Lee Joon Gi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Joon Gi or Lee Joon Ki Undergo Plastic Surgery?

South Korean celebrities are often suspected to have undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Lee Joon Gi (aka Lee Jun Ki) , a popular actor, is the subject of online plastic surgery rumors. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a nose job or rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. To determine if he underwent the knife, one must look at the before and after photos of Lee Joon Gi.


Lee Joon Gi is a South Korean actor, model and singer. Due to his good looks and slightly mild demeanour, Lee Joon Gi is widely known as a “flower boy” icon. He had his breakthrough in popular television dramas Time Between Dog and Wolf, IIjimae, Arang and the Magistrate and recently Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Many new age South Korean stars hinge their popularity on good looks and superb complexion. Such features are almost a staple on any South Korean male celebrity. It is not surprising that Lee Joon Gi might have faced the pressure of always looking good on screen.

His good looks and humble ways have led him to overseas stints as his popularity in other countries like Singapore and Taiwan grew.

Watch Lee Joon Gi being interviewed 4 years ago:

Compare that to a recent interview, check out his chiseled jawline:

Lee Joon Gi and Nose Job Rumors

The nose is often a popular shortcoming for many celebrities. Most Asian celebrities yearn for a sharper and more pointed nose, together with a thinner nose bridge. There are well documented cases of botched nose jobs (just think of Michael Jackson) but that does not stop celebrities from taking the plunge to do it.

For Lee Joon Gi, the changes in his nose structure has led many to believe that he underwent a nose job. Typically, the shape of the nose sets in when a male reaches age 18. And for Lee Joon Gi, such drastic changes in his nose shape could not be due to natural means. Some tell tale signs of a nose job include a distinct protruding nose bridge and a sharper nose tip. This nostrils seems to be reshaped to fit the new nose shape. Overall, it is a job well done as he looks much sharper and more alluring.

Lee Joon Gi and Eyelid Surgery

Another popular online rumor is Lee Joon Gi eyelid surgery. In his earlier photos, Lee Joon Gi had slit like eyes which made him look normal and no different from the rest. However, in his recent pictures, his eyes sparkle with a slight increase in size. Some say that its due to clever makeup and eyeliners.


Looking at his before and after photos, we do not see much changes on his eyes and there is no sign of eyelid surgery. In fact, his eye bags seem to have grown bigger. If he had undergone any eyelid surgery, it is likely that he would have removed them.

Lee Joon Gi and Chin Surgery

Lee Joon Gi served his military service about 6 years ago. When netizens spotted a much sharper chin, they sparked rumors that Lee Joon Gi might have undergone chin or jawline surgery to make his face look sharper.

However, Lee Joon Gi’s shaper face could very well be due to his weight loss, causing him to look more chiseled and fit. Not all changes in face shape is due to plastic surgery. After all, Lee Joon Gi already looks great without the sharp chin. He does not need to undergo such drastic measures to reshape his chin. Thus, it is highly probable that his sharper face shape is due to regular exercise and dieting.

Overall, Lee Joon Gi seems to defy the effects of aging. Now at age 34, he has the looks to compete with the younger South Korean stars emerging in the entertainment industry. Maybe its due to his excellent care and maintenance or it could be due to going under the knife. For that, we can never form absolute conclusions as Lee Joon Gi has never admitted to having anything done. What do you think of Lee Joon Gi (Lee Joon Ki) plastic surgery rumors?

26 replies on “Lee Joon Gi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. I think it’s just natural he doesn’t even looks like he under go the knife.

  2. gherlie says:

    i don’t think so he had surgery

  3. Mafiae says:

    I dont think he has had any touchs to his face. He just looks good naturally. His features have become sharper with him growing up.

  4. maszy says:

    I dont think he had a plastic surgery..its just he is losing weight and he became much more attractive due to his age. Hair style as well can chnage people’s image. People tends to look better as they grow up. He looks more mature and he looks good at his age. Just gain a little bit of flesh and muscle…

  5. Meli nopera says:

    I dont think he had plastic surgery..he lost much weight for scarlet heart..n make sharp jawline

  6. June. says:

    There’s a video showing his baby picture and pictures of his teenage years. I dont think he he had plastic surgery.

  7. helen says:

    This topic will never have clear answer except when we get explanation from the artist..but some people really love to start this useless kind of discussion. For JG..if somehow he did something with his face, i don’t think it’s going on a lot using a knife. Besides, it’s not like he looks drastically different between his old and new appearance. The teenage figure posted above was probably taken at his10- to12-year old so surely a person has a lot of transformation in the process to become an adult. There are too many variables that may make a different appearance in a photograph, including body weight and the camera angles. If we watch him clearly, he does have a pretty boy figure to start. More, based on his journey story to become an actor..people can judge how natural he is (his first noticeable appearance in King and the clown is one of the reference). In my opinion, his unbelievable beauty is quite pure and possibly provoke a lot of curiosity and jealousy. As a fan, I hope he maintains the image he already has.

