Jungkook Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jungkook (Jung Kook) Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jungkook, the main vocalist of kpop group BTS (Bangtan Boys), has been the subject of plastic surgery gossip. Despite being just 20 years of age, Jungkook has been a major talking point among plastic surgery speculations. Netizens speculate whether if Jungkook has undergone a nose job and double eyelid surgery.

Jungkook plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Jungkook?

Jungkook, or Jeon Jeong-kook, is the youngest member of BTS. He was born in Buk District, Busan, South Korea on September 1,1997. Some of his most popular nicknames include Golden Maknae, Jungkookie, Kookie, nochu and jk.

Through the rigorous trials of the kpop industry, Jungkook made his debut at the tender age of 15 on June 13, 2013. He received formal training at the School of Performing Arts Seoul and graduated in February 2017.

Jungkook is known to be a perfectionist. He gets upset when he cannot sing and dance well according to his high standards. One of his goals is to own a duck meat restaurant in future.

Who is better looking in the photo below? Does Jungkook look better than “the other guy”?

Watch a recent rehearsal by Jung Kook:

Compare that to Jungkook doing a hilarious lip sync back in 2014:

Jungkook and Nose Job Rumors

For many South Korean celebrities, the nose is a vital part of the face. Being the central feature of the face, it is important for their noses to look elegant and sharp.

But as we know, many Asians are not born with sharp noses. Thus, there are many who undergo nose jobs to attain the nose they want. Some of the nose jobs result in a narrower nose bridge and smaller nostrils.

For Jungkook, there has been a constant debate whether he underwent a nose job. Some of his loyal fans argue that the differences in before and after photos are due to bad lighting. Some say its due to thick makeup.

From the start, Jungkook has a big nose. His younger photos show a very thick nose bridge and big nose tip. His nose tip was never sharp. Even today, his nose tip remains rather rounded. But did he undergo a nose job to make his nose more “pointed”?

Let’s take a look at Jungkook before and after photos below. What do you think? Did he undergo a nose job?

Jungkook nose job before and after photos

Here is another set of before and after photos. Coincidentally, Jungkook shows a peace sign in each photo:

Jungkook big round nose surgery before and after

Another set of photos below. Can you see any changes?

jungkook nose shape change surgery before and after

Jungkook and Double Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Double eyelids are often preferred over single eyelids. Having double eyelids make the eyes sparkle brighter. As eyes are the windows to the soul, having a pair of delightful eyes can win over the hearts of many fans.

Many celebrities with single eyelids undergo double eyelid surgery. There is no need for hospitalisation as the patient can go home a couple of hours after the surgery. After 5-7 days, the stitches can be removed. Due to the short operating time of 1 hour, many celebrities find it a small sacrifice to undergo the surgery.

For Jungkook, double eyelid surgery rumors surfaced because netizens realised that he did not have double eyelids during his younger days. But recent photos show that he has double eyelids. It could not be due to puberty, could it? Well, check out the before and after photos below for yourself:

Jungkook double eyelid surgery before and after

Here is another set of photos showing the difference in eyelids:

Jungkook eyelid surgery before and after photos

Here is another set of photos. His eye bags have grown tremendously. But heavy eye bags are fashionable now:

Jungkook eyebags eyelids surgery

Overall, Jungkook has progressed from being a cute little boy to a grown up adult artiste. His dance steps and strong vocals have attracted legion of fans. Some fans single him out as the best looking among all the Bangtan Boys. It is not hard to know why. Here is a set of photos with him smiling:

Jungkook smile at fans

May his boyish charm continue to mesmerise fans all around the world. What do you think of Jungkook plastic surgery rumors? True or false?

