Chloe Goodman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Chloe Goodman Undergo Plastic Surgery?

One of the most prominent stars of Celebrity Big Brother, Chloe Goodman, is the subject of much plastic surgery speculations. Earlier in January 2015, while talking about her tremendous weight loss within a month, Chloe Goodman insisted that she was happy with her body. Chloe said “I’m very proud of my figure. I’ve got no plans at this stage to have any surgery – my boobs are exactly where they should be for a 21-year-old woman.My attitude might change when I am older and my boobs droop a bit after childbirth, but I am very happy with them now.” So, the question remains, did she undergo plastic surgery?

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) WENN

Photo Credit: (left) Getty, (right) WENN

Being in Celebrity Big Brother can be a blessing or a curse. Its a blessing because its almost an automatic ticket to fame. But it can be a curse when the cameras are on you almost 24 hours a day. Which means that any imperfections about you will be highlighted on camera. This was part of the reason why Chloe Goodman decided to go on an exercise spree to get rid of her excess fats around the hips and waist.

Watch an interview video with Chloe Goodman about one year ago, watch the lips! :

Compare that to a recent interview in Aug 2016:

Up till recently, Chloe Goodman has insisted she has never undergone plastic surgery. However, lately, Chloe decided to come clean with her earlier plastic surgery enhancements.

Photo Credit: (left) REX Features, (right) WENN

Photo Credit: (left) REX Features, (right) WENN

Chloe Goodman admitted earlier use of facial fillers that left her with a less than satisfied result. And to be in front of the cameras with the botch plastic surgery was a nightmare came true for Chloe. She told the Daily Star “ I was on national TV with a face I didn’t want”.

Chloe Goodman revealed further details about her botch plastic surgery. One of her biggest regrets was not doing her homework. Often, patients of plastic surgery would do detailed research on their plastic surgeons before undergoing the knife. For Chloe Goodman, she felt that she did not do enough research before deciding on the plastic surgeon.

Chloe Goodman said “I had cheek fillers put in and they were terrible – I looked like Hey Arnold.

“I had to have it dissolved.

“I didn’t want to go out. I had it done just before I went into the Celebrity Big Brother house and I couldn’t have it removed.

“I was on national TV with a face I didn’t want. People said all sorts. The worst was that I looked like Pete Burns.”

It was appalling for Chloe when she found out that her plastic surgeon was under scrutiny and subsequently removed from the plastic surgery profession. Furthermore, Chloe Goodman did not check if the facial fillers were suitable for her. Perhaps she was too influenced by the make-up artists who told her she will look “incredible” with fuller cheeks.

But it is clear that any botched job on Chloe Goodman has been cleared up. Just take a look at her latest pictures. She looks stunning. Chloe feels the same way too as she expressed her confidence of being back to looking her best. She said I’d always denied the rumours, so now I’ve had it all fixed, it was nice to come clean.”

Chloe Goodman and Lip Fillers

Chloe Goodman did come clean with her botched fillers experiment. She also came clean about her use of lip fillers. Lip fillers needs to have follow up treatments to keep up with the new look. For Chloe Goodman, she is not afraid to admit that she might be going back for more soon.

She said “I’d stop having it done if my lips stayed like this but they dissolve so I have to get them topped up.

“I’d rather have small amounts put in than get it done permanently and then never be able to get rid of it.”

Overall, Chloe Goodman has taught us to do ample research before confirming on the plastic surgeon. Also, one must check if the particular plastic surgery is suitable for him or her. Chloe Goodman has taught us that even a botched job can be saved. What do you think of Chloe Goodman plastic surgery rumors?