after the treatments.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery has done well for her

There are no wrinkles on her forehead, eyes or cheeks. Though her brows looks higher than where they used to be, Anna Faris looks better now after all the cosmetic surgery amendments.

Yes she might not look as provocative as other stars. But she is sensible enough not to go overboard with her plastic surgery choices. Anna Faris wants to keep her looks fresh and delay the effects of aging by using plastic surgery. What do you think of Anna Faris plastic surgery attempts?