65 replies on “Jungkook Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I think he did get some minor nose job and eyelids. army’s need stop being in denial that their oppa is natural and nothing wrong getting some work done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look bitch its called puberty I was a B cup and now im a D so what I have plastic surgery no, dumbass its called puberty

      • Nopidi says:

        Yes puberty can make your boobs grow bigger but I don’t think It can change the shape of your nose or change your eyelids, and no need to be rude

        • Like A Putterflyy says:

          Sorry for my bad english, I’m french ^-^
          Actually when I look at my photos, I noticed that the shape of my nose changed compared to now in a span of 2/3 years and it’s probably due to puberty. I’m not saying Jungkook didn’t have surgery (I doubt tho) but the shape of your nose can change with time.
          Also when you smile and when you don’t it change your nose, so you can’t compare with the photos used here 🙂

        • lovelylemon says:

          he has always had double eyelids, look at photos when he was younger, and the nose is the same, the more videos and pictures you look at, the more you can tell his nose just changed gradually overtime bc he was 15 when they debued so of coarse his face would change. I have nothing wrong with plastic surgery but its a claim with no substantial evidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look here bitch.. it’s called puberty . I sure you don’t know because you doesn’t hit that puberty. You know P.U.B.E.R.T.Y

      SHIT YOU

      • anon says:

        doesn’t have to be puberty lol
        i have monolid eyes, but if i have a sleepy look on, they become double eyelids.
        also these photos are hard to compare with because one of each of the then or now pictures have jungkook crunching up his face.
        don’t gotta be so rude, anonymous.

    • Giovanna G says:

      Finding this dumb article after so long, Jungkook was born with double eyelid, the way they look changes only because of the way he wants to style himself, he even talked about it in one video asking for recommendations so he uses tape sometimes for the eyelides to look some way.

      From all idols, Jungkook is one of the few that would say if he’s going to get any surgery, he really doesn’t care about those stuff lol, he even asked us in fancafe for tips to end his acne problems.


      • Tata says:

        I was gonna say the same, it’s just it wasn’t as noticeable. In the example pic that’s in black and grey, you can clearly see his double eyelids, it’s just, not really noticeable. Plus there’s such thing as makeup to make his nose look smaller

    • Kyra says:

      Orrrrrr you can realise that makeup is a thing and it can change the appearance of certain features. That boy still looks the same. The compared pictures are all in different angles and makeup and without makeup. There’s bound to be a difference there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think he did plastic surgery (I am not an ARMY, don’t confuse yourself please.)

    Note that some of these photos could be photoshopped (The jacket photoshoot pictures) and notice the angles of his face. I thought he did have nose plastic surgery by one of the photo comparisons but the next one that showed was confusing. (First Set = Old Photo: Small nose, New Photo: Big nose) (Second Set = Old Photo: Big nose, New Photo: Small nose).

    Please note that angles are important (if you are an artist or photographer, you would understand – the photo comparisons are not exactly the same and the brightness of his skin covers parts of his nose and eyes)

    For his eyes I thought he did for a minute- but hey, he’s wearing eyeliner and other stuff. Also, when he was younger he had eye bags(?) and dark circles. You can’t see them properly and his facial expressions are not the same either (cringing face, smiley face, serious face) so you can’t really compare properly.

    And I can argue that the photos are not similar by comparison through the chin and jawline angle. They should be aligned with similar facial expressions for proper comparison or it will create an illusion to some human eyes as if he did plastic surgery or didn’t.

    • Nn says:

      Agree..they didn’t use proper image to compare…plus he’s still like 16 y/o when he debuted with bts…
      He’s too young to do plastic surg..plus bts didn’t hv enough maoney to do plastic surg bcs BigHit is a small company and they even think to stop making songs and disband bcs of that. Most of them are not from a rich family. Except for jin,which we just know recently. I mean we ARMY know. I’m not defending bts too much. If they did,i’ll accept that. I just don’t like when people making rumors while there are not much proves to say that. Please…don’t.let them just focus on their career. 😀

      • jj says:

        agree….bts jungkook have not undergo surgery …..all photos are the same, there’s not any chances, it is natural if he born as a handsome.

    • Alice says:

      Yeah I pretty much agree with you! The only thing that got me writing this comment is the things that look like eye bags are actually called aegyo sals! They’re just fatty deposits under eyes, and are usually quiet sought after!

  3. TIna Tran says:

    I don’t mind. He’s hot regardless.

  4. TIna Tran says:

    Then again i don’t understand the massive fuss about plastic surgery.