  8. crybanana7 says:

    i don’t think he had plastic surgery. about his jawline,he said he had a diet before acting moonlovers. he lost 15kg because of that diet. so his jawline became sharper and his nose and his cheeks became sharper as well.
    he didn’t get any plastic surgeries.

  9. Viv says:

    It looks like every korean celebrity had plastic surgery according to this sitemail. Seriously, stop spreading rumors. It’s not so hard to notice that he had none plastic surgery.

  10. Jude says:

    There are always people who think all Korean celebs had plastic surgery, since Korea has a reputation for it. He is most likely natural. There are pics all over IG and FB lately with comparisons of him from years ago to recent photos to show how little he changed. Especially pics from the press conference in Singapore where he had a similar hairstyle and body weight from high school. Early in his career he had been sporting the baby cheeks for awhile where all the fat was stored below his cheekbones and it somewhat hides his v shaped face and made it look a little more square sometimes. But I n 3 quarter view and side profile pics show the same cheek & jaw structure he has now.

  11. Elle says:

    I don’t think he had plastic surgery.. even during his younger day, he still looks the same until now.. the differences is that now he’s skinnier thus make his face smaller and that’s why his eyes looks slightly bigger, his nose become more pointed and his jaw becoming more defined and sharp because he lose his baby fat..in my opinion he’s the only male celebrities that can be both beautiful and handsome at the same time… <3<3<3

  12. Sally says:

    Sorry to burst the bubble… he had a surgery in his jawline. It was slightly asyimmetric on the right side, which now it’s the more chiseled one. Compare, without prejudice, his photos before 2009-2010 to all his photos from 2010 to present. It’s not a bad thing, probably it was more than a cosmetic issue, but he did it. His nose and eyes, I don’t believe he has touched them, it’s just good care.

  13. Miimz says:

    So handsome 😍

  14. tncdel says:

    I think he looked better BEFORE the nose job. The plastic surgery made him look OLDER and harsher looking,

    • Meme says:

      He did not do plastic surgery omg. People stop spreading false rumor. He surely looks older now because he is older, if you said he looks older now comparing to his old picture, of course, coz old pictures were taken when he was younger. Anyway after he lost some weight, he looks younger tho, but he needs to put on more weight, just like in arang that’s best. Now too skinny, heheh.

      Anyone who has picture when they were younger, just look at it, do u look the same or different? Everyone looks odd in their old picture when they were 10-12 years old, with bad hairstyle, bad fashion, probably more chubby than now. So if joon gi younger pic looks a bit different, i won’t say it’s because of surgery, coz he looks the same, only different weight and different hairstyle.

  15. Meme says:


  16. Jean Claretr says:

    He’ all natural. He’s aging gracefully though i think a little weight gain isn’t bad. One hell of a handsome guy plus great passion on his work and always very charming and friendly with his fans or anyone.

  17. He is naturally handsome..if you think that there is changes on his face,maybe it’s bcoz his time for hiself is limited/his time for his career is much longer than for hiself..

  18. iam says:

    In my observation Lee Joon Gi didn’t go under the knife! Nothing changes except he matured and because he’s one of the very energetic Korean artist i have ever seen, lots of dancing and action dramas which requires him to do of lots of running, jumping and rolling. When he’s not on dramas he’s doing lots of live concerts. That’s why he’s the no.1 for me now because of his dedication to his career! Go go go LJG… fighting 😎😍🕺💘💝💖🤴

  19. Dahnia says:

    He never does plastic surgery. He’s naturally gorgeous. He got some accidents when filming his dramas, I even read some articles that he broke his nose by the accident so it did some changes to the shape of his nose. His jawline changes just because he lost some weight. I myself really hope he gain some weight, he’s too skinny in his latest drama. His eyes are the most original and beautiful ones. So please don’t write such bad rumor.

  20. Lucille G. says:

    I also do not think he has had plastic surgery – though I totally understand why there are speculations: his face has undergone some changes over the years. But I do not think changes are due to artificial means BECAUSE he engages in very strenuous physical activities notably, jujitsu, which can become very rough and usually becomes a floor exercise where their faces would hit the floor, etc. If you had major surgeries done on your face, you would be very careful not to expose your face to such risks of damage, etc.

  21. SELINA says:

    Whatever, he’s beautiful.

  22. acapellaluv says:

    ▶Enough w/His “alledged” plastic rumor mills..Since so many do, it’s hard 4 people to believe he didn’t…BUT…
    2012 & 2017 He said he was not interested in plastic surgery, his fans also make a point requesting no surgery he’s assured them he didn’t mind getting older/feeling good in his 30’s, hoping for more good character roles..
    His features are more defined/refined, espec. his eyes seem a little bigger as he lost weight/has gotten older..He takes care of himself/keeps in shape & naturally looks younger than he is..THE END

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