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Park Bo Gum Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Park Bo Gum (Park Bogum) Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Park Bo Gum is a popular South Korean actor. He is a major hot topic in plastic surgery gossip. Some of his loyal fans insist that Park Bo Gum is “all natural” while other critics suggest otherwise.

With his soaring popularity, it is inevitable that his facial features are subjected to such scrutiny. Some of the alleged Park Bo Gum plastic surgeries include a nose job and jawline surgery.

Park Bo Gum Plastic Surgery before and after Photos

Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

Who is Park Bo Gum (Park Bogum)?

Park Bo Gum was born on June 16, 1993 in Seoul, South Korea. He shattered records by being the youngest artist to be named Actor of The Year by Gallup Korea. Park Bo Gum also achieved the incredible feat of being the first actor to top Korea Power Celebrity list by Forbes.

Park Bo Gum was naturally attracted to music. He attracted the attention of talent management agencies through his piano demos. While Bogum had musical talent, it soon became apparent that acting held more promises.

Park Bo Gum plastic surgery rumors before and after

Credit: (right) The Chosunilbo JNS Getty Images

In 2011, Park Bo Gum got his first small role in the film “Blind”. In 2012, he acted in a few dramas such as Runway Cop, Still Picture and Bridal Mask. In 2013, Park Bo Gum starred in “Wonderful Mama”, a drama with an unusual story line. He played the younger son of a mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. His effort attracted the attention of media experts.

In 2014, it was not surprising that Park Bo Gum was nominated for the Best New Actor Award in the KBS Drama Awards and the APAN Star Awards. His subsequent effort, “The Admiral: Roaring Currents”, became the highest grossing Korean film ever.

Park Bo Gum was not contented with just acting, In 2015, he joined Music Bank as a co-host. He peformed so well that he won the Best Newcomer Award at the KBS Entertainment Awards.

The following video did a study on why Park Bo Gum is so charming and handsome:

In 2016, Park Bo Gum returned to his musical roots. He released his first soundtrack for Moonlight’s OST, called “My Person”. It topped many charts upon release and cemented Park Bo Gum as a multi-talented superstar.

Park Bo Gum is also known to be a very nice person. He is well mannered during interviews and has remained humble. He is described as someone who is positive, kind and polite. Not many celebrities are associated with such kind description. And we believe Park Bo Gum is a truly nice gentleman.

Here is a recent interview featuring Park Bo Gum. His gentleness and charm can be seen during the interview. Check it out:

Park Bo Gum and Nose Job Rumors

Almost every plastic surgery gossip will talk about the nose. Asians tend to have rounder noses. That is why nose jobs are gaining popularity year on year. The pain associated with nose jobs are nothing compared to the vanity gains. Many patients want to have a sharper nose, a thinner nose bridge and smaller nostrils.

For Park Bo Gum, many netizens accuse him of having a nose job. When you look at Park Bo Gum before and after pictures, you can see there are slight differences in his nose shape.

But can these differences be due to a nose job? Or could it be a case of Park growing into adulthood?

Check out some of his before and after photos below. His younger photos are hard to find. But when you place them together with his current photos, you can see slight differences in nose shape. However, the differences are not due to a nose job. The change in his nose shape is just part of growing up.

Park Bo Gum nose job before and after photos

Credit: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Park Bo Gum nose shape before and after

Credit: (right) Jung Yeon-Je Getty Images

Park Bo Gum nose surgery before and after photos

Credit: (right) The Chosunilbo JNS Getty Images

Park Bo Gum and Jawline Surgery Rumors

Having a sharper jawline can portray a more sturdy and firm image. Generally, a man with a sharper and more defined jawline looks better. As such, many male celebrities will undergo jawline reconstruction surgery to carve out their desired jaw shape.

For Park Bo Gum, his younger photos show a rounder chin and jawline. But this is common among young and growing kids. Comparing his younger and older photos, we cannot see a definite change in his jawline, but a gradual evolution. Thus, it is absurd to conclude that he had jawline surgery.