  5. Natasha says:

    I personally think that he didn’t undergo any surgery on his face. If you really his fans you must have seen a lot of his photos and even stalking his childhood photos to see any different on his face. If you could see his childhood photos, I think you will surely think he is natural. He really has a big but thick nose I mean his nose bridge is high and he really has well rounded and big eyes as compared to his brother who has a really small eyes. And even his parents is good looking(if you even see his parents photo. I think he resembled his dad a lot especially the nose and he got his mom eyes. IDK how to explain it but you can see a bunch of videos of jungkook barefaced and talk about his face or nose. He said in one interview with jimin that he feel really grateful to his parents’ genes. This is what I observed of him. IDK what you all think about it. IDC the truth because I love him so much no matter what he happen or what he did.

    • Nn says:

      The strongest proves that JK didn’t do plastic surg was when he said that he does’nt like his own nose. If u look properly that yes his nose is quite big and not having hugh point enough like V,who has really perfect nose. Bts is a group where they said what they dislikes abt themselves,they even dissed each other. If they did indergone plastic surgery,why must they disses themselves. Like Jimin,he didn’t do jaws surg,he just LOSING HIS WEIGHT! bcs of stupid fans who gave him such harsh words abt his chubby cute cheeks. And now when he is so hot,people said that he did jaws surg. Please appreciate chimchim hard works. Antis gone too far.

  6. lovelyzgfriend says:

    hahahahaha he using double eyelid tape. don’t you know?

  7. Ddrem says:

    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but this is true. I go to school with this girl and when I told her I liked bts she told me her father was the plastic surgeon that worked on Jk’s face. There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery though. Nothing to fuss about.

    • nochu says:

      lol and you actually believed that girl who said her father is the plastic surgeon without any proof of it?

    • 8neurofen says:

      I wouldn’t believe everything your friends say… I’m not meaning that in a way to defend Jungkook but what she told you sounds highly unlikely that HER FATHER would have been the one to do (alledged) plastic surgery…

    • Natasha says:

      Are you even Korean tho? Show me some proof then I’ll believe it. Even me can simply admit that I had this one old uncle who worked for his face. You know. Everyone can create their own story and even me if I want it to be viral. Just saying. I think you should think before speak. Or else it’s going to be misunderstanding.

    • Nn says:

      Really?? I don’t think so. If my friend said her father was the one who did plastic surg on bts members,i’m gonna meet her father myself.

    • Moongy says:

      Nice story bro

    • anglejk says:

      Really??JK undergo plastic surgery??

  8. Sarah says:

    @ Ddrem

    Yes, of course the father of your girlfriend was his surgeon, although there are so many other surgeons.
    Do you really think anyone here would be so stupid to actually believe you? Please get off the internet you retard.

  9. fafafa says:

    Didn’t Jungkook admit that he had an eyelid surgery?

  10. Bunny says:

    He didn’t really have a plastic surgery try to look at some of their videos just like running man in V App you could see in some angles that his nose is sharp but in some some part it is not, and about his double eyelids Thats actually normal, I’m his fan for almost 4 years so I’ve watch their videos a lot of times if he really have a plastic surgery I should have notice that right? but I don’t, It doesn’t mean that I’m his fan I would turn blind to the things about my idol having a plastic surgery. Being his fan for almost 4 years I have seen the difference from before amd now, but Jungkook is still young and after all boys puberty is late than girls

  11. 💫idk says:

    The eye lid might be plastic surgery or it could be make up because their is dubble eyelid tape I mean I see him going back and forth from double eye lids on photos to no double eyelid on stage…

  12. Nz.p says:

    Its called the power of make up deal with it people can look bery fashionable without going under the knife specially with bts there makeup artist are not acraid to use colors ie eyeshadow on the boys and i think they don them pretty well just look at jimins eye shadow .bit if you watch there home videos like von boyage youll see that there faces are still there puffy self even jungkook his eyes tend to look smaller with out yhe eyeliner

  13. Lmao lol says:

    I think he uses double eyelid tape and may have had work done on his nose, but whats wrong with plastic surgery anyway? Either way i hope he’s happy with himself.

