Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cher Cosmetic Surgery Enhancements Rumors

Cher transformation over the yearsCher has been suspected to have undergone face lifts, brow lifts, skin tightening and breast augmentation. She is one of the most successful female entertainers in the world, with her career spanning more than 5 decades. And if you look at her present photos, you will not figure that she is closing on to 70 years old.

Cher Over The Years – Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Before going into the specifics, let’s take a look at how Cher has changed over the years:

In 1964, Cher and Sonny became close friends, eventual lovers, and performed their own unofficial wedding celebration. Here is a photo taken in 1964. Notice how Cher emphasised on eye makeup. Her preference for the obvious eyeliner started at a young age. What a hairstyle – looked like something coming out from an Egyptian movie.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The photo below was taken in 1967 from the set ofThe Man From U.N.C.L.E.. Cher played a dress designer. She looked every bit like her role. A young Cher had a captivating smile. Check out her naturally sharp nose which gave her the everlasting elegant look.


Below is another photo taken in 1971. Notice Cher’s sharp chin which is her trademark. In this photo, Cher proved that she looked beautiful either with her hair down or bundled up.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Below is Cher back in 1975. Her high cheekbones and chiseled jawline are exhibited clearly in this photo. From the 1950s till 1975, Cher has maintained a natural look, free from plastic surgery.

Ron Galella Getty Images

Here’s another photo of Cher showing her very deep double eyelids in 1977. Donning a traditional flat cap, Cher looked sexy with her braided hair. 

Ron Galella Wireimage

Punk Music ruled the alternative charts in the 1980s. They were the in-thing. Cher did not feel left out as she opted for the punk styled hairstyle in 1980. Notice how important was her eye makeup to her. 

Gabor Scott/Redferns

Cher started her acting career in the movie Silkwood. This 1983 movie earned her a Golden Globe Award for the Best Supporting Actress. That was a surprise to many industry observers. Many thought Cher’s desire to become an actress was just an experiment.

The picture below shows Cher in a mohawk hairstyle. The photo demonstrates that Cher can be as stern as she wants to.

Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Cher was not contented with her effort in Silkwood. In 1988, she followed up her Golden Globe Effort with and Oscar for Best Actress. Here she was holding on to her prized trophy during that win.

Mcihael Grecco/Getty Images

10 years after the Oscar win, Cher still looked the same in 1998. The photo below showed Cher having little facial expression. Don’t you think she look slightly unnatural? Could very well be the beginning of her plastic surgery adventures.

Jeff Kravitz Filmmagic

In 1999, Cher scored big with the hit “Believe”. She also scored big with her dramatic outfits. Before Lady Gaga, there was Cher, the pop Queen. Below is a photo taken in 1999 where Cher wore a silver-haired wig. No signs of plastic surgery in this photo.


Ok, so you’ve seen Cher in her jet black hair and a silver hairdo. How about Cher in blond hair? Check out the photo below. Any preference? Do you like Cher in a blond hairdo?

Ray Tang/ REX USA

As we review Cher’s appearances over the years, we begin to realise that Lady Gaga might have been inspired by Cher. Check out the photo below. Cher was giving the performance of her lifetime during her Living Proof Farewell Tour in New York City.

Outrageous costumes were necessary for Cher’s stage performances. 

KMazur Getty Images

In 2006, Cher attended a Giorgio Armani Event looking tired. The photo below showed Cher with little makeup. Her eyes looked very tired. Do you think she had any work done?

Stephanie Cardinale Corbie Getty Images

In 2011, Cher also had similar tired look. This time, she was attending the Premiere for “ZooKeeper”. Her face looked aged. Her smile was rather unwilling.

John Shearer

In 2013, you can see Cher has aged significantly in her photos. Did her colored hair make her look younger?

Neilson Barnard Getty Images

Finally, here is a recent photo of Cher. Much of her features stayed the same. She might have used plastic surgery here and there, but there were not noticeable. Please stay that way Cher!

And if that is not enough proof that Cher is evergreen, check out her performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. She will make you forget that she is 71 years old! Even Celine Dion agreed that Cher is just a phenomenal artiste:

Cher also mentioned that she had tattoos on her rear. She talked about the tattoos in the short interview below. She also mentioned a little on Cher plastic surgery rumours.

Cher has succumbed to the pressure of preserving her looks using plastic surgery. It is important to stay relevant to get leading roles in movies and to keep her public image sultry. Cher is known to dress sexily and is regarded by many as a sex symbol too.

If we look at her frown lines and eyes, you can see that it is amazing that she does not have any crows feet round her eyes. There are hardly any frown lines too.

Telling signs of cosmetic surgery can be seen when you compare her younger photos to current photos. Her older photos seem to show a rounder face and rounded nose. Even her chin looks rounder during her younger days. Her face might have undergone some plastic surgery to achieve the sharper effect.

Looking at her before and after photos, her eyebrows look very much higher and the double eyelids are much more obvious. It is likely that she has done some surgical procedures to her eyes as well.

Chances are she might have undergone procedures to remove her eyeballs and alter her eye lids.

Looks like she has deliberately cleared the obvious signs of aging – wrinkles.

There is also the possibility of rhinoplasty as her current nose looks more shapely and sharp. The bridge of her nose seem to have more support, possibly to hold the narrower shape up.

What about the Botox Injections?

Her smiles are void of wrinkles. Her forehead looks perpetually smooth. At her age, there should be wrinkles showing on her forehead and cheeks. But they are surprising missing. There is a chance she might have undergone Botox injections to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Despite all the plastic surgeries Cher has gone through, we conclude that they were successful. This is because Cher looks beautiful for her age and looks decades younger than her true age. If she indeed went for plastic surgery, she has chosen the right plastic surgeons for herself and made the right moves in deciding which plastic surgery procedures to go through.