Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery, Botox injections?

Staying youthful looking and in demand is the basic necessity in show business.. That’s why it is understable that celebrities choose to go under the knife to maintain their looks and body. Successful plastic surgery experiments like Kim Kardarshian and Iggy Azalea are few. Most plastic surgery enhancements are disasters like Meg Ryan and Kenny Rogers.

As many before and after photos show, there is no doubt that Nicole Kidman has undergone plastic surgery. Bulging spots from possible fillers and Botox injections were evidently seen on her face.

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Latest UPDATE: Nicole Kidman looked out of place again. Sigh, when we compare her photos in 2007 to her latest appearance in the Golden Globes 2017, we wish someone could turn back the hands of time. Nicole Kidman looked splendid and so elegant back in 2007 compared to today. Check out the latest comparison photos plus a video below:

Photo Credit: (left) odd Plitt Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Todd Plitt Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Greg Wood Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Greg Wood Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

Here is Nicole Kidman being interviewed with Keith Urban at Golden Globes 2017:

Nicole Kidman Admitted to Plastic Surgery – Botox

Finally in 2013, Nicole Kidman Plastic surgery rumors have been put to rest when Nicole admitted to using Botox injections. Nicole Kidman’s stiff look has been the source of plastic surgery speculation. All the speculation on her possible cosmetic surgery ventures finally has a confirmation with Nicole’s admission.

Check out the video below Nicole Kidman before plastic surgery:

And this is Nicole Kidman in another interview on the Jimmy Fallon Show in November 2016:

If you watch the above video and you do not know what Nicole Kidman meant in a “previous interview”, this video below explains it. And she looks way better in 2015 below:

Nicole told Italy’s La Repubblica that she has never had any surgery. All she tried was Botox which did not have favorable results. She stated clearly that she has since moved away from Botox.

To Nicole Kidman, the Botox was an unfortunate move. She claims that healthy habits like wearing sunscreen and being a non smoker has better impact than plastic surgery.

But because she has declared earlier that she is a “complete natural”, her words cannot be taken at face value. She made a statement that it is not for her to judge people who have had plastic surgeries, because everybody can do anything to themselves.


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Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Focus – Her Breasts

One obvious case of Nicole Kidman plastic surgery is the sudden growth of her bust line. Her breasts look considerably larger than her younger days. As most celebrities (and women in general) want a formidable bust line, she might have undergone breast enhancement surgery. From the pictures, it seems that she managed to get from a size A to C. The rate of growth seems impossible post puberty. The only possibility is plastic surgery.

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery breasts


Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Focus – Her Cheeks and Lips

In 2014, at the Cannes Film Festival to promote her film “Grace of Monaco”, it was the moment of Botox overdose as she was wearing a puffy and frozen face. Her cheeks looked pumped up and the facial proportions just did not look right.

Nicole Kidman Plastic surgery images


There were several doctors who gave their opinions. Based on what they saw in the pictures, plastic surgeons believe that her puffy face is caused by fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. Fillers could also be used on her lips to make them look fuller. Her high cheeks can be the results of Juvederm.

She overdid on her cheeks, causing her eyes to become smaller and less open. The slanted eyes just do not look natural. One surgeon commented that the Botox was done poorly because her left eye and eyebrow is drooping and her eye looks heavy.

It is estimated that the cost of the fillers and Botox could be as high as $4,000. That sum is definitely not beyond the reach of Nicole Kidman.

But some fans defended Nicole Kidman, saying that she might be taking hormones, resulting in the puffy face. Perhaps she was trying to have another baby. But nobody will ever know.

Recently in Oct 2015, Nicole Kidman appeared on the Graham Norton Show on BBC and had words spreading again. She looked like she underwent more plastic surgery or injected more Botox on her face. During the show, the camera was not really focused on her but you can see that there might be some procedures performed.

It is surprising that Nicole Kidman might still be using the Botox she said she got out of. And she once said that her upbringing does not allow her to try out plastic surgery. She always insisted on maintaining a natural look.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery on different parts of her body summarised below:

Forehead: Botox injections have smoothened Nicole Kidman’ crow’s feet and the wrinkles between her brows. Her eyelid do look heavy.

Skin: It is rare to have her skin looking so bright and firm at her age. Possible laser resurfacing procedures done

Cheek: Nicole’s cheeks seem full and very high. Looks like fillers have been used. Also removed the deep lines between the nose and her mouth.

Jaw: Nicole Kidman has no wrinkles around her mouth and the skin on her neck is not saggy. Based on her smooth neck skin, this is suspicion of a facelift done.

Nicole Kidman is one of the most respected actresses ever to grace Hollywood. And being an Australian, she has lots of fans from down under as well as North America. Did she really make a right decision to undergo all the plastic surgeries? Would the natural aging process be a better option for Nicole Kidman? What are your thoughts on Nicole Kidman plastic surgery rumours?