  14. anon says:

    But the thing is double eyelids can form/become more clearer over time through puberty

    • goldenc says:

      I don’t know if it’s through puberty but (me being Korean) Koreans usually aren’t born with double eyelids. I get made fun of because it makes your eyes smaller. One day, I asked my mom, “Why are my eyes so tiny?!?!” and she told me she didn’t have double eyelids when she was born and I didn’t believe her because she has double eyelids now. She told me mine will come through time because she got her’s after she graduated from high school and the beginning of college. So I’m pretty sure people can get double eyelids through time. So I totally agree with you. ^^

  15. anon says:

    i can’t tell by the photos because of the angles and the facial expressions. AM I COMPARING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND ANGLES?
    noses can change their position once you scrunch them or smile widely.
    he could’ve used tape to do his eyes, but maybe not because i also have my monolid eyes turn into double lids and then back into a monolid. this only happens due to certain angles.

  16. Kat says:

    i personally can’t say that Jungkook have had plastic surgery because people mistake me for having surgery done when i have not and i’m clearly underage to do so yet people still believe it. For what i see my nose change while going through puberty (slightly) and my face shape ( slightly) but you could tell it change. And same probaly happen to Jungkook and here is a fact even if you bring picture of a before and after picture to a professional surgeon they either gonna say they did have a slight surgery done snice they change but you can’t say just looking at a picture. You can’t determine if they have done it or not just by looking a picture and if the surgeon are professional surgeon they should know it. And he and idol picture he have taken they probaly somewhat photoshop, angle of the camera that was taken, makeup; contouring etc;. so we can’t say if he had it surgery. I peronally don’t think he had it and i’m being reasonable to why i think. Don’t argue with me if you don’t have a reason to back up ur reason and GOOBYE.

  17. anonymous says:

    Guys, obviously you can tell Jungkook has double eyeslids since the beginning.. it’s just the after his puberty it became more clearer. You can kinda tell the he does have double eyelids its just not as visible as now. And, you shouldn’t compare his nose with pictures of him looking above or below, or even him smiling or making a funny face. Noses will change their size if you’re smiling so he looks different when he smiles. I don’t think he had a nose job though, because his nose still has the same shape and probably because of puberty his nose became a little pointy.. But for me, no difference.

  18. Tifa says:

    The way i see it.. I think he doesn’t undergo any surgery. About the nose thing.. hmm.. yeah puberty has something to do with it.. like me, when i was around 16 or 17 years old my nose is not pointed as it is now that’s why nobody courted me back then but now when my former classmates saw me.. they freaked out, they say that from an ugly duck i grew into a beautiful swan.

    • Jess says:

      Tifa, I do agree that people’s faces change during puberty. But not to the extent that Jungkook’s has. I think he got surgery even before this whole “puberty” thing, but because his face changed DURING puberty, the surgery became more obvious. His nose is really straight, it has no curve to it. It used to be a thicker, wide nose and he had a really cute round nose mass. Now its small and in my opinion very boring looking, unnatural, and unappealing. He took away the part of his face that made his face look the best, so he’s really lacking. That nose used to be really gorgeous, it was bigger, rounder, and pointed downward. Now its small, straight, plasticy, and upturned. Its a small change, but its obvious to me.

  19. Jess says:

    I’m a pretty big fan, and I do think he did surgery. But worse, he was hotter before. Like slowly, it was hard for me to look at him and think “Man, he’s hot.” because now he just… he lacks something. He definitely shaved off his nose. It was nice and big before. And he had puffier cheeks. And his eyes were squint-y and expressive. Now his face looks like a board, its too flat. His eyes are so big it looks like they’re gonna fall off his face. He doesn’t look natural, and I’m gonna be real, it doesn’t look good.

    • Potty says:

      I somehow agree with u especially about the nose. It’s still big, but not as big as before. And I loved his nose 🙁

      • Jess says:

        I know 🙁 The thing about surgery is I can’t believe people want to change the face they have. You can’t even see your face for most of your life! The only reason they’d want to change it is either so 1.] they can finally feel part of the “elite crowd” who has small noses and is considered beautiful (even though my golly some of them look hideous with their plastic faces) or 2.] so people can stop making fun of them.

        Either they join the monstrous society and accept their ideals to become one of them, or they change themselves so that the society will not make fun of them. Either way, its all such a shame because once you edit your face, you can never fix it. The way natural cells grow and change and form to create a face can never be mimicked by a tool at the hand of man.