Check out these Park Bo Gum photos for yourself:

Park bo Gum Rhinoplasty before and after photos

Credit: (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Park Bo Gum chin surgery before and after photos

Credit: (right) The Chosunilbo JNS Getty Images

Park Bo Gum chin sharper before and after

Credit: (right) VCG Getty Images

Park Bo Gum Denies Having Plastic Surgery

On January 2, 2016, Park Bo Gum denied having any plastic surgery. In a behind-the-scenes special of the popular drama “Reply 1988”, Park Bo Gum said “No, everything is original. My nose belongs to me”

Here is a video of him denying plastic surgery:

To confirm his goody boy image, he added “ I’m not a good drinker. I can’t smoke and can’t curse either.”

Overall, it looks like Park Bo Gum has a natural handsome face. When you look at his smile, you will agree that he is one of the most handsome actors in South Korea now. It is amazing that he achieved his good looks without undergoing the knife. But as Rod Stewart’s song once said “Some guys have all the luck”. The rest of us can just admire on the sidelines. What do you think of Park Bo Gum plastic surgery rumors?

Jungkook Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jungkook (Jung Kook) Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jungkook, the main vocalist of kpop group BTS (Bangtan Boys), has been the subject of plastic surgery gossip. Despite being just 20 years of age, Jungkook has been a major talking point among plastic surgery speculations. Netizens speculate whether if Jungkook has undergone a nose job and double eyelid surgery.

Jungkook plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Jungkook?

Jungkook, or Jeon Jeong-kook, is the youngest member of BTS. He was born in Buk District, Busan, South Korea on September 1,1997. Some of his most popular nicknames include Golden Maknae, Jungkookie, Kookie, nochu and jk.

Through the rigorous trials of the kpop industry, Jungkook made his debut at the tender age of 15 on June 13, 2013. He received formal training at the School of Performing Arts Seoul and graduated in February 2017.

Jungkook is known to be a perfectionist. He gets upset when he cannot sing and dance well according to his high standards. One of his goals is to own a duck meat restaurant in future.

Who is better looking in the photo below? Does Jungkook look better than “the other guy”?

Watch a recent rehearsal by Jung Kook:

Compare that to Jungkook doing a hilarious lip sync back in 2014:

Jungkook and Nose Job Rumors

For many South Korean celebrities, the nose is a vital part of the face. Being the central feature of the face, it is important for their noses to look elegant and sharp.

But as we know, many Asians are not born with sharp noses. Thus, there are many who undergo nose jobs to attain the nose they want. Some of the nose jobs result in a narrower nose bridge and smaller nostrils.

For Jungkook, there has been a constant debate whether he underwent a nose job. Some of his loyal fans argue that the differences in before and after photos are due to bad lighting. Some say its due to thick makeup.

From the start, Jungkook has a big nose. His younger photos show a very thick nose bridge and big nose tip. His nose tip was never sharp. Even today, his nose tip remains rather rounded. But did he undergo a nose job to make his nose more “pointed”?

Let’s take a look at Jungkook before and after photos below. What do you think? Did he undergo a nose job?

Jungkook nose job before and after photos

Here is another set of before and after photos. Coincidentally, Jungkook shows a peace sign in each photo:

Jungkook big round nose surgery before and after

Another set of photos below. Can you see any changes?

jungkook nose shape change surgery before and after

Jungkook and Double Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Double eyelids are often preferred over single eyelids. Having double eyelids make the eyes sparkle brighter. As eyes are the windows to the soul, having a pair of delightful eyes can win over the hearts of many fans.

Many celebrities with single eyelids undergo double eyelid surgery. There is no need for hospitalisation as the patient can go home a couple of hours after the surgery. After 5-7 days, the stitches can be removed. Due to the short operating time of 1 hour, many celebrities find it a small sacrifice to undergo the surgery.

For Jungkook, double eyelid surgery rumors surfaced because netizens realised that he did not have double eyelids during his younger days. But recent photos show that he has double eyelids. It could not be due to puberty, could it? Well, check out the before and after photos below for yourself:

Jungkook double eyelid surgery before and after

Here is another set of photos showing the difference in eyelids:

Jungkook eyelid surgery before and after photos

Here is another set of photos. His eye bags have grown tremendously. But heavy eye bags are fashionable now:

Jungkook eyebags eyelids surgery

Overall, Jungkook has progressed from being a cute little boy to a grown up adult artiste. His dance steps and strong vocals have attracted legion of fans. Some fans single him out as the best looking among all the Bangtan Boys. It is not hard to know why. Here is a set of photos with him smiling:

Jungkook smile at fans

May his boyish charm continue to mesmerise fans all around the world. What do you think of Jungkook plastic surgery rumors? True or false?