  20. Potty says:

    Hmmm can’t really say cause in some pictures his nose looks smaller and sharper but then , the next time I watch some new videos of him without much make up, it looks much bigger . So it might be cause of the make up and rhe angles. Plus his face got broader as compared to when he was a kid. And about double eyelids, my sister had mono eyelids but she got an eye infection, after that she had double eyelids and became permanent . As for me I had mono eyelids , but now only my right eye have double eyelid XD., While my left eye have some faint lines.

    Anyway, they are celebrities, he must have done a some minor touch ups, or he uses glue for his double eyelid. And heavy make up for his nose. So many possibilities .

  21. Jess says:

    I cannot believe I am commenting here surely I’m too old and wise to do this.

    I am 38 years old so when people said they may have had PS I wasn’t upset, and I didn’t think it was improbable. A lot of idols do have PS. PS in Korea is not seen with so much stigma as it is in the West. And even in the West where we do have a more negative view of PS a hell of a lot of famous people have PS.

    With JK he looks a lot different from photoshoot to photoshoot. I think the way his eyes are formed he has a natural tiny double eyelid. He doesn’t have a smooth monolid like Taehyung has or Namjoon or Yoongi. Because of this they accentuate it sometimes with tape in photoshoots. In the Love Yourself photoshoots there is a picture where he is clearly using eyelid tape.

    Regarding his nose he has always had a big nose. In photoshoots and videos they contour the living hell out of it. I’ve never seen so much contour used on a person as I have on some of their videos particularly when he went through a really awkward growing stage where his nose was growing faster than the rest of his face. When you see him without makeup it just looks like a big Asian nose, not particularly pointed at all. It suits his face which is becoming quite masculine with age.

    So having examined lots of video footage and photos with and without make up my (layperson) opinion is that he probably has not had plastic surgery. He doesn’t come across as very vain or concerned about his appearance so I don’t think he would probably agree to have PS anyway. Even if I didn’t like them I think I’d have the same opinion.

  22. Whatever says:

    The nose is the part of the face that continues grow till you die. That’s why you see old men with very very big noses. Jungkook is going to be one of those old men. Hehe he was I think 14 to 15 years old when the before photo was taken and maybe 19 in the next. Enough time for his nose to grow significantly. with all the baby fat melting away, the nose stands even taller. It is hard to tell with eyes. It could be done or it could be natural. He already had double eyelids, so the procedure would be a minor one. Also, big hit was too poor to afford plastic surgery. lol jungkook is the only with the double eyelid. Jhope’s nose looks done but looking at his before picture, he shouldn’t have. He had a very nice nose.

  23. Kookie says:

    Everytime when there was rumors that says Jungkook did plastic surgery, I will refer back the video when he was young, screenshots and compare to the recent photo he has. There is always people suspects that korean idols did surgery, but definitely not bts. Until now, I still can see jungkook big round nose and sometimes his double eyelids was unclear.

  24. Asha says:

    I don’t think he did. One of my main reasons is the love yourself campaign. It’s all about accepting your flaws and loving yourself. Plus, big hit barely had any money in the beginning, AND they have a no plastic surgery policy.

  25. armyhere says:

    Even when you see Jungkook’s face now closely you can see that his nose before and now are the same as well as his eyelids with or without makeup.

  26. Aneki says:

    Honestly it wouldn’t be too impossible to think that they had plastic surgery, especially with Korea’s wide spread reputation regarding it. I’m not really familiar with bts but because of their fame I got curious and search about them on the net. I think this article has failed to showcase the right photos to really show the difference between the before and after. I’m an artist and naturally I’m very particular over these kind of things, especially because my favorite subjects are people. I agree puberty can produce changes like getting rid of the body fats and such and the face taking on a more prominent shape, but these idols through the course of their K idol years show changes in their facial anatomy. I’ll let the eyes go on this one, but the nose and especially the face shape, though they may appear chubbier in childhood it’s impossible for them to take on a different shape just because of baby fat loss. Our skull is a set structure no amount of puberty could ever change that. And if you look at Jungkook’s recent pictures you can clearly see that his face is definitely slimmer, and his nose smaller and thinner. I think he did something with his jawline, it looked wider before but now it’s sort of longer and sharper, giving it a more manly feel. As for his nose, it got smaller and sharper, it’s needed in order to balance out the thinness of his shape. That’s the thing about facial anatomy, the features need to work together, if you change one thing you obviously have to redo two or more to create a harmonious outcome.You say make up can work wonders, of course that’s also true but normally kpop has light colored ones, not giving much room for heavy accents to contour the nose and cheeks except maybe for photoshoots, that’s why I don’t think it’s make up’s hand at work. This is coming from an objective perspective so I hope no one takes it the wrong way. We all have opinions and we are free to express them. Also I’m not just talking about Jungkook here but also the rest of the Kpop idols. When I was first introduced to Kpop my brother told me about PS but I didnt want to believe it, maybe because I thought of these idols as inspirations and tying them together with the concept of PS was staining that perfect image of them in my mind. But soon after, I realized that what I like most about these idols anyway is their talents (of course the visuals played a part too but character and the inspiration they give me is more important). As fans we should like them for who they are and accept their flaws. In that kind of industry there is a standard by which celebrities dwell in and they must abide in it, that’s just how things are.

    Anyway this is droning on but before posting I would just like to express my congratulations on bts. Thay have made many notable achievements and I’m sure they deserve it. Also Jungkook seems to be losing weight these days and looks rather haggard, hope he’s feeling well.

  27. Maria says:

    wtf, the left its like a picture of him in 2013 and one now in 2017 ITS CALLED AGING you cant compare a 15 year old to a 20 year old

  28. JiminiePabo says:

    I am just here to say that Jimin looks really handsome in that picture above
    But Jungkook looks hot too

  29. Faker says:

    Delulu bitches fans your oppa is plastic like a asian ken doll!

  30. Eliz says:

    There are so many chilhood photos of Jungkook and there’s a clear photo of him as a 13 year old with a double eyelid.
    And if that is hard to believe, I have a friend who was about to get a double eyelid done but the doctor said her upper eyelid was gaining more fat and it will soon form a crease and a double eyelid overtime. So it is possible.

    Also, my nose used to be quite flat and round and I was really insecure about it. But as I grew older, my nose became taller and slightly more pointy. I am 100% certain Jungkooks glow up is a result of his exercise, his diet and puberty.

  31. namu.namu.twee says:

    This is something I already knew as a fact, which kind of made me laugh when I saw this but you know.

    So onto what I wanna say, since we all know Jungkook has been an idol since he was 15 his face went through many changes.

    Those changes were not just loosing chubbiness, but he also grew into his ears/nose (let me explain lol).

    As we know, Jungkook used to have “really big ears” during debut but it wasn’t really that. More, he needed time to grow into them (which we were all sad when he did because little Jungoo was so cute awww).

    Your nose and your ears are about the same length so by that logic, since he needed to grow into his ears, he also needed to grow into his nose. (You can try mesuring if you want, works 100%)

    And, that would mean that in fact he did not get plastic surgery (I mean, he could’ve I guess but not what I’m trying to prove) on his nose or that his nose shrank, he just grew into it (and our good friend puberty passed by to work on the finishing touches).

    Thus concludes my point

    P.s.: I don’t think he got double eyelid surgery (then again, possibly) since some have mentioned that he naturally has it and it’s also possible to use double eyelid tape which is a good alternative to surgery 🙂

  32. Mari lee says:

    In the then black and white pic you can see the end of his double eyelid and if u search jungkook without makeup his noes looks the same as before lol (sorry for my Grammer original languages is Japanese and Chinese)

  33. Melanie says:

    if you guys look closely at the younger pictures, Jungkook’s other eye has a double eyelid! So no, Jungkook did not get plastic surgery, and how come the pictures with his nose in it now, only shows when he has makeup on? And when he’s smiling you can clearly see the same nose as before in the last few pictures. And to state a previous comment, we don’t think our “oppa” is perfect, we obviously know he’s a human being, but guys come on, he didn’t get plastic surgery!

  34. Chocogirl says:

    A person face can change due to puberty also makeup ..and taking plastic surgery requires time and rest …ever since debut jungkooks been so busy…so I don’t think he could possibly undergo ps and like recovered from it within a week…I’m not saying because I am army …I’m just pointing out things…

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