Niykee Heaton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Niykee Heaton Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Some say success is often the first step toward disaster. For Niykee Heaton, her success online could have driven her to change her looks through plastic surgery. Her big boobs and jutting butt have attracted the attention of gossip mongers. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include breast augmentation, butt augmentation and botox injections.

Niykee Heaton plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Niykee Heaton?

Niykee Heaton is widely regarded as a self-made musician. Though she had no formal training, she taught herself to play guitar at 9 years old. She wrote her first song at age 5. Heaton was a strong-willed girl. Despite the lack of financial support, she taught herself how to sing well by following along Diana Ross’s greatest hits CD.

Youtube created many successful celebrities. Heaton was one of them. She uploaded videos of her performances on Youtube, eventually garnering a strong following online.

It was not until September 2014 when Niykee Heaton got her first break. Her EP, Bad Intentions, topped the Billboard +Twitter Trending 140 chart. Heaton also achieved the amazing feat of cracking the Top Ten in the US iTunes Store.

One her music videos titled Lullaby was well liked by many. Here is the video, check it out:

Her music speaks much about herself. Her life was not easy and she wanted to express herself well through her music. Heaton said,” My music is a direct reflection of who I am. My writing is everything to me because that’s all I had growing up. I had a really tough childhood and at a point when I was very young, I sort just stopped speaking because I stuttered.”

Besides being a singer, Niykee Heaton has a strong presence on social media. Her Instagram account has more than 2.2 million followers.

Her jutting butt and deep cleavage have contributed greatly to the huge following.

Niykee Heaton Breast Augmentation Rumors

Most internet models have big boobs. Having big breasts catches the attention of men. Many of them. It is almost a guarantee that if you can flaunt your big boobs online on Instagram, you will have a huge following. All your updates will be filled with lusty and some jealous comments.

But did Niykee Heaton undergo a boob job?

Well, when you look at her younger photos, her boobs were developing quite impressively. Not a pair of double Ds then but you could see the potential. However, we witness “significant expansion” in her boob size in the last two years. They look rather unnatural with an obvious bulge at the upper part of her boobs. Looks unnatural. Check out the before and after photos below:

Niykee heaton boob job before and after photos

Credit: Instagram

Not obvious enough? Here are a few more pics:

Niykee Heaton breast augmentation before and after

And her boobs just got bigger and bigger and BIGGER:

Niykee Boobs breast implants surgery

And here is another set of pics showing boob GROWTH. What’s up with the scar at her abdomen area?

Niykee heaton boob size bra size

Credit: (left) Johnny Nunez Getty Images, (right) Cindy Ord Getty Images

Niykee Heaton and Butt Augmentation Rumors

One of the first things men notice about any woman is her boobs. But nowadays, women feel that the shape of their butt can capture the hearts of men too. It seems that some women, regardless of their natural given gifts, live in a constant state of ok-but-I-am-not satisfied unhappiness.

The solution for a “flat” butt is butt augmentation. One of the more popular procedures is called the Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from areas such as the thighs, hips, love handles or abdomen AND injected into the buttocks.

Sound pretty painful huh?

Still, many women go for it. Their desire to have a more prominent, rounded and perky butt is greater than the physical pain and inconvenience.

For Niykee Heaton, her before and after photos show a big difference in her butt of “old” and now. Her recent showcase of her ample butt size tells us that she might have done something extraordinary to her rear. Check out her before and after photos below:

Niykee heaton butt augmentation lift before and after

Niykee Heaton and Lip Fillers Rumors

No one could tell when pouty lips were deemed sexier than normal lips. Some say Angelina Jolie brought the love of thick lips to everyone. 30 years ago, there were no mention of a lady’s thick lips as a talking point. But today, things have changed.

The increasing demand for lip fillers is proof of how much emphasis women put on their lips. Lip fillers are not applied with just one jab. Typically, the plastic surgeon will inject small doses of the fillers around the lips multiple times, till the plastic surgeon is happy with the shape of the lips.

For Niykee Heaton, her recent photos show distinctly pumped up lips. However, there is a chance that her lips will go back to their original state as the effects of lip fillers are not permanent. Check out Niykee Heaton’s before and after photos. Note her lips:

Niykee lip fillers before and after

Niykee Heaton and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox is widely used to combat sagging facial areas. Primarily, the objective of using botox is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Due to its ease of application, many celebrities are drawn to it. Gone were the days where fake botox caused serious mishaps (remember Priscilla Presley?). Today, Botox used in a controlled manner create stunning results – just check out Christie Brinkley and Jane Fonda.

For Niykee Heaton, she is unlikely to use botox injections due to her young age. After all, she is just  22 years old now. But she might be a perfectionist. Her photos two years ago show a well balanced faced with natural features. But she appeared rather bloated around her chin area.

Its hard to conclude if she has undergone any botox jabs. But its clear that she has done something to her face. It’s possible she had an amazing makeup artist to do the trick or an excellent photoshop editor. Check out her before and after photos.

Niykee heaton botox injections before and after

Credit: (left) Brian Ach Getty Images, (right) Cindy Ord Getty Images

Overall, Niykee Heaton has maintained her looks well. However, she might want to look slimmer as she has gained some serious weight from her younger days. But, as brazilian butt lifts fade away when there is a reduction in body fat, she might not want to lose weight. Anyway, let’s hope that Niykee Heaton will stay away from further plastic surgery as she already looks beautiful naturally. What do you think of Niykee Heaton plastic surgery rumors?

Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jeffree Star Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jeffree Star is an American Singer-songwriter, makeup artist and fashion designer. He rose to fame using MySpace. Star is considered one of the greatest social media celebrities. At one point he had over 500,000 friends. Amazingly, he did it before Facebook became popular.

But his appearance forms polarising opinions. His ultra smooth skin and his androgynous look raise eyebrows. Now at age 31, netizens are speculating about Jeffree Star’s plastic surgeries. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include lip fillers, hair transplant and chin augmentation.

Credit: (right) jeffreestar Instagram

Who is Jeffree Star?

As you have probably discovered, being an internet celebrity is often quite difficult. An internet celebrity will face unexpected challenges and long periods of criticisms. For Jeffree Star, he was brave enough to face all the obstacles in his bid to be a STAR.

Some of us get a nice head start due to our parents. Jeffree Star was perhaps inspired by his mother, a model who had regular assignments. Fiddling with his mother’s makeup tools at a young age might have groomed Star to become a top makeup artist.

Here are two rare snapshots of Jeffree Star in high school. He looked so “punky”:

And here’s another photo with that “Punks Not Dead” hairstyle:

Jeffree Star is also a musician. His only studio album is Beauty Killer, released on 22 September 2009. The album was a fusion of rock, electronic, dance and pop music. The album had mixed reviews and did not sell particularly well. It peaked on the Billboard 200 at position 122.

Nowadays, Star is usually busy with makeup tutorials on Youtube. His Youtube channel has a huge following. He has more than 4 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel. Just Amazing.

Jeffree Star’s boyfriend is Nathan Schwandt. They live in Los Angeles.

Jeffree Star shares about his plastic surgery adventures. Heck, he even shared about his boyfriend undergoing botox treatment! Watch the video below:

Jeffree Star and Lip Fillers

Jeffree Star once said that he does not look up to anyone in particular. And he tries not to make the mistakes other people have made. So, can you say that his use of lip fillers was a mistake? Check out this set of before and after photos below:

Credit: (right) jeffreestar Instagram

Watching his videos now, you will agree that his lip fillers use is a major success! Unlike other celebrities, he uses just enough lip fillers to plump up his sexy lips. Mind you, he is a make up expert and has mastered the art of his Liquid lipstick.

His lips has got to be PERFECT. And they ARE PERFECT.

Check out this video where Star shares how he got his lip fillers injected:


Jeffree Star and Chin Augmentation

Jeffree Star is honest about his plastic surgeries. He once said “I wasn’t born this perfect. I have had a bit of surgery, but not Michael Jackson-style.” It was rumored that he had his chin done for an episode of Dr 90210.

Did Jeffree Star fix his chin? Compare the photos below. What do you think?

Credit: (right) Jeffreestar Instagram

Most people opt to undergo chin reshaping surgery because they want a sharper and more defined chin. Having a sharper chin makes a person look more suave and cool.

When you look at the before and after photos of Jeffree Star, you can see there is very little difference in his chin shape. He already had a pretty sharp chin since his younger days.

Can anyone find any statement made by Jeffree Star about his chin? If yes, please let us know!

Jeffree Star and Hair Transplant

The thing we appreciate about Jeffree Star is his honesty. The reason why he has more than 4 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel is his honesty.

Star does not lie to his followers and subscribers. Star shares from his heart. He shares with his audience things that most people would keep as dark secrets.

One fine example is his sharing about his hair transplant process. Not only did he admit he underwent a hair transplant, he FILMED the process! We believe this video below, documenting his hair transplant process, WON him many new subscribers. Check it out:


Overall, Jeffree Star is an amazing internet celebrity. He embodies what an internet celebrity should be – Honest, Straight Talking and Full of Self-Belief.

His boldness to pursue his dreams is an inspiration to fans around the world. Unlike other celebrities, Jeffree Star is as frank as he could ever be. Plastic surgery or not, you have to agree that he deserves respect. What do you think of Jeffree Star plastic surgeries?

Shania Twain Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Shania Twain Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Some celebrities make wrong decisions. They end up destroying their natural charm. Without considering the consequences of  bad plastic surgery, they go under the knife – only to find out from fans that they look ridiculous after the procedure. Perhaps that’s what happened to Shania Twain. Some of her alleged plastic surgeries include botox injections, cheek fillers, a nose job, ultherapy and a boob job.

Shania Twain plastic surgery before and after photos

Credit: (left) Ron Galella Getty Images, (right) Tibrina Hobson Getty Images

Who is Shania Twain?

Shania Twain is an established superstar in the music world. She has sold over 85 million records, making her one of the biggest selling female singers of all time.

Twain started off wanting to be a rock star singer. Country songs were never her first choice. After years of singing in clubs, one of her demo tapes got Mercury Nashville Records interested. Her first self titled debut album, Shania Twain, was released in 1993. Despite having two hit singles “What Made You Say That” and “Dance With the One That Brought You”, the album did not sell well. Later when fame caught up with Twain, that the album turned Platinum.

Shania Twain before and after photos

Credit: (left) SGranitz Getty Images, (right) Taylor Hill Getty Images

Her breakthrough came when her second album, The Woman In Me, was released. She won many fans over and had many country song hits. Some of the hit singles include “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?”, “Any Man Of Mine”, “(If You’re Not in It For Love) I’m Outta Here!”, “You Win My Love” and “No One Needs To Know”.

The album topped off its success by winning the Grammy Award for Best Country Album for that year.

Shania Twain’s third album, Come On Over, enabled her to crossover to pop music. She sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. It was the best selling album of all time by a female singer.

However, her subsequent albums did not do as well. Now approaching age 52, Shania Twain must have felt the need to keep up with younger singers. And one of the ways to look younger is to undergo plastic surgery.

Here is a video of Shania Twain in the Ellen Show back in 2011. She was talking about her childhood:

And she is still looking hot now. Check out her recent interview with Billboard. She looks superb for a woman at her age: 

Shania Twain and Botox Injection Rumors

When Shania Twain appeared as a mentor on The Voice, her bloated face got everyone’s attention.

One fan even tweeted “Holy Botox, what happened to Shania Twain”.

Her fuller and plumper face had fans speculating about her use of botox. Her elevated eyebrows, coupled with her smooth forehead fuelled further plastic surgery gossip. Crow’s feet were surprisingly absent from her face.

But no one can confirm if she had botox shots. We can only speculate. But looking at the photos below, what do you think? Botox or no?

Shania Twain botox injections before and after

Credit: (left) Ron Galella Getty Images, (right) Rick Diamond Getty Images

Shania Twain and Cheek Fillers Rumors

Facial muscles start to loosen as a person approaches late 40s. One obvious sign of aging facial muscles is saggy cheeks. For people with fuller cheeks, this aging sign is more noticeable.

One common solution for saggy cheeks is injecting cheek fillers. Restylane and Juvederm are popular brands of dermal fillers for this purpose. However, they must be applied at the correct position for best results.

For Shania Twain, she had perfectly balanced cheeks. But some claim that her recent photos show puffier cheeks. If you look at her before and after photos, can you see any difference? Her cheeks became a major talking point among netizens. Check out her before and after photos below. Did she use cheek fillers?

Shania Twain cheek fillers rumors before and after

Credit: (left) Ron Galella Getty Images, (right) Terry Wyatt Getty Images

Shania Twain and Nose Job Rumors

Having a sharper nose does wonders to a person’s face. It is no wonder that Michael Jackson tried so hard to perfect his nose. Though misadventures in nose jobs were common in yesteryears, improvement in technology has reduced the risk of a botched nose job. With today’s techniques, one can have a perfectly shaped nose within 3 weeks.

For Shania Twain, her nose used to be more bulbous. There were some irregularities along her nose bridge. There was a slight contour on the right side of her nose. Though in her nose still shows some imperfections, some netizens and tabloids insist that she underwent a nose job.

Despite her nose, her face was so perfect that scientists concluded in 2009 that she had the “perfect” face. Check out her before and after photos below. Did she have a nose job in your opinion?

Shania Twain nose job rumors before and after

Credit: (left) Ron Galella Getty Images, (right) John Shearer Getty Images

Shania Twain and Ultherapy Rumors

Plastic surgery used to be associated with injections and pain. Well, not anymore. With advancement in technology, anti aging plastic surgeries can be performed without surgery. One of the latest technique is called Ultherapy, or some call it the ultrasound facelift.

Ultherapy can be used to reduce the intensity of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also FDA cleared. Thus, when Shania Twain appeared with no wrinkles and no facelift scars, netizens started to speculate about the use of Ultherapy.

Here are some before and after photos of Shania Twain. Do you think she used Ultherapy?

Shania Twain ultherapy before and after

Credit:(left) Evan Agostini Getty Images, (right) Taylor Hill Getty Images

Shania Twain and Boob Job Rumors

Many women desire to have a bigger set of boobs. Tits are as important as any facial feature, and they attract attention from the opposite sex. Despite all the negative reports about breast implants explosions and leakage, women flock to plastic surgeons to have their breasts enhanced.

For Shania Twain, her boobs used to be of normal size. Not really flat chested but they were what was expected of her body frame. However, when she acquired fame, her low cut dresses showed fuller and heavier breasts.

Her current set of boobs show no signs of sagging. In her heyday, her boobs helped propelled her up the popularity charts. Here are a few sets of Shania Twain before and after photos. Did she have a boob job?

Credit: (left) Cyril Rawson,

Shania Twain – Over The Years

Let’s take a look at how Shania Twain’s looks changed over the years. It will be interesting to note how she changed her style and appearance since she started her career:

Here she was looking very fresh faced in 1996:

Ron Galella Getty Images

And attending the Jingle Ball Concert in 1998, looking all natural:

Ron Galella Getty Images

Twain took this photo (below) with Madonna at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards (1999). Who looked more desirable? Madonna or Shania Twain?

Ron Wolfson Getty Images

In 2000, Shania Twain was at the peak of her career. Here she was attending the 2000 34th Annual CMA Awards. Her beautiful face could literally melt any man’s heart:

Frank Micelotta Archive Getty Images

In photo below, she was on the way to attending the 36th annual Country Music Association Awards, with a very nice cleavage:

Scott Gries Getty Images

The photo below shows signs of aging. Her lower eyelids looked slightly saggy and her smile lines were obvious. She was attending the 38th Annual Country Music Awards:

Frank Mullen Getty Images

BUT, her looks returned to great form in 2006. Here she was pictured attending the Kennedy Centre Honors. She just looked so HOT:

Scott Suchman Getty Images

Two years later in 2008, she seemed to have put on some weight. Here she was pictured at the 42nd Annual CMA Awards:

Tony R.Phipps Getty Images

In this next photo taken in 2010, Shania Twain stood beside Oprah Winfrey. Twain looked so “small” beside Winfrey! But signs of aging her settling in on Twain. Her eyes, smile lines, neck skin were starting to look bad:

Amy Sussman Getty Images

Does beauty last forever? Well, in 2012, Twain did not do anything to her face. As a result, she looked slightly more haggard. Here she was pictured at an event at Caesars Palace Las Vegas in 2012:

Jason Merritt Getty Images

Here is a photo showing Shania Twain attending the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Thanks to excellent makeup, her signs of aging were not obvious to the eye:

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

This latest photo had everyone talking about Shania Twain plastic surgery. She might have done something to her eyes and reduced those smile lines. Check it out:

NBC Getty Images

Overall, Shania Twain has preserved her looks well. Perhaps some of her recent photos were taken right after a plastic surgery treatment. That was why she looked slightly unnatural. She has retained her showbiz status really well, evidenced by her sold out performances.

But will she be able to resist the lure of more plastic surgeries as she approaches mid 50s? Only time will tell. What do you think of Shania Twain plastic surgery rumors? True or false? Success or just plain awful?

Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Charo Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Nothing captures the attention of gossipmongers than a terribly shaped nose. When the new cast of Dancing With The Stars was revealed, Charo, the famous Spanish-American actress and comedian, was mentioned. That sparked the rebirth of Charo plastic surgery rumours. Some of her alleged plastic surgeries include a nose job, facial fillers, facelift, lip implants, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation.

Charo plastic surgery before and after photos

Credit: (left) Harry Langdon Getty Images, (right) Gabriel Olsen Getty Images

Who is Charo?

Charo was born in Murcia, Region of Murcia, in Spain. Raised by a lawyer father and homemaker mum, Charo had the luxury of having a music professor giving her weekly classical guitar lessons.

She got married to Xavier Cugat in 1966. There were lots of surrounding the marriage due to the huge age difference between Charo and Cugat. Cugat was already 66 years old while Charo was “legally” only 25 years old. Their marriage broke down twelve years later in 1978.

Charo plastic surgery true or false evidence

Credit: (left) Art Zelin Getty Images, (right) Imeh Akpanudosen Getty Images

She then married Kjell Rasten. Their marriage is still going strong today.

In the mid 60s, Charo started to appear on US television shows. She performed on the Ed Sullivan Show four times. By 1971, there were rumours saying that Charo was paid as much as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles or Dean Martin. She remained very active in the 1970s, appearing in prominent shows like The Love Boat, Donny & Maier and The Mike Douglas Show.

She kept a low profile throughout the 1980s and 1990s, preferring to escape the limelight to take care of her son.

Here is Charo talking about Lady Gaga six years ago:

Compare that to a recent interview, check her out:

Charo and Nose Job Rumours

Though Charo has never admitted to plastic surgery before, her nose tells a different story. Her nose looks remarkably like Michael Jackson’s nose. That’s not all, she was rumoured to have had a nose job done in her early years.

Look at her earlier photos and you can see her nose looked very artificial. Nose jobs done in the 1980s had most noses supported on “twin” nose tips. And they looked very “skeletal”. As a person ages, skin around those “support” starts to sag and revisionary rhinoplasties are performed.

However, things usually go downhill from there. Due to the lack of support at the sides of the nose, the nose will start to have “dimples” at the side. This is what happened to Charo. Check out her before and after photos below. Her nostrils look pinched toward the centre of the nose. Her nose bridge just looks too elevated from her face.

Charo Nose job before and after photos

Credit: (left) Tim Boxer Getty Images, (right) David Livingston Getty Images

Charo and Facelift Rumors

Fine lines and wrinkles are the worst enemies of aging women. Fine lines start to appear women approach their mid 40s. A facelift is a popular solution for such aging signs.

A facelift is a painful procedure. Incisions are made at the hairline (temples). continues around the ear and ends in the lower scalp. If the lower face suffers from severe deep wrinkles, a second incision is made under the chin.

As such, it is not a pleasant experience to undergo. However, we often read in the papers that some celebrities undergo multiple facelifts. Why? Well, let’s just say that the pursuit for youth can overcome any pain that comes along.

For Charo, if her published age is true, she is in her 70s now. For a woman aged 76, it is amazing how her face is void of wrinkles. You can see in her later photos that she tries hard to look young. There is no evidence of sunken cheeks, forehead wrinkles or even deep smile lines. Thus, there might be some truth to Charo Facelift rumours. Check out the photos below and judge for yourself:

Charo Facelift before and after photos

Credit: (left) CBS Photo Archive Getty Images, (right) Bruce Glikas Getty Images

Charo and Facial Fillers Use

Dermal fillers are used to add volume and smoothen the deep wrinkles that are commonly known as laugh lines. Some of the hollow areas around the eyes can be filled with dermal fillers too. Some use fillers on their cheeks to make them look for perky. Overall, dermal fillers, when used in the right amounts, can do wonders to turn back the clock.

For Charo, her cheeks look incredibly lifted and her jawline looks artificial. The area below her eyes look very puffed up. Usually, a woman at her age will show signs of facial sagging. But there is no such signs on Charo.

Thus, it is very likely that Charo might have used facial fillers and dermal fillers to remove her wrinkles. Does she look as sexy as before? Not really. But you can see that Charo is trying hard to look her best nowadays. Check out Charo before and after photos below. What do you think? Did Charo use dermal fillers?

Charo facial fillers before and after

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Charo and Lip Implants Rumours

Having a pair of full lips is known to increase the sex appeal of any woman. Plump lips create a more sexy shine. Lip implants are different from lip fillers. They provide a permanent solution for thin lips. Common lip implants include Gore-Tex and SoftForm lip implants. The procedure is straight forward and takes about one hour to complete. Due to its quick recovery time, many women opt to undergo lip implant surgery.

For Charo, her natural lips were beautiful. You can see she looked marvellous in her youth. There was not need for any lip implants at all. However, as she aged, she might have felt the need to keep herself looking fresh. In her recent photos, her lips look artificially pumped up. One will wonder why her lips are even plumper than during her younger days.

Thus, Charo might have used lip implants. Some say she used lip fillers instead. But we can never tell. Check out Charo before and after photos below. Did she use lip fillers or lip implants?

Charo lip implants fillers before and after photos

Credit: (left) Ron Galella Getty Images, (right) Greg Doherty Getty Images

Charo and Eyelid Surgery Rumours

Blepharoplasty, eye lift, or eyelid surgery, is used to remove the excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids. Though some use it to correct their eyesight, most people do it for cosmetic reasons. As we age, our skin loses elasticity. The constant weight of excess skin could cause “layering” around the eyes.

If left untreated, such skin excess will cause wrinkles and bulges around the eyes. This makes a person look older. As such, eyelid surgeries are used to solve such problems. But, upper eye lift corrections only last 5 to 7 years. There is no guarantee of success too.

For Charo, her before and after photos show no signs of aging around her eyes. Fines lines can barely be seen around her eyes. Together with excellent use of makeup, her eyes sparkle with her smile. Some say she has not done anything to her eyes. But for her eyes to look this good at her age, there is a strong possibility that she engaged the help of a skilled plastic surgeon. Below is another set of before and after photos of Charo. Let us know if you think she has got eyelid surgery.

Charo Eyelid Surgery before and after photos

Credit: (left) Harry Langdon Getty Images, (right) Jason LaVeris Getty Images

Charo and Breast Augmentation Rumours

Boobs are as important to men as to women. Bigger boobs attract more attention from the media and fans. Some women go to great lengths to enhance her boobs. One of the most common tactics used is the insertion of breast implants.

Breast augmentation techniques have evolved over the years. Despite reports of “implant leakage”, many women opt to undergo breast implant surgery to attain their desired breast sizes.

For Charo, she was noted for her boobs from the start. You can hardly find a photo of Charo with small boobs. Her boobs are like the boobs of Dolly Parton. But did she really have a breast augmentation done?

Well, if you examine Charo’s body frame, you will see that her boobs look really big for her small frame. At her age, one would expect her boobs to sag quite drastically. However, her boobs seem to hold “up” pretty well. Some say its due to a good bra fitment, while others say push up bras are doing wonders for her. What do you think? Does Charo have breast implants? Check out her before and after photos below and make a comment.

Charo breast augmentation before and after photos

Credit: (left) ABC Photo Archives Getty Images, (right) Greg Doherty Getty Images

Charo boob job before and after

Credit: (left) Joan Adlen Photography Getty Images, (right) Kevin Winter Getty Images

Charo breast implants surgery before and after

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Overall, when you look at Charo before and after photos, you can tell that she has undergone the knife. At certain angles, it can be painful to watch. She can deny or ignore the plastic surgery gossip surrounding her. But it is clear for all to see that many alterations were done to her face. How we wish that Charo would look more natural than she is today. What do you think of Charo plastic surgery rumors? True